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[Editor's Note: Per writer "Dave M's" request, we're making this one quick, so that we can get to the real meat of this post, his impassioned letter to actor B.J. Novak.  Also, ScreenJunkies in no way endorses or agrees with Dave M's point of view.]Okay, Office Lovers.  We learned from this week's episode that Michael, Pam and Ryan have rejoined the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin and it's about time.  Splitting the glibness between 2 offices seemed a bit of a challenge for NBC's Office writing staff as the show ventured into more awkward situational humor than actual laughs during the last several Idris Elba-filled episodes… 

Southland Recap: Sally in the Alley
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Detectives Clarke, Adams, Bryant, and Moretta take the spotlight in this week’s episode of Southland to investigate the murder of a young woman in South Central Los Angeles. Sally in the AlleyThe body of a young woman has been discarded on the side of the road.  A group of kids are huddled around throwing balls at it.  A few of them pull out their cell phones to take pictures and record a video.  Some time later a call is made to report the body, and shortly thereafter the detectives show up.  Shockingly, this scenario occurs with such frequency that it has its’ own slang reference.  A slain, discarded female body is known in Cop jargon as 9 Sally in the alley.” 

Parks and Recreation Recap: Boy’s Club
Friday, May 1 by

The episode opens with Leslie and Tom driving out to a hiking trail where, as Tom informs the camera, teenagers are thought to be digging out bags of dog poop out of the garbage and throwing them at each other, as a game. Knope is skeptical, but she and Tom quickly find out it is a harsh reality, as Leslie is pummeled by multiple bags, defending herself with a trash can lid, while Tom takes refuge in the car. Leslie quickly changes her attitude regarding the fighting as she begins to defend herself, hurling back the bags with vigor. Welcome to Pawnee, everybody!

24 Recap: 3am-4am
Tuesday, April 28 by

Bauer, fresh from a seizure, is getting pumped with drugs to get him back to normal. He barely manages to tell Agent Walker to get an APV out on Tony Almeida, and she puts one out. Cut to Almeida, who walks up to an FBI vehicle, shoots two guys in it, and steals the whip.Bauer returns to a bit of normalcy. "Tony was working with Galvez all along."–"Are you saying that Tony killed Larry?"–"…Yes." Bauer then goes into a self agonizing rant about how it was his fault all this happened. Almeida pulls up to an undisclosed motel. Knocks, and Galvez lets him in. Galvez hands over the canister for money. But as Almeida looks into the backpack with virus box, Galvez pulls a gun. "Who's the buyer?"–"You don't want to do this." Then Almeida chucks the bag at him. A fight ensues. Alemida manages a pretty awesome kick to Galvez's teeth. And then starts suffocating him with the shower curtain, yelling "Where's the canister!"

Dollhouse Recap: Haunted
Monday, April 27 by

Dewitt’s personal friend, Margaret Brashford, enlists the Dollhouse services as a post-mortem client seeking to uncover the secrets behind her own murder. Life After DeathMargaret Brashford rears up on her favorite horse to tell her husband to be good.  Jack is sitting with his buddies, mulling over whether or not they should play tennis or drink long island iced-teas.  Jack’s wife is a millionaire and has better than 30 years on him.  A lot of assumptions can be made about their marriage, based on their age difference and her affluence.  But Jack smiles lovingly as his wife rides off and continues to joke with his buddies.  The smiles fade from their faces when Margaret’s horse returns without a rider. Topher activates Echo.  When she sits up Adelle is standing there.“What’s wrong?” Echo asks.“Margaret, I am sorry to be the one to tell you: you’re dead,” Adelle replies.  Apparently, Echo has been activated with Margaret’s persona. 

Breaking Bad Recap: Better Call Saul
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The episode starts with that dorky guy from Hustle and Flow trying to buy some ice from Badger (who by the way is one of my favorite characters).  It appears Heisenberg has cornered the market and jacked up the price. After the dorky guy assures Badger that he’s not a cop, he buys some glass…then arrests Badger.   Hook up side note: Jesse got a little skin from his building manager Jane.   In other news, Hank’s having a minor meltdown because Tortuga got his head blown up on that tortoise. So Walt goes over there to try to talk some sense into him. Walt tells him that “fear us the enemy” and that he should kick those responsible for the explosion right in the teeth.   Once again, Jesse and Walt are short on payments from their underlings. Guess who’s short, good old Badger. They find out that Badger got busted.   Badger is in an interrogation room getting hounded by that dorky guy (I refuse to imdb his name). And in busts Bob Odenkirk of Mr.

