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24 Recap: 12am-1am
Monday, April 6 by

It's midnight baby, and Moss, Almeida and their team of FBI agents are stuck in a sticky situation, cornered by Hodges and his goons. A truck pulls up and out steps Jonas himself, "I want you off my property." He starts yelling at them and denies any such bioweapon on the grounds of StarkWood. "You've got 5 minutes to get you and your helicopters out of here." Renee was on the other line listening to Hodges' rant, and she runs over to Bauer for some advice.He makes a call to Doug Knowles, a higher up employee of StarkWood that he knows might be willing to cooperate. He calls him up. "Things are out of control," says Knowles. He agrees too help them find the weapons might be."Lets show our guests the door," Hodges slimily says to his goon. Bauer gets on line with Larry Moss and tells him that they need to create a diversion so Tony can escape and find the true location of the weapon. Moss hangs up, walks over punches and punches a testy Seton, giving some time for Tony to escape while grabbing a utility bag from one the FBI agents. While exploring StarkWood, he meets up with Doug Knowles.

FNL Recap: Underdogs
Monday, April 6 by

Welcome back from reality ladies and gentlemen, the Dillon Panthers and Friday Night Lights went back to basics this week, and reclaimed their crown for the best television series on the air right now. This last episode was a return to greatness for our beloved Panthers. Our return to the State finals tied everything together; it was Matt, Landry, and Riggins’ last game and everybody left it all on the field. Tyra, after many rewrites, finished her application essay for college, and her recent beau Landry finally played meaningful football, in the finals at that, albeit on special teams. Even though Lyla reconnected with Buddy, all was not well in the realm of family matters. The McCoys and the Taylors were at odds, because the Taylors were obligated to report them to Child Protective Services on account of their fight after the semifinal game. On top of this conflict, the Saracens were divided over Matt’s future as well; his grandmother was preventing him from going to Chicago for school, while his mother, Tami and Julie were encouraging him to pursue it further.

Breaking Bad Recap: Breakage
Sunday, April 5 by

And…we’re back. Walt sits dreamily in a cancer clinic, life moves around him. His doctor says, ‘cautious optimism’. His doctor though wonders about Walt and Skyler’s relationship. Looks like we’re in line for some more husband and wife drama.   Meanwhile business at the police office is slow for Hank. Apparently Hank suspects that Heisenberg, a.k.a. Walt is the next up and comer in the business. But Hank laments, that perhaps he’s is only an urban legend. There’s good news and bad news for Hank coming next. First he gets a sweet promotion  to a position in El Paso, TX. But as he rides the elevator, he gets what appears to be a heart attack. But by the time he makes it to the bottom, he has recovered. For the first time, we a see a weakness in Hank who apparently is affected by anxiety attacks.   Finally Jesse makes his grand entrance into the episode. He pulls the Methmobile into Clovis’ scrap yard and pays the big dumb animal for the towing, storage and the broken porta-potty.

Terminator: TSCC Recap: Adam Raised a Cain
Sunday, April 5 by

Sarah and her gang rescue Savannah from certain doom, but her salvation comes at a high price.  John Henry tries to learn more about his brother, and Sarah makes negotiations with Ellison to meet with Weaver. Everybody Dies For MeSarah stands above a series of headstones dated 1984 with tears in her eyes.  Derek approaches.“I don’t know which one is his,” she says over her shoulder.“It doesn’t matter.  Grass, trees… could be worse,” he offers.  They’re talking about Kyle.  Derek confronts Sarah about not showing up to meet in the desert.  John had called to tell Derek and Cameron that they were actually staying at Charlie’s place.  Derek wants to know why Sarah lied about meeting up with them.  Sarah responds by twisting the thorn in Derek’s side and explaining that he keeps too many secrets for her taste.  She’s obviously referring to Jessie, and how by keeping her a secret, Derek endangered them all.John walks up and Derek says “I’m sorry about Charlie.”

Scrubs Recap: My Full Moon
Thursday, April 2 by

Turk and Elliot are in for a long night at Sacred Heart.  Between babysitting the interns and finding ways to care for their patients they take a moment to discuss the pros and cons of being doctors. The Rule of Todd

Men Farting, Women Queefing
Wednesday, April 1 by

A new fad engulfs the town of South Park – queefing. All the men are disgusted and outraged and say that queefing is not the same at all as farting, which of course they do all the time. The new fad is prompted by a TV show called "The Queef Sisters" that gets Terrance and Phillip off the air.  T&P aren't too pleased about this, and vow to do something about, but they end up finding the Queef Sisters much more charming than they had anticipated. It's a funny if a bit sub-par South Park this week, and it's after the jump.

Mommy Kate
Wednesday, April 1 by

Ben is in critical condition from the gunshot wound as everybody in the village runs in circles trying to figure out how to save him, save for one very stubborn doctor.  We also get some Kate flashbacks in this episode, where we find out exactly what happened with her and Aaron.  It’s all in this week’s Lost, after the jump.

House Recap: Locked In
Monday, March 30 by
24 Recap: 11pm-12am
Monday, March 30 by

Bauer's been exposed. The CDC all dressed in their HAZMAT suits take Bauer, and tell him to get undressed. The scarred and naked Bauer gets sprayed down and scrubbed by the team while they take some tests.Meanwhile, Almeida and the bioweapon are dropped in StarkWood via helicopter. Jonas tells his bioweapon specialist to hurry up on getting the darn thing activated, 'cause the Feds "are going to be coming with all they got." He then walks inside where Almeida is getting interrogated. He asks him about what the FBI knows about the weapon. Almeida stays strong. Then his top aide tells him that they should probably dispose of the weapon before the Govvies come in and expose them for everything they got. "I think you're just trying to save your ass!" Jonas says.The CDC tells Bauer that he has an airborne virus, and he orders them to deliver him as evidence to FBI.

Breaking Bad Recap: Down
Monday, March 30 by

Another week gone by, another meth addled story of lies and close scrapes for our two favorite kingpins. “Hey Captain America”, says a bum to Jesse as he is walking into a convenience store to meet up with Walt. Walt and Jesse decide they are going to have to put cooking on hold for a little bit while Walt’s family gets less suspicious. So Walt tries to be sweet and get on Skyler’s good side. He cooks them breakfast but Skyler is skeptical, as usual.  Next, Walter reps Boz Skaggs as one of the best musicians of all time, maybe he’s been getting high on his own supply. While cleaning up, Walt attempts to cover up the his second cell phone. Skyler, though, is unimpressed and storms out to Walt’s dismay. Meanwhile Jesse’s parents have wised up to his drug trafficking ways. So they decide to evict him from his house which they have the property rights to. Jesse’s got 72 hours to get out. 

FNL Recap: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
Monday, March 30 by

Panthers are going to State in ’08! What a magical week it was in Dillon, Texas, for fans of the Blue and Yellow. Emotions ran high because of twists around every bend. Grandma Saracen took a spill out of her car as she was backing out of the driveway and it became clear no amount of personal supervision would protect her from herself. The Garrity family finally broke down after hanging by a thread for so long, and it may or may not recover. That wasn’t the only thing on Buddy’s plate, as the boosters had to contend with a redistricting plan that might dismantle the powerhouse football team in the name of a better education for the children. Landry and the Collettes finally made amends, and it seemed as though the seeds for a Landry-Tyra reunion tour were planted. JD and his father, Joe, went through their growing pains, as JD came into his own and started making decisions for himself. This week was a return to form for Friday Night Lights as a TV show and for the Panthers as a football team, as they survived to fight another day.

Terminator: TSCC Recap: To the Lighthouse
Monday, March 30 by

With the deaths of loved ones behind them, the Connor crew split up.  Sarah and John take refuge with an old friend, while Derek and Cameron take a moment away from each other’s throats and point their guns in the same direction.   Del Monte Sarah packs some bags and thinks back to when John was a child.  His favorite stories were his mother’s jungle stories, particularly the tale of El Viejo Del Monte: Old Man of the Forest.  Del Monte was a hunter condemned to the jungle for all eternity.  As his story goes he would kill every animal he encountered but not to feed on their meat, or warm himself with their furs.  Instead, he would leave his prey to rot.  His lust for blood was his mark, and each carcass he left behind was a lesson to those who crosses it explaining what God had turned Del Monte into: half man, half animal.  Some considered him a protector for he preyed upon predators.  It was his curse to be vigilant forever.  

