Recap: Battle Ground Earth: Ep. 1.01

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At the top of the first episode “Raise The Roof” Ludacris and Tommy Lee have yet to be united. They are both sent on mysterious tasks to discover their mission…a mission of utmost importance.  

Cadillac Grills, Cadillac Thrills…Check out the Vegetable Oil My Cadillac Spills.

Luda begins with a phone call from Diddy, who sends him to New Orleans on an airplane, which is definitely not energy efficient.  Tommy Lee is sent to a hotel  in a horse drawn buggy, which is the MOST efficient way to travel (Tommy Lee: 1 / Ludacris: 0). At the hotel, he meets with Dr. John, who sounds like he had a real stroke and needs a real doctor, and not a Jazz Pianist.  Meanwhile, Luda meets up with a bunch of friends, including Quest Love from The Roots. He ends up eating crawfish, which is the only other thing to do besides drink in New Orleans.  In the next scene, Tommy goes to the French quarter and starts drinking, which is the only other thing to do in New Orleans other than eat crawfish. They end up getting so drunk that they try to gang rape the German lead singer (Nina Bergman) of a cover band. They just end up kidnapping her. They both assemble their entourages of people we have all never heard of, finally coming face to face in a vomit filled alleyway of Bourbon Street. The shit talking has begun.

The teams get together and talks with a well-known figure head of the Environmentalist movement:  Cedric the Entertainer. He breaks down the rules, sets the stage, and they’re OFF to the first task area: The 9th Ward.
They tour the Katrina-ravaged neighborhoods where Luda stands on top of a levee. I’m actually impressed that they show how wrecked the place still is—TV has done its best to avoid it.  The tragedy brings them together for a second…until Tommy’s team screams off for the next location, the Battle Ground Baptist Church.  This is where they are given their first task: race to put up solar paneling than can power a sign.   Tommy Wins. The episode ends by Luda leaving New Orleans for San Fran on yet another super energy efficient Gulf Stream. 

Did it Light My Energy Efficient Bulb?

Yes, it did. But stop calling it Reality. Ludacris and Tommy Lee driving around installing solar paneling at poor churches in the 9th Ward is basically the opposite of reality, or we wouldn’t need this show.  But we do need this show. And we need more shows like it that figure a way to sort of educate you without making you change the channel. I enjoyed watching it and look forward to the next one. 

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