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FNL Recap: Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
Monday, February 16 by

Slammin’ Sammy Meade here welcoming you back to another week of Panther football and Friday Night Lights. This was a tremendously eventful installment, with several setups for plot twists; it’s about as easy to read this show as trying to pick up a Smash Williams counter. There was good news and bad news on all fronts. Matt Saracen was replaced at quarterback, and he almost quit the team. Jason Street became a new father, and he, the Riggins brothers, and Herc decided to get into the real business by flipping Buddy Garrity’s house. And Tyra walked a slippery slope with her new cowboy boyfriend. There are many ways in which the writers could take this season, and each direction looks just as exciting as the others.

BSG Recap: No Exit [Flowchart Included]
Monday, February 16 by

All of this has been confusing before, and all of this will be confusing again.Instead of the previouslies, we begin with yet another new prologue, and as is apropos for this show, it’s all cycling back to the beginning.  The question is, as you’ll see, “what, exactly is the beginning?”  Weirdly enough, I actually think that we find out.It's the familiar white lettering on the black background:THIS HAS ALL HAPPENED BEFOREAND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAINA shot of Earth.  Sucking.THE CYLONS WERE CREATED BY MAN  Scary-ass Centurions.THEY REBELLED  War!THEN THEY VANISHEDFORTY YEARS LATER, THEY CAME BACKTHEY EVOLVED  Caprica Six walking on the planet Caprica, which is then nuked.50,298 HUMAN SURVIVORS The FleetHUNTED BY THE CYLONSBeing hunted by the CylonsELEVEN MODELS ARE KNOWNShown in order we discovered themONE WAS SACRIFICED

Terminator-TSCC Recap: The Good Wound
Sunday, February 15 by

With a bullet lodged in the flesh beside her femoral artery, a deluded Sarah Connor struggles to live. Kyle Reese is present as a ghost in her delirium, urging her to push on. John anxiously awaits news regarding his girlfriend's recovery, and Derek starts some fires in an attempt to cover Sarah's tracks. G.S.W. This episode begins with a wounded Sarah Connor waking in a hospital bed.  She looks up and sees a ghost: the long-dead father of her son.  "On your feet," Kyle Reese commands. After inspecting her Gun-Shot Wound, Sarah pulls the IV-tube from her arm, tries to stand, and falters. Kyle moves in, puts out his hand, and utters the words that have tingled the spines of Terminator fans for twenty years: "Come with me if you want to live." And because it is what we have come to expect of her, she takes Kyle's hand.  It looks like she wants to live…  After rendering hospital security unconscious, Sarah begins to limp through the hallways speaking to someone only she can see.

30 Rock Recap: St. Valentine’s Day
Friday, February 13 by

This special Valentine’s Day episode of 30 Rock begins with Liz Lemon and last week’s crush Dr. Baird bumping into each other in the hall. They discuss when they should meet again for their first official ‘date’. Liz suggests Saturday and Dr. Baird agrees, only after announcing that Saturday is Valentine’s Day.  Jack and Elisa sit on Jack’s couch and feed McFlurry's to each other. They liken each other to a Mcflurry: one of the tastiest desserts on the planet. Jack says the only better dessert is served at New York’s finest restaurant: Plunder. He informs Elisa that he has made a reservation for two at Plunder for Valentine’s Day. Elisa is disgusted and tells Jack that they must go to church on Valentine’s Day instead. Frank tells Kenneth that he has to take care of a blind woman for the day. She is a beautiful redhead and Kenneth immediately falls in love with her. He is at a loss for words.

The Office Recap: Heartbreak in Nashua
Friday, February 13 by

Michael and Pam continue their quest to Nashua, while back at the office Dwight and Jim are still trying to figure out Kelly’s party. Jim and Dwight seem to keep on finding ways to screw stuff up, from getting the cake wrong, to coming up with a theme, and Michael is devastated to find out that….*dramatic music*…Holly has a boyfriend in sales in Nashua named AJ.  Oh yeah, and some weird shit goes down with Angela and her cats.  Check it out after the jump, junkies.

Lost Recap: Jungle Jin
Wednesday, February 11 by

Jin has a mini-adventured with Danielle Rousseau, meeting up with Sawyer and the gang later, and having an encounter with the good old smoke-cloud monster along the way.  On the mainland, Ben’s still trying to get everyone together, despite Sayid and Kate both walking off, and how he has a hook:  he knows Sun’s husband is alive, and he can prove it to her. Find out how, just after the jump.

Fringe: The Case Of The Melting Face
Wednesday, February 11 by

"Me and Mr. Jones" should be Olivia's song of choice. It's pretty obvious that the evil teleporting Mr. Jones has an infatuation with her. Why else would he be drawing pictures of her in his German cell? We may think that he is crazy, but maybe Mr. Jone's obsession with Olivia is not just because she's blond and carries a gun….. It maybe because Olivia is an x-file herself. Here's the recappage and decide for yourself.

Scrubs Recap: My Comedy Show
Wednesday, February 11 by

J.D. and Turk prepare the interns for the annual comedy sketch which turns on them and nearly ends their bromance.  Janitor begins to question his own mental stability after (possibly) witnessing Carla pluck a monstrous boob-hair. All in Episode 160: My Comedy Show.Workaholic

Scrubs Recap: My Absence
Tuesday, February 10 by

Episode 159: My Absence Elliot copes with J.D.'s absence from Sacred Heart while Turk tries to get everyone excited about the arrival of his second child. You Say Potato… While doing rounds, Cox tells the interns how to treat Mr. Fancone- a comatose patient- who he affectionately refers to as a 'potato'.  He tells them the best thing to do is to smother him in sour cream, chives, and bacon bits.  Put simply: Cox doesn't want to be bothered by patient's whose conditions are beyond his control. Round Two

REVIEWD: MTV’s ‘See You Sunday’ Is Hit And Miss
Tuesday, February 10 by

MTV has launched an attack on your Sunday Night attention span with four new shows aimed at the male demo. Bottom line: I’ve come to not really expect much from MTV, so I was pretty impressed with the lineup. The real gem in the bunch is Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus while the least entertaining is Rob Drydek’s Fantasy Factory. Either way it makes for a solid 2 hours of Sunday night, at least until Entourage comes back. Here’s the breakdown on each.

Showdown at the OK Corral
Tuesday, February 10 by

Most of the time is spent around the crash site, with Nathan narrating the whole thing to some listener who isn't revealed till the last few minutes of the episode. The Heroes gather and Parkman rushes off to save Daphen from visions his white-psyhic eyes gave him, snd Ando and Daphne meet up and rush off to save crashed heroes. And meanwhile, Sylar is still hunting for his daddy, and comes across a mother and a son whom he tortures pyschologically, before the son reveals a hidden power. It's a flawed, yet taut and fascinating Heroes, right after the jump.

24 Recap: 3pm-4pm
Monday, February 9 by

The episode begins with some goons dragging out Henry Taylor from the trunk of a car. While that's going on, Dubaku is out and about in the public, listenning to President Taylor give a Press Conference over the TV. He walks in through a convenient store, and down into another, much seedier hideout, where he finds Taylor sitting in chair, gagged. "Does your wife love you? For your sake, I hope so."Matobo has been brought in secretly to White House to meet up with the President, along with Bauer and his crack team of ex-CTU'ers. The Prez is still continuing with her invasion of Sangala, "I wan't an explanation and I want it NOW." The Prez asks Bauer and his team. They warn her that there exists massive corruption within the system. FBI Agent Walker backs up Bauer and the team as well. Then Dubaku calls.

Friday Night Lights: Hello, Goodbye
Monday, February 9 by

    The siren call of the drumline, plastic on plastic, and the ref’s whistle brought us all back to Dillon, TX this week for another installment of Friday Night Lights. Coming off of a devastating loss to Arnette-Meade last week, our coaching staff reworked their strategy, and finally put an end to the—or maybe created more—tension between our starting quarterback, Matt Saracen, and his backup, JD McCoy. We have officially sent another alumnus to the next level, as Smash Williams was given a chance to play for the Texas A&M Aggies. Even though there were so many positive events this week, all was not well in Panther Nation, Tami gave in to Buddy and company regarding the jumbotron, Landry and Tyra’s amicable breakup finally fizzled, and Matt Saracen ran into troubles giving his grandmother her medicine and dealing with his own mother. This week’s episode did not create any new exceptional plot twists, but it did resolve some older ones, allowing us to get back to focusing on next week’s opponent.

BSG Recap: Blood on The Scales
Sunday, February 8 by

Richard Hatch was pissed.  He always loved playing Captain Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica, and very much wanted to the sequel that he envisioned back onto TV screens. But instead, Ron Moore's "reimagined" Battlestar came out instead, and Hatch was critical of the entire enterprise.  He came around, eventually, and was offered the role of Tom Zarek, Freedom Fighter.  But I don't think that he's ever fully let his anger go, and, in fact, that anger has informed how he played Tom Zarek, who — except for a short bit on New Caprica — was never not kind of an asshole.

30 Rock Recap: Generalissimo
Friday, February 6 by

Liz Lemon walks into the studio and a new, handsome intern hands her a report. The intern tells Lemon she rocks, and high-fives his other intern buddies. Jack explains to Lemon that the new interns are former investment bankers. He says they work like hell and don’t have any sort of real world experience. Where can I get a stockbroker intern?Elisa’s (Selma Hayak) grandma is coming to get a tour of the office. For some unknown reason, the grandma doesn’t like Jack. Liz is upset because she is getting someone else’s mail. Jenna looks through the mail and announces that the mail is coming from Liz’s neighbor. And it looks like he is a doctor. Liz wants to meet the doctor after seeing the three Netflix movies he has rented: Muppets, Caddyshack, and a documentary on how to make pie. Jack gives Elisa and her grandmother a tour of the NBC studios. It is obvious the grandmother wants nothing to do with Jack. Both Jack and Elisa are at a loss; they can’t figure out why she doesn’t like Jack. The grandmother stops the tour in order to watch her favorite Mexican television novella – Los Amantes Clandestinos. The show is based around a horrible villain named Generalissimo. As the grandmother turns to Jack to give him a stink-eye, Jack notices that he looks exactly like the Generalissimo. Tracy arrives at work and is cornered by the new interns. They are like star-struck frat boys. They invite him out for drinks after work. He agrees and the interns tell him to get ready to drink a whole ton of beer. Liz goes to her doctor-neighbor’s door to find out if he is ugly or not. After a kooky looking weirdo answers the door, the real Dr. Drew Baird comes through. Drew apologizes for the smell; he has been baking. Liz wants to eat him. Elisa doesn’t want Jack to come to her family events. Jack knows it is because he looks like the Generalissimo and he vows to change that television show to get her grandma to like him.  Liz announces to Jenna that he is in love with Dr. Drew Baird. She stole more of his mail and took a picture of him. Kenneth tells them all to keep quite because Tracy is hung over. Tracy says he spent all night drinking scotch and going to a Ranger’s game. He takes some pills that the new interns gave him to try and ease his headache. The pills are actually roofies. As he passes out he announces that he must keep drinking with the new interns in order to keep up his cool image. Jack calls Elisa and Liz into his office. He bought Los Amantes Clandestinos and plans to kill off the Generalissimo. He wants Liz to write the new episode. Elisa fills Liz in on the horror that is the Generalissimo. Elisa says he has been stealing love letters from a poor Spanish girl and adhering to them in order to trick the girl into liking him. Elisa says stealing letters is the worst thing any human can do, but this gives Liz an idea. Liz knows the doctor likes dogs because of his letters, so Liz goes to the doctor’s house and pretends she has a dog that ran away, enlisting his help. Liz and Dr. Baird are in the streets looking for Liz’s fake dog. Liz wants to give up and go get a drink with the Dr. Baird. He says he can’t because he recently got a divorce.  Tracy begrudgingly takes shots with the new interns. He looks like hell and wants to die, but is not willing to give up his party-boy persona.Jack and Elisa watch Los Amantes Clandestinos. Jack has written the script so the Generalissimo gets shot and killed. But when the scene is supposed to arrive, the Generalissimo avoids the bullet and drinks a potion that he says will cause him to live forever. The generalissimo apparently ignored Jack’s script and is taking control of the show. Jack goes to the set of Los Amantes Clandestinos and talks to the actor who plays the Generalissimo. The actor says he will not be killed off. Jack tries to reason with the actor and tells the actor he is doing all this because of a girl’s grandmother. The actor says he will not die, but he will change his character so that all old Mexican women will love him. Tracy and Kenneth try to come up with a way to get the new interns out of the studio. All this partying is killing Tracy.Liz tries to trick the doctor again. She says she is having a party to introduce him to the building, but when he shows up to her door it will be just the two of them. The doctor comes over and is confused why no one else is at Liz’s house, but agrees to one glass of wine. However, right as her plan is about to take hold, the crazy man who lives with the doctor brings a dog to the door. The dog looks exactly like Liz’s fake dog that she lost. Liz has to pretend it is her dog. A hilarious montage ensues where the Generalissimo seduces grandmothers with cheap coffee and lottery tickets, and Liz seduces the doctor. The doctor and Liz are about to kiss but Liz’s fake dog is barking and ruins the moment. She puts the dog in the other room as the doctor takes two of Tracy’s roofies, thinking they were aspirin. Liz comes back into the room and the Dr. falls, knocking over Liz’s purse. All of his mail falls out and he realizes that Liz has been stalking him.

Driving Mr. Scott
Thursday, February 5 by

Pam is driving Michael on a roadtrip around to all the Dunder-Mifflin branches so that Michael can give presentations on how to make other branches as successful as his, and they run into an old friend at Utaca.  Dwight and Jim also have to deal with an emotionally distraught Kelly, who’s pissed at the entire office for having forgot her birthday. And Andy fixes his eye on a young, hot client of Stanley’s.

Locke the Leader, Ben the Deceiver
Thursday, February 5 by

Kate’s still trying to avoid having to go through the blood test, Ben, Sayid, and Jack have to get Sun and Hurley before it’s too late, and back on the island, more people start to get nosebleeds as their jumps through time become more frequent, putting some of them back in strangely familiar surroundings. Check it out after the jump.

Scrubs Recap: My Lawyer’s In Love
Wednesday, February 4 by

Dr. Cox is overwhelmed by his new role as Chief of Medicine and burns himself out trying to "do it all".  Ted falls in love and brings a whole new meaning to the term 'awkward'.  J.D. and Janitor call a truce (and call it off several times) in an attempt to bring Ted's love to fruition. No, No, No!

Scrubs Recap: My New Role
Wednesday, February 4 by

Outside the walls of Sacred Heart Bob Kelso and Perry Cox secretly share a beer while the old Chief of Medicine gives friendly advice to the new one.  Inside the hospital, Dr. Cox learns what it means to be the new boss and burns a few bridges in the process. If You Can Believe It…

FRINGE RECAP: Bishop’s Shop of Horrors
Wednesday, February 4 by

I have been watching Fringe for a while. I know that something tragic will happen in the first two minutes of the show and I prepare myself for it, but honestly this is sick. Seeing a grown man turn into a monster sized porcupine makes me think that the world is running out of ideas. It also makes you think how far television has come. This makes "The Fly" look like cute. But before I get ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning, directly after the jump.

Heroes on the Run
Tuesday, February 3 by

Two months after the events of “Villains,” Heroes is back with some serious bang.  Forget last season.  As all the TV spots proudly proclaim, this is a fresh start, and it’s a welcome one.  Nathan is setting his plan into motion to round up the heroes.  Peter’s working as a paramedic, still saving lives, Claire decides to leave her mother to go do something about what’s happening, Noah and Angela are still working together, Hiro sets up a headquarters for his and Ando’s superhero work, Sylar’s on the hunt for his dad, Mohinder’s a plain old taxi cab driver, and Parkman and Daphne are living together in an apartment when Parkman gets a visit from an old African friend.  It’s all in a supercharged Heroes, after the jump.

House Recapage: The Greater Good
Monday, February 2 by

Wow, the 100th episode of House. How far we have come. Who would have thought a show about a wise-crakin doctor played by Hugh Laurie would have lasted this long? Let me think…. ME, that’s who. The first time I saw this show I knew it was destined for greatness.  I remember the first episode I saw like it was yesterday. Sitting in my freshman college dorm room, trying to ignore my roommate’s sickening lovey-dovey chat with his girlfriend. I sat and watched House instead of writing a two-page paper for English 131. And I am better for it. Had I not watched that first episode, I would never have been able to bring you these insightful recaps every week. Well, had I written my paper instead I could have gained crucial knowledge on how to improve my writing skills, but that is neither here nor there.

Monday, February 2 by

Sean and Janis are hot on the case of hacking into the interface and hopefully finding out where Dubaku is targeting his next attack, and tracking the van that took the Matobos. Sean questions Larry Moss' ability to further lead this investigation, after his crush Agent Walker was apparently murdered.Bauer and his team successfully follow the van and find out Dubaku's evil lair. They get the blueprints for the building, and Bauer asks Agent Walker for her help. Meanwhile Ule Matobo and his wife are brought into Dubaku's lair. They talk about the rightful leader of Sangala, and Dubaku insists that Matobo tell him all of his political friends so that he can dispose of them."i'm inside approaching the front desk…" Agent Walker walkies Bauer as she walks into Dubaku's building. Bauer, Almeida, and Buchanan are on the roof, in an apparent death from above technique. Walker opens the door for the team. They begin their infiltration of the lair. The team hops into a crawl space above Dubaku and the captive Matobos.

Stress Relief
Monday, February 2 by

The post-Super Bowl hour long episode of The Office starts off with a disgruntled Dwight starting a fire to teach the workers how to deal with fire, the hard way. "Everybody calm the !@#$ down!" Says Michael. The whole place goes into chaotic fury– Michael tries to break a window, Oscar climbs up into the ceiling (only to fall out), Kevin loots the vending machine, Jim rams the Xerox into the door to try and get it open, etc. Dwight sounds his air horn, and tells the employees that it was merely a simulation. Stanley has a heart attack, with Michael set on giving him mouth to mouth. Things are off to an awesome start.

How the Other Half Lives
Sunday, February 1 by

It was a bad week for Panther Nation. And after a loss like last week’s, you have to start asking questions about the abilities of Coach Taylor. The annual coach’s barbecue was not held at the residence of Coach Taylor this year, rumors swirled about his relationship with the booster club, and Matt Saracen succumbed to stress all week. Things looked pretty bleak from his standpoint; there were many crises, challenges as well as victories this week as the eternal search for a state championship wore on.     After hearing the news of Smash’s future tryout with Texas A-M, Mrs. Williams tried to get another job to pay for his education. This was met anxiously by Brian, because he didn’t want to be a burden, financially or otherwise, on his family. His second thoughts about football crept back after he was offered a corporate promotion with the Alamo-Freeze. After conversing with his mother, however, he decided that football was his true love, and he realized his mother would not let him stop playing until someone told him he could not play anymore.

BSG Recap: The Oath
Sunday, February 1 by

"This time, it's personal." That's been a running joke ever since I can remember, and probably predates the infamous Jaws III poster, but sometimes, the biggest events happen just because somebody got their feelings hurt.  Former Speaker of the House Tip O'Neil once famously said, "all politics is local," but I don't think he got specific enough, because, really, all politics is personal.  And sometimes people in power don't care if they turn the entire world upside down in order to get atonement, or revenge, or maybe just an apology.Sometimes, lots and lots of people die as a result.Previously, on Battlestar Galactica,  Saul Tigh tells us, the last episode. Also: the entire run of the series.

Desmond’s on a Mission for Daniel
Wednesday, January 28 by

Desmond goes on his quest to find Daniel’s mother, despite Penny’s immense disapproval, while Locke is determined to find Richard in whatever time he’s in.  Sawyer and Juliet have to deal with some hostages, and Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte are captured by members of the same mysterious army Sawyer’s hostages are part of.  Check it out after the jump.

My Cookie Pants
Wednesday, January 28 by

Dr. Cox is offered a position as Chief of Medicine and Kelso takes a moment from mowing down his muffins to lay out the limited pros and abundant cons of the job.  Elliot looks to Turk for ways in which to make J.D. happy, and J.D. is still hard at work trying to get Joe to be a bit more sensitive. SSDD Dr. Cox and Kelso begin the morning like any other by exchanging some nasty words.  Cox takes a minute to reflect that Sacred Heart has become a captainless ship since Kelso's retirