Preview: “Testees” Premiere Is Mental

Thursday, October 9 by

FX hit the ball out of the park when it took a chance on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and they’re hoping to recreate that offensive, indy magic with their new series Testees. I have seen the premiere and I can tell you that it’s almost as funny as it is totally ridiculous.

It’s like the complete opposite of British humor. Testees recounts the wacky adventures of two slackers who make their money by offering up their bodies for all kinds of crazy and often dangerous experiments. In the premiere, the guys get a treatment that leaves one of them (the one that looks like David Schwimmer) pregnant.

It doesn’t sound all that outrageous until you get into the sub-plots and the dialog. One of their fellow lab rats tests a penis-growth spray that makes his junk so big, he passes out every time he gets a boner. Plus, the first test they undergo involves one of them essentially getting ass-raped by a huge, robotic machine.

Once you consider that the show is the brain child of South Park writer and Kenny Vs. Spenny-star, Kenny Hotz, all of the shenanigans make total sense.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of subtlety of any kind, you won’t be a fan of the show, but for the rest of us who actually don’t mind laughing at a huge dick joke from time to time, it might be a great way to come down off of It’s Always Sunny. The source material has a ton of potential for all sorts of medically-inspired hijinx, and since it looks relatively cheap to produce, hopefully it will stick around for a while.

The premiere airs tonight on FX at 10:30 PM.

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