Finally, after seemingl 24 years of not having a new Episode of 24, Jack Bauer is back in action saving the the world from emminent destruction one day at a time.

The episode begins with a father and daughter in a car heading towards school in Washington D.C. After a bit of squabbling about cell phone texting, the father gets a cell phone call with no one on the other end. Then, as he drives through an intersection, a black mini-van t-bones the car, leaving Mr. Latham and his daughter shaken, but not seriously injured. 5 seconds later, another black van crashes into the back of the car, propelling it up and over another car. Masked men with assualt rifles cut Mr. Latham's seat belt and drag them into their van, and speed away from the scene. "I've got money" Latham wimpers, with a masked man retorting "we don't want your money, we want you to do something for us."

Cut to a hearing scene for the indictment of one Jack Bauer. He's on trial by the gov't for wrongful torture. Bauer defends his techniques on the basis of saving dozens of innocent people from a bus targeted by a violent terrorist. The Senator (Red from That 70's Show) has no sympathy for Bauer's methods, but before he can fully discredit Bauer and the now-defunct CTU, a FBI babe named Renee comes swoops and demands that she take Bauer out for important matters.

Meanwhile, in an office building housing a group that investigates data thieves, Janeane Garafalo demands that her co-worker get security clearing for Jack Bauer. In a meeting room, it is revealed that Michael Latham, head engineer of firewall security for the gov't, is being held hostage. Cut to a dingy hideout, where two have apparently forced Latham to break the code for Air Traffic Control, giving them contro of the skies, and more importantly, Global Airlines flight 117, heading to JFK.

Bauer is guided into the aformentioned office where he meets the head of the department, Larry Moss. After a fiest interaction, he is lead into Renee's where he's briefed about a national security issue. Bauer informs her that he's inactive, but he's drawn quickly changes face when Renee reveals that the man behind the newest technology theft, is none other than Bauer's old nemesis Tony Almeida. Jack's in baby.

GSA flight 117 takes off, and then a cut back to the thieves hideout, confirming in classic coming out of the shadows form, that Tony's still alive. He's pissed to realized that Latham's air traffic control hacking thingy is not working. and tells him to get it working, or else (he's dead).

In the oval office, President Allison Taylor relates quickly to previous 24 TV movie Redemption, and then walks out on the office to be debriefed about other matters. On the elevator down to the meeting, Madame President is told by her advicer Ethat that her husband Henry is not up for the job (a foreshadow?), but she insists he's fine.

Meanwhile, Latham fixes the hacking thingy much to Tony's suspicion, and the bad guys now have control of the air. Back to Renee and Bauer, who are discussing Tony Almeida's motive for kindnapping. While they don't really reach one, it is apparent that Jack and Tony are eachothers ying and yang. So Jack demands more information on the matter at hand.

Back to the President, who is trying to get her team to oust the dictator Juma in Africa, but her Secretary of State is being ornery. She's lead out of the room to be let in on the Latham kidnapping, where she learns that the terrorists have control of Energy, Transportation, Air Traffic Control, pretty much everything. Could this have anything to do with the conflict in Africa?

Bauer and his team figure out a huge lead in the form of Gabriel Schechter, an old acquiantance who has recently come to D.C., probably to help Tony with his plans. After a brief scuffle b/w Larry and Bauer, Renee convinces Larry to let Bauer got to Schechter 'her way.' They arrive at his place...

So Jack and Renee go into Schechter's sketchy place. After a smug Schechter says that he's got nothing to do with Tony, he tells his henchman to lead them out. But actually he reaches for a gun and Renee breaks him arm and Bauer draws a gun on Schechter as HE grabs for a gun. Bauer gets the reluctant go-ahead from Renee to do whatever it takes to get info from Schechter. "I'm going to enjoy this," says Bauer. He takes a pen and is about to stab him in the face, and he agrees to talk. But then gets shot from a sniper in the Columbia building. THEN, Tony advises Bauer to stay away from this thing, and he hangs up, only to get on the phone with GSA 117, who he has complete control over.