30 Rock Recap: Apollo, Apollo
Friday, March 27 by

This episode begins with Liz unpacking her new running shoes. Jack calls Liz and tells her she is yet to RSVP to his 50th birthday party. Meanwhile, on television, Tracy is announcing to the world that it is his dream to go into space. He will finance the trip if anyone is willing to shoot him into space. Liz has to deal with this, pronto. Dennis Duffy suddenly bursts into Liz’s apartment and tells her that he is going through a 12 step program. He is a recovering sex addict. He is at step nine, the step where he needs to apologize to everybody he has wronged. Side note: For all you Seinfeld fans, you know step nine. Dennis apologizes to Liz for sleeping with her, thus subjecting her to his web of treachery. Liz doesn’t care, she just wants Dennis out of the room. Liz asks Jack if he knows about Tracy trying to get into space. Jack says he has a google alert for everything titled “Tracy Jordan ridiculous disaster”. They have to stop him.

Managerial Immunity
Friday, March 27 by

Since Michael's turned in his two weeks he can basically do anything he wants, so he he spends his days drinking scotch and splenda and wandering arund the office bugging everyone. He also comes up with an idea for a new business once he actually quits, and goes around the office trying to find investors for it. Meanwhile, Kelly and Angela are still obsessed with Charles, and Pam has to figure out how to make the new copier work, all after the jump

Spiritual Economic Crisis
Thursday, March 26 by

South Park is getting by the economic crisis just like the rest of the country, only in South Park Randy Marsh rises up as a prophet warning people that they have angered the economy. Stan has to find a way to return the frivolous Margaritaville machine his dad bought, and Kyle starts trouble by breaching the economy is not a dangerous entity to be feared. It's another great South Park this season, and it's right after the jump

Lost Recap: Natural Born Killer
Thursday, March 26 by

In a Sayid-centric episode, we learn more of the details behind how exactly he got on that flight and why exactly he stopped working for Ben. He also befriends a young Ben Linus in 1977, and Juliette, Kate, and Sawyer experience a little bit of awkwardness over the whole love triangle. (Or love square if you count Jack). It's another pretty good Lost, right after the jump.

Scrubs Recap: Their Story II
Thursday, March 26 by

J.D. rides a high horse and the new interns get an idea of what it means to work at Sacred Heart.

24 Recap: 10pm-11pm
Monday, March 23 by

The cops are at Senator Blaine Mayer's house collecting evidence, but Moss doesn't need any evidence, he concludes that Bauer's the culprit. He calls up Ethan Kanin. "It's Sentor Mayer, he's dead.""What?!?!" Kanin replies. Kanin, flabbergasted at what has happened hangs up the phone and slumps in his chair.President Taylor calls up her husband, who is awake and seemingly doing alright. She tells him that Juma and Dubaku are dead, that everything's over, and that Olivia has joined the staff. The first man is relieved. They hang up.Kanin walks in. "He's expected to make a full recover! Maybe, just maybe this day will end on a positive note," says President Taylor.Yeah right.Kanin tells the President that Senator Mayer has been apparently slain by Bauer. President Taylor can't believe it. Then Kanin says that he has to step down because he couldn't do enough to protect the President from the shitstorm that happened only a few hours ago."I'm a liability to you now…don't let me sink your agenda.""OUR agenda, Ethan…"

Heroes Recap: Baby Sitters and Hero Killers
Monday, March 23 by

Danko receives a little present from an anonymous donor, the gift being Eric Doyle the puppet master, and Rebel is up to some more antics as his identity is revealed and Tracy has to make a choice on whether she will betray Rebel or not. Parkman has to find a way to save Daphne, and Hiro and Ando discover that baby Matt has powers. Claire is blessedly absent this episode, and we get some juicy screentime from a neglected character: Angela Petrelli. It’s a thrilling return to form for Heroes, and it’s right after the jump.

Terminator TSCC: Today Is the Day Pt 2
Sunday, March 22 by

Jessie’s mission aboard the USS Jimmy Carter in the year 2027 is compromised, which may have severe consequences if John Connor can’t be warned.  As Jessie in the future comes to learn that perhaps there is more to this war than she knows, Jessie in the present is forced to deal with the consequences of killing Connor’s girlfriend. About The FutureJohn and Derek share a somber moment.  Riley is on both of their minds.Derek breaks the silence: “I’m sorry.  She didn’t deserve what happened.”John agrees but quickly changes the subject.  “How long could you survive with Cameron if she wanted to kill you?” John inquires.“What kind of weapon do I have?” Derek asks, humoring the boy.“Fists, elbows, fingernails, teeth…”“Those aren’t weapons.”“No.”“You know the answer to that, John.  If she wants you dead, you’re dead.”John nods because Derek is speaking the truth.  He tells Derek that he wants to talk to him about the future.

FNL Recap: The Giving Tree
Sunday, March 22 by

Bravo Coach Taylor. Our Panthers won the second playoff game after an eventful week in Dillon, Texas. Many relationship dynamics changed this week, as Julie and Matt were caught in bed together, JD McCoy was caught sneaking out, and Landry finally realized how one-sided his relationship with Tyra was. Lyla’s relationship with Buddy took a turn for the worse as well, after Buddy’s investment of her college fund went sour. It was a great episode of Friday Night Lights, answering some questions while posing a few of its own.

Breaking Bad Recap: Bit By a Dead Bee
Sunday, March 22 by

The promise of brief nudity comes to fruition before the opening credits even role when Walter is seen walking around naked in a grocery store. In shock and in the hospital, Walter’s family is relieved to find their cancer stricken patriarch. Walter then takes to lying, giving a bogus story about where he was and covering up his knowledge of Hank’s bloodletting of Tuco from Episode 2. Meanwhile Hank reveals to his superiors that he was busy searching for Walter when he ran into Tuco. This leads his superiors to question Walter and Jesse’s past as high school student and teacher. At Jesse’s house, Jesse and his friend Badger frantically clear out his entire crystal kitchen into the notorious Winnebago. And poof, Badger’s cousin tows away the notorious camper and Jesse thinks he is clean of that part of his life.

BSG Recap: Daybreak, Part 2
Sunday, March 22 by

I’ve got a theory, which is mine, and I own it, and my theory is this: no TV show should ever go more than 5 or 6 seasons.   Even the greatest shows begin to lose something after that many seasons, and often start tarnishing what made them great in the first place.  Which is a roundabout way of saying that while Battlestar Galactica has turned out to be my current All-Time Favorite TV Show Ever, I’m still very glad that it’s leaving the airwaves.  I’d rather have 4.5 (or whatever) great seasons than 10 seasons, where the last five were shite.  So while I’m sad that Battlestar Galactica is ending, I’m also happy that they’re leaving while firing on all cylinders.  Of course, “firing on all cylinders,” is just my opinion.  Lotsa folks out there think that this Series Finale was either a misfire, or a case of firing on too many cylinders. I’ve got a theory for that, which is mine, and I own it, and my theory is:  there are three main reasons that people think that a particular Series Finale sucks:

30 Rock Recap: The Bubble
Friday, March 20 by

This newest episode of 30 Rock begins with Liz Lemon telling Kenneth she is ducking up town to have lunch with her boyfriend, Drew. Initially, Kenneth is confused; Liz Lemon doesn’t normally have many boyfriends. But yes, to Liz’s delight, she is still dating Drew. Tracy tells Kenneth he wants jerk chicken and pictures of pregnant women in their bikinis. Kenneth already has these items ready, he always knows what Tracy likes. Jack asks Liz how Tracy’s mood seemed. Jack is negotiating Tracy’s new contract and is a little nervous. Liz walks down the street with her boyfriend. Everyone they pass compliments Drew, including Calvin Klein, who wants Drew to be the next underwear model.

