After Schechter was blown awa, Bauer gets his gu taken away by Renee before he can organize a team to take down the sniper in the Columbia Building. Meanwhile, Tony gets on the phone with the head of Air Traffic Control. Almeida asks him to watch the runways at JFK as he coordinates two planes to land on a collision course with eachother. As they are about to ram into eachother, Tony tells the pilot in GSA 117 to pull up. "This was only a warning shot," he says. Close call.

A sleek man in sunglasses named Emerson exits his car with an entourage to enter Tony's hideout, a boat! Tony shows him the module for controlling airplanes, and lets him take away Latham. He asks Emerson what the hell is going on, but Emerson leaves him the dark, saying that he doesn't need any more information than necessary, yet he assures him that after it's done, they won't ever need to worry about money again. Oh yeah, and they both agree that having Bauer on their ass isn't good.

Meanwhile, at a White House Press Meeting, the speaker goes on to tell that the President is willing to send in troops to oust the evil dictator Juma. President Taylor and Matopo, the would-be leader after Juma, agree to bring justice to Juma in the court of law. 

Back in the Columbia building, the sniper 'Tanner' calls Tony to tell him that he's completely swamped with FBI agents. At that moment Bauer has a heart-to-heart with an FBI agent about the indictments against him. "The people deserve the truth," Bauer exclaims. A mole inside the FBI catches up with Tanner and gets him a jacket and the keys to car parked outside. Bauer gets out of the car with the adoring FBI agent, to realize that an FBI agent in different colored shoes is walking away. "That's your man," he deduces to Agent Walker. They both agree to follow him without the FB knowing.

In another dingy hideout, Emerson hands over the modulator Latham made to Colonel Ike Dubaku, one of Juma's henchmen. He expresses his lust for revenge after the murder of his brother in Sangala. President Taylor is briefed about the distatrous effects that could be possible with the modulator in the wrong hands. Drinking water could be contaminated with dams being shut down! Ethan leaves the room to field a phone call from Henry's (the first gentleman) secret service agent telling him all about his obsession with his son's death and how he's confronting his son's old girlfriend.

Bauer and Walker are hot on the case, much to the chagrin of Larry Moss, who uses Janeane Garafalo to try and track them. Renee, still unclear how crazy Bauer is when it comes to getting some asnwers, falls subject to Bauer as he takes chare of the operation.

Henry and his son's former fling, Sam, meet on a rooftop to talk about the whole off-shore money deposit issue. She claims she was hiding it for her aunt in order to evade the IRS, but Henry doesn't buy it. He grabs her arm in classic pissed off form, and states that he's going to find out what she's hiding.

Bauer and Walker follow Tanner to Tony's boat. Bauer catches and Tanner and pounds him a bunch of times, which Walker doesn't approve to in the least. "It's Almeida we want." So they make their way onto the boat, shooting down Tony's henchmen. Walker finds a computer that's deleting all of it's files, and Bauer finds Tony. While they both engage in some fisticuffs, Larry Moss flies in via whirlybird to make sure everything's ok. "What the hell happened to you?" Bauer asks a bloody Almeida.