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Where Will Sarah’s Obsession Lead Her?
Monday, November 24 by

Sarah's obsession with the three dots leads her to a company that she believes may have Andy Goode's Turk. Meanwhile, Jesse's plans complicate things even further, and Weaver introduces Ellison to someone very important.

Entourage Returns To Queens Blvd
Sunday, November 23 by

Five seasons of success and living the dream have turned into bitterness, uncertainty, and one really bad pun: Vince returns to Queens to see if home is where the part is. When the chips are down, Vince has a tendency to fall apart, and part of me expected that to happen in the worst way. It happens in almost every season, and it certainly happened again in this one. Those meltdowns are what give the show its namesake; as much as Vinnie rolls with ease into fame and hot women, he'd be nothing but another whiny ass star witout his Entourage to get him through the toughest times.

30 Rock “Gavin Volure”
Friday, November 21 by

  On tonight's episode of 30 Rock we find Liz and Jack attending an exclusive dinner party hosted by Gavin Volure, the ex-CEO of a company called Sunsteam.  Jack describes Gavin as god like, but now a reclusive.  After introducing himself to Jack and Liz they are surprised to see that the host of the party Jack has been in awe about is actually the person playing piano behind them. Gavin Volure (played by Steve Martin) informs his newly arrived guests that, "because of his extreme case of agoraphobia and debilitating wealth he is forced to bring the world to him." 

The Office ‘Frame Toby’
Friday, November 21 by

Once Michael discovers that Toby has returned, he is none too pleased, as evidenced by the multiple times he screams “oh God please no!” in his face.  So while he and Dwight try and come up with ways to frame him, Pam must deal with a dirty microwave and Jim has to figure out how to tell Pam about a real estate purchase he just made.

South Park ‘The Ungroundable’
Thursday, November 20 by

Butters discovers a terrible secret lurking in the heart of South Park Elementary: there are vampires, and he even becomes so desperate as to ask them to let him join.  The Goths also become “so seriously pissed off” that preppy kids are taking over their Goth look that they decide to do something about it.

Fringe ‘The Equation’
Wednesday, November 19 by

In Middleton, Connecticut its pouring down rain, a man is driving with his son in the backseat. They get flagged down by a woman who claims that her car is having problems. The man calls a tow truck and offers to look under the hood for her. When he opens the hood he is bombarded by red and green flashes, he is startled out of his hypnotic state when the tow truck man taps on his shoulder.  The man turns around to find that the woman, her car and his son are missing.

House ‘Emancipation’
Wednesday, November 19 by

 This episode is full of liars. The patient lies to the doctors. Taub lies to the patient. Wilson lies to House. Foreman lies to House. House lies to himself. In the end the only one not freed from his lies is House.The Patient

Sarah Conor Chricles ‘Complications’
Tuesday, November 18 by

The episode begins as if it was entirely different show, a twilight version of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, where Cameron and Sarah wear pink Amish cotton gowns as they water steel cacti that quickly grow and envelope their young. Then we find out that its only Sarah's dream, thank God!

Heroes ‘It’s Coming’
Tuesday, November 18 by

Arthur continues to wander the storyline like a ghost, helping Sylar empathize and recruit Elle, trying to convince Nathan and Tracy to help him with his master plans, and keeping Angela locked in a vision from which Matt Parkman is trying to save her.  Hiro and Ando dink around as Hiro must contend with having his brains scrambled to ten year old status, Claire must help the now power-less Peter.  Mohinder is also now officially a mad scientist working for Pinehearst, unsuccessfully testing out the formula on regular human subjects.

Own Worst Enemy ‘The Night Train to Moscow’
Tuesday, November 18 by

Edward and Henry’s complex interactions with his wife deepen as Henry must figure out why Angie lied to him about going to the dentist, and why she’s seeing a random man that Henry doesn’t know.  They also transport a political candidate to an election in Kazakhstan so that democratic elections can be held.

True Blood ‘To Love Is To Bury’
Monday, November 17 by

Last episode was a tornado of guts and guilt…literally.  Bill was forced into turning an innocent girl into a vampire.  Jason’s vampire buddy was killed by his psycho girlfriend right before his eyes and Sookie was attacked and almost killed by the predator that we can only assumed killed her grandmother and the two other girls, Dawn and Mardette.

Entourage ‘Play’n With Fire’
Sunday, November 16 by

 Schadenfreude is a noun meaning satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune. Every time you watch TMZ, or a dumb kid on the internet falling off his skateboard, or your jerk of a boss getting subpoenaed for sexual harrassment–that little smirk you get in all of those situations qualifies for that very German word.

30 Rock ‘The One With The Cast Of Night Court’
Friday, November 14 by


The Office ‘Business Trip’
Thursday, November 13 by

Michael travels to the land of Can-a-DA on a business trip and nearly hooks up with an exotic Canadian concierge, while Oscar and Andy bond over drinks at the bar. Back in Scranton, some Jim/Pam trouble starts to brew once Pam realizes she’s failed one of her classes, and Ryan tries to win back Kelly.A Foreign Land

CSI ‘Say Uncle’
Thursday, November 13 by

It’s a wonderful day in Korea Town. People are laughing, drinking, smiles all around! And then people get shot. Happiness turns to panic as bystanders flee from gunfire. A young boy donning blue sunglasses and blood splatters stands out from the crowd.