The Unmanageable Manager
Friday, March 20 by

The new boss for the northeastern branches, successor to Jan and Ryan, comes into the office so Michael can introduce him to his branch to get to know it better, while Jim has to suffer because he wore a tux to work that day to mess with Dwight for being strict about the dress code.  The new boss is none too lenient, though, and starts cracking down on office spending while several office women eye his good looks.  Michael doesn’t like the new boss too much, and pesters David about him.  It’s the shot in the arm this Office season needs, and it’s right after the jump.

My Nah Nah Nah
Thursday, March 19 by

Sacred Heart's couples experience a few hiccups, while Turk takes a risk by performing a controversial procedure on a patient whose father is desperate. Back In The Ring Dr. Cox's family visits him at the hospital where Jordan is enjoying the perks of Cox's new position.  She happily claims that she has fired two cafeteria employees on the grounds that their accents were unbearable, confirming- once again- that she is a horrible person.  She sits at the table with Jack, who is carrying a stack of pancakes taller than he is.  When Cox asks why Jack isn't in school, Jordan explains that kids don't have school on Yom Kippur.  Cox points out that Yom Kippur was six months ago, and Jordan is made to realize that she's been outsmarted by her five-year-old son.  "I hate school!" Jack claims victoriously, throwing his arms in the air like Rocky.

24 Recap: 9pm-10pm
Monday, March 16 by

Bauers on the move. Police are every which way. He elbows the window of a car, hotwires it, and screeches of in a vintage Mustang that happens to have a laptop in it.

House Recap: Here Kitty
Monday, March 16 by

This episode starts off with House in his office making a miniature racetrack. He races model cars on a track made out of medical supplies. Cuddy comes into the room and tells House he should have been helping patients, instead of making a racetrack. Cuddy introduces him to a new patient. After Cuddy leaves the room, the patient seizes and pees green urine. Thus begins another episode of House. House is with the team in his office writing on the ‘symptoms board’ in green pen. Taub is late and in a bad mood. He questions House’s decision to choose this patient. House punishes Taub for his disobedience. House orders the team to test the patient’s home for outside influences that would make her pee green.

Terminator TSCC Recap: Today is the Day
Monday, March 16 by

John copes with the loss of his girlfriend while those close to him point fingers at his suspicious cyborg. Sound AdviceJessie sits pondering in an easy chair with Riley’s corpse on the floor beside her.  A flashback occupies her mind.  In it, Derek is explaining to Jessie that he is going on a mission.  He warns her to always aim for the chip (when executing Terminators), kisses her and tells her he’ll see her later.  The flashback ends. After a moment, Jessie stands and zips up the plastic body bag covering John Connor’s late girlfriend.  Sarah is packing things into boxes when John walks in.  It’s pretty clear what’s going on–they’re moving again–so John offers to take care of the garage.  He finds Cameron there, mulling over robot parts.  Afraid of what his mother might do if she finds them, John tells Cameron to bury them so they can be incinerated later. Bad News

BSG Recap: Daybreak, Part 1
Sunday, March 15 by

It’s right there in the title:  “Part 1.”  Of course this was going to be all setup for next week’s final confrontation, so, knowing that was our expectation, Ron Moore went on a bit of different route.  Here’s the thing: it doesn’t necessarily take an apocalypse caused by Sexy Killer Robots to make life totally suck.  Life can do that all on its own, as we shall see.Edward James Olmos gets to do the previouslies, which are:    •    Starbuck found her own dead body on Earth, which sucks, and after making the mistake, or “mistake,” of confessing her deadness to Gaius Baltar, he outs her.    •    Samuel T. Anders gets a bullet to the brain, and Starbuck, having been given the transcription to “All Along the Watchtow–  Is anybody paying attention?  Is there anybody who is watching this last batch of episodes who is a NEW viewer of Battlestar Galactica?  Because DO NOT start here. Start with the mini-series, for frak’s sake. Sheesh! 

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