Southland Recap: See the Woman
Thursday, April 23 by

Domestic disputes, botched tracheotomies, stolen vehicles, and Tom Sizemore make for another interesting episode in this week’s installment of Southland TherapySherman begins his day by sharing a few words with his shrink.  She’s moved from her private practice and it’s only her second day with the department.  They talk about private school, and Sherman mentions that he used to attend private school until his father walked out on his mom.  Then he went to public school.  He reveals his family history for those of you who missed it last week.  Sherman’s father was a defense attorney who had some seedy clients.  At age ten his father split, but one of his clients visited Sherman’s home and beat up his mother while the boy watched. 

30 Rock Recap: The Ones
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The show opens with Liz Lemon and Jack and at a jewelry store where Jack informs Liz that he is buying Elisa an engagement ring. Liz is surprised but Jack informs her that Elisa is 'The One'. Pulling a classic Lemon, Liz then drops the ring down a heating vent. It then cuts to the TGS crew standing around with Kenneth explaining to them that they cannot bring in a box of donuts because of the risk of food allergies, including his own severe allergy to strawberries. It turns out that the box of donuts was actually just a prank to scare Lutz, who ends up falling back into a TV monitor and hurting himself.As Liz enters her office she finds Elisa who, unknown to Jack, has actually been back in town for three weeks. Elisa tells Liz that she has a terrible secret and cannot marry Jack. She asks Lemon to break the news to Jack, gives her a pretty unnecessary but awesome kiss goodbye, and is gone.

Parks and Recreation Recap: The Reporter
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The episode opens, as the others have, with Leslie outdoors with some children. But this time, to digress from the other episodes, they are on a pre-teen nature hike (it used to be a teen nature hike, but they changed the name after a girl got pregnant, confesses Knope), where she unwittingly eats a poisonous plant for no apparent reason, and as her tongue begins to swell, the credits kick in. Welcome to Pawnee!

Scrubs Recap: My Cuz
Wednesday, April 22 by

J.D. struggles with the realities of being a part time father when he learns that Kim is now dating Sean, Elliot’s ex-boyfriend.  Meanwhile, Turk busts some balls to get promoted to the position of Chief of Surgery. Car SexElliot and J.D. are in the car on the way to Kim’s house to drop off Sam.  Kim answers the door and adjusts J.D.’s collar.  On the way home Elliot makes J.D. pull over for car sex so she can mark her territory.  Elliot's possessive nature forces her to get intimate with J.D. if Kim so much as touches him.  J.D. has found a way to make this work to his advantage.  The next time he drops Sam off, he places a piece of fuzz in his own hair so that Kim will reach into it and pluck the fuzz, sending Elliot into a frenzy.  Before leaving for car sex, Kim introduces her new boyfriend, Sean, who is Elliot’s ex and J.D.’s arch-nemesis. Making It Happen

The Office Recap: Rivals
Friday, April 17 by

Charles Miner delegates more responsbility to Dwight, causing his loyalties with Michael to be called into question, and Andy decides to help Jim out because he's obviously not doing well with Pam at all. (Clearly.) It's another fantastic Office this week, and it's right after the jump.

Southland Recap: Mozambique
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Parks and Recreation Recap: Canvassing
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The episode opens similar to the last one, with Leslie (Amy Poehler) in a sunny park with children, being a moron. Maybe cold opens in the park will be a weekly feature. Either way, she’s dressed as a bunny (slightly creepy) and participating in an Easter egg hunt with the children of Pawnee. She remarks that it seems very difficult to find the eggs, at which point Tom (Aziz Ansari) confesses to the camera in an interview that he forgot to hide the eggs, while a montage runs of children becoming increasingly upset, crying, throwing down their baskets, etc. All in all, not a bad Easter for Pawnee.After the opening, Leslie goes to visit her mother, a higher-up in the local government, whom she has a slightly unhealthy amount of respect for (she compares her to Mother Teresa), and sets up a dubiously addressed subplot of vying for her mother’s approval and affection, but to no avail (probably due in no small part to her wide-eyed incompetence). She tries to brag about her subcommittee, and is met with apathy on the subject from her mother, before heading off to a small meeting with Mark and Ann (Rashida Jones).

Temporary Lost Recap: Dead Men Talking
Wednesday, April 15 by

About time we got a Miles episode. In this one, we dive into more of his background and exactly how he came to the island.  He and Hurley also form an unexpected friendship back in 1977, as they discuss Miles and his father. Meanwhile Roger Linus isn't resting easy over the loss of his son, and Kate makes a blunder that could cost her and her friends their preciously kept secret. This week's Lost is right after the jump.