South Park ‘Elementary School Musical’
Thursday, November 13 by

  The South Park boys come face to face with the school's obsession with the High School Musical craze. Recap

House ‘The Itch’
Wednesday, November 12 by

House’s case this week involves an agoraphobic man with a case of PTSD and of course some mysterious life threatening disease. On top of that he must now face the aftermath of his lip lock with Cuddy. What does it mean? Nothing of course, House has no feelings! Or does he? Turns out House delivers some hostile insight to his reclusive patient that actually holds some truth in his own life. But does he follow his own advice? It was a close one.

Fringe ‘In Which We Meet Mr. Jones’
Wednesday, November 12 by

If you ever get a Venus fly trap in your body, you will live.

My Own Worst Enemy ‘Not My Son’
Tuesday, November 11 by

Henry Spivey has to once more contend with how much better in bed his other half is (wow, the drama), while he realizes his near nymphomaniac therapist is a secret agent as well and has to protect his secret from the agency.  Trouble brews at home too, as Henry discovers his son may have more in common with Edward than with him.  Plus, the P.I. Raymond’s wife hired digs deeper and threatens Raymond’s identity.

Heroes ‘Villians’
Tuesday, November 11 by

This episode should have been called flashbacks, because that’s where we spend more than ninety percent of our time – in the past, as Hiro navigates the visions given to him by the African dude’s paste. It’s actually not that bad – there’s a lot of stuff with the Petrellis, we get more backstory on Sylar, and more of the interplay between Linderman and Arthur is revealed. Most everything takes place between a year and eighteen months ago.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles ‘Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today’
Monday, November 10 by

"You're Not Stupid John, But Sometimes You Do Stupid Things"  should have been the title of the episode. I sometimes forget that he's a sixteen year old boy because we are constantly reminded that he's the savior of mankind but, when he does something immature and "you have got to be kidding me "worthy, it all seems to come rushing back to me.

True Blood ‘I Don’t Want To Know’
Monday, November 10 by

  With only two episodes left, things just seem to get more complicated for Sookie and the people in her life.  I honestly can’t figure out how they are going to end this first season…probably with some lame cliffhanger that will piss everyone off. 

Entourage ‘Revenge of the Seth’
Sunday, November 9 by

  Sometimes, every man has to swallow his pride like so many bitter and stale pumpkin beers left as wounded soldiers after a Halloween party. You probably did that last weekend, but at least you didn't have to deal with Seth Green biting at your ankles while you did it.

30 Rock “Believe In The Stars”
Friday, November 7 by

Tranquilizers, Freaky Friday, Olympic Tetherball, and Oprah Winfrey. Liz tells Jack that she has to fly to Chicago for jury duty. Convinced that it won’t take long to not be selected as one of the jurors, thanks to her Princess Leia costume, she tells him that she will return in no time.  This is fortunate for him because he has found himself in the middle of an Olympic controversy worse than doping.

The Office “Customer Survey”
Friday, November 7 by

False alarm bells ring when Michael decides to lie to everybody him and Holly being married while Kelly is suspected of tampering with the customer service reports that make both Jim and Dwight look bad.  The Pam/Jim thing continues as they get the latest technological device to stay in touch even longer, and Andy is on the trail of the perfect wedding location.

South Park About Last Night
Thursday, November 6 by

Obama wins the election and is revealed to have been co-conspiring with McCain to win it for ten years to make the ultimate heist: the Hope Diamond.  Also, a South Park resident has secrets nobody would suspect.

Sarah Connor Chronicles Brother Nablus
Tuesday, November 4 by

Agent Ellison should have never answered his door because maybe then he wouldn’t have had the worst day ever. He comes face to face with his clone in the form of a terminator, only then to witness Cromartie, in a sick twist of good timing, kill the terminator with a quick stab from his sword shaped hand.

Entourage: “Pie”
Monday, November 3 by

Pick any old cliché about fire (trial by fire, out of the frying pan and into the fire, etc.), and you could apply it directly to Vince's situation as he rides out in a production truck to the dry, sweltering hills of his first movie set since Medellin.

30 Rock Do Over
Friday, October 31 by

The season 3 opener begins with Liz strolling to work when she is pleasantly surprised to see Jack pulling up next to her in a limo.  When he is asked by Liz how he managed to get out of his government job Jack responds vaguely that he's not at liberty to say due to it's classified natu

The Office Employee Transfer
Friday, October 31 by

Dwight and Andy have another one of their epic clashes, Pam discovers that Jim’s brothers are a couple of jerks, and Michael and Holly encounter some relationship troubles as they’re cramped in the cabin of a truck with Darrrell on an eight hour drive.Why so Serious?