Scrubs Recap: My Soul on Fire Part 2
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Last week’s friction comes to climax with our favorite doctors, while the guy who cleans up after them gets hitched. Yup, She’s Still PissedKelso gets himself set up at the bar by handing the bartender his travel bag and ordering a Bahama-mama.  He’ll be at this bar for most of the episode.  Things are still heated amongst lovers from last week’s episode, and not in a good way.  Elliot is pissed at J.D. for not telling her how much he loves her, Jordan is pissed at Cox for pretending to have had work to do in order to prove to her she’ll miss him, and Turk is mad at Carla for refusing to take a break from her role as mommy. Sea Creatures

Fringe Recap: Unleashed
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The show opens up to Olivia snuggled up with her niece reading a bed time story. The picturesque scene is interrupted by a phone call. It's Peter on the line and quick to jump to conclusion Olivia assumes the worst, it is late at night and it is Peter so I don't fault Olivia for thinking that it was work related. It turns out that he was calling for her sister, Rachel. Thank God Olivia doesn't have to lie on a daily basis because her face just gave away everything she was holding, Olivia is jealous. She reluctantly gets back to reading the story, a tale of a bear and a monster. "Aunt Liv ….monster's are not real, right?"

Heroes Recap: Angela’s Story
Tuesday, April 14 by

Angela Petrelli is front and center this episode,  as she relates to her family the terrible events that led to the destruction and death they see at Coyote Sands, including her relationship with the sister Alice no one ever knew she had. It's a Heroes episode that's a little bit light on the action, but heavy on some great Petrelli family moments, and it's after the jump.

24 Recap: 1am-2am
Monday, April 13 by

While Tony's sneaking around the base, he sees a truck pull in. He gets a call from Bauer telling him that the President has called off the air strikes for some reason, and that he's got to get out of there. Then Almeida takes a closer look at the truck, and sees that it's is a gas tanker holding would-be fuel for surface-to-air missiles. Bauer says he'll get in contact with the President.Madame President admits that Hodges is blackmailing her with the missiles. Bauer explains how Almeida can get inside the bunker and blow up the fuel tanks with C4 he's got in his utility bag. At first she is ardently reluctant. "How long did they give you to live?" she asks Bauer. "They don't know."–"Then there's not much I can do to stop you." She hangs up.Bauer takes that as a indirect order to go ahead with the plan to have Almeida go in, and so he transfers the order to Tony, who has the utmost confidence in himself that he can complete the mission and blow up the missiles and bio-weapons. He holds up one Hodges' goons, and heads down into the fuel tanks.

Terminator: TSCC Recap: Born to Run
Monday, April 13 by

The Sarah Connor chronicles comes to a chilling conclusion tonight, but doesn’t fail in explaining major pieces to the origins of a story conceived 25 years ago. Watching the NewsAgent Aldridge reiterates Sarah’s rights, but it’s a speech she’s heard many times before.  He then lists the details of her incarceration; the murder of Miles Dyson, the destruction of a Los Angeles Bank, and a firefight resulting in a young girl’s kidnapping and five dead, two of which are law enforcement officers.  Sarah’s crimes cover a range of time extending from ten years into the past up until this Monday, just before her apprehension.  Aldridge wants20to know where John Connor is.  Sarah is adamant that her son is dead: he died in the bank explosion. 

FNL Recap: Tomorrow Blues
Monday, April 13 by
Breaking Bad Recap: Peekaboo
Monday, April 13 by

Jesse wants Spoog and he’s got murder on the mind. So he goes to Spoog’s shotgun shack. Jesse’s more scared than Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. He breaks into to this roach infested room and a creepy little red headed brat walks in and turns on the tube. But the cute little guy is the only one home. Jesse who dubs himself Diesel (#32 to all the Shazam fans) will have to wait to get revenge on Spoog. In the suburbs, Skyler calls Walt’s old friend Gretchen and thanks her for helping with Walt’s medical bills. Gretchen’s confused and they plan to meet up. Meanwhile, Walt busy at work, has a little talk with the principle Carmen who’s about a 12 on the babe meter and seems to have a little interest in our cue ball hero Walt. When Walt gets home there’s a hot ass Bentley sitting in the drive way. It turns out Gretchen showed up at Walt’s place but held up Walt’s lie about his medical pay. This is awkward.

Dollhouse Recap: Spy in the House of Love
Sunday, April 12 by

When Topher learns that there’s a spy in the Dollhouse, Echo and Sierra are imprinted as spy-hunters and deployed on separate missions in order to flush out the mole.A Spy in the House of LoveThe episode begins with Echo and Sierra wandering through the halls of The Dollhouse. There are screams from behind one of the doors on the floor above and a gunshot rings out, blood splattering against the glass on the other side.  Echo’s dominatrix uniform indicates that her next mission is going to be something naughty.  She talks about trust, pain, and her dungeon.  After her mission, she is wiped.Dominique and Dr. Saunders speak openly about the Dollhouse in front of Echo.  The two discuss the pros and cons of what they do here, dwelling mostly on the cons.  Dr. Saunders thinks that the system is flawed, but not for the same reasons as Dominique.

30 Rock Recap: Cutback
Friday, April 10 by

This episode starts with the team celebrating after their 50th show. 50 hours of  dynamite comedy. Instead of arriving backstage to full wine bottles and a party, the crew finds empty wine bottles that are supposed to be used as paperweights. Jack pulls Liz aside and says there are going to be drastic cutbacks; the economy has hit the company hard. The entertainment division will face some of the most severe cutbacks. Jack tells Liz she has to put together a presentation that will be given to a group of cutthroat outside consultants, justifying her budget. Liz tells Jack not to worry, she has some tricks up her sleeve. Jack becomes worried when he finds Lemon means, “Trix up her sleeve”, as in the literal candy cereal up her sleeve.

Southland Recap: Unknown Trouble
Friday, April 10 by

Southland kicks off it's series premiere by informing the viewer that there are only 9,800 police officers patrolling our streets here in LA.  The rest of the episode is spent proving that if Los Angeles is indeed the City of Angels, then the LAPD are the only ones we've got. Unknown Trouble It's the end of Sherman's first day on the job.  Police lights bathe the scene in waves of red and blue, exposing a bullet torn body slumped on the ground in a widening pool of blood.  Not too far away, a wounded officer is being hauled off by the paramedics on a stretcher, and a mob of girls is crying behind them.  Sherman steps up to the body on the ground and drops to his haunches.  The look on his face can mean anything; indifference, sorrow, regret, confusion… perhaps he needs to vomit.  He squats there for a moment before a voice calls out, "You ok, son?"

Parks and Recreation Recap: Pilot
Thursday, April 9 by

The show opens with our star Amy Poehler awkwardly interviewing a young girl about the exact level of fun she is experiencing at the moment in a public park (“would you say you’re having a moderate amount of fun and somewhat enjoying yourself?”), at which point she is interrupted to roust a homeless from the slide by forcing him out with a broom. And thusly we are introduced to the relentlessly enthusiastic Leslie Knope, a woman who’s clueless-ness is rivaled only by her indefatigable love for her job.She has a definite Michael Scott-esque quality to her, but dialed back about 15% on the stupidity, incompetence, awkwardness, basically everything that makes him such an insufferable doofus. Instead, she comes off as a more relatable, if still pitiable, character. Someone we come to love to cringe at. And cringe we do, as she makes an ass of herself for 22 extremely pleasant minutes, setting up what will hopefully be a good series, judging from the first installment.

Scrubs Recap: My Soul on Fire Part 1
Wednesday, April 8 by

Sacred Heart’s couples are finding it difficult to reach common ground.  Meanwhile, J.D. receives an unexpected invitation to an unexpected wedding. Kiss AnniversaryScrubs jumps on the anti-ginger kid bandwagon when this episode opens with Elliot hating on red heads, claiming that they are “God’s mistake.”  J.D. realizes that it is the seventh year anniversary of his first kiss with Elliot, and he hasn’t gotten her a gift.  He gives her the task of singing “Old MacDonald to Samuel, knowing that should give him exactly 45 seconds to correct his error.  While she struggles to maintain the correct pitch, J.D. books it to the gift shop, grabs the first thing he can set his hands on, and outruns Leonard- the one handed security dude with the claw- who immediately gives chase.  J.D. returns as Elliot finishes the song and hands her his present… an electric toothbrush.  Elliot assures J.D. that he doesn’t need to make a big deal out of an anniversary for a kiss. Love Is In the Air

Jimmy and the Best Joke Ever
Wednesday, April 8 by

South Park gives us another episode of mixed quality that’s strengthened by strong character moments and some hilarious, if not spot-on, celebrity parody.  Jimmy and Cartman have come up with the perfect joke, and it sweeps the country in a frenzy of media exposure. Before the boys knoew it  Carlos Mencia is taking credit for their joke and Kanye West is getting pissed off that everyone's calling him a gay fish. Confused? So is Kanye, and find out exactly why after the jump…

The Rise and Fall of Benjamin Linus
Wednesday, April 8 by

According to Ben, it's time for him to be judged by the smoke monster, so Locke takes him along to do just that, encountering Sun and Fred along the way. We get more backstory and a few flashbacks summarizing Ben's experience growing up on the island and his many dealings with Widmore. This week's Lost finally starts to delve into the mysteries of the island with more depth, and it offers up some pretty superb moments, right after the jump.

Trust No One
Tuesday, April 7 by

Hiro and Ando continue their quest to unite the two Parkmans, while adult Parkman is on a quest against Danko to get revenge for what he did to Daphne. Sylar, meanwhile, is having a lot of fun with his new shape-shifting ability, using it to make Noah question himself and those he loves. Mohinder's finds some old boxes with information from his father, and as he's rifling through them it becomes more and more clear that all roads to lead to Coyote Sands….after the jump, that is.

House Recap: Simple Explanation
Monday, April 6 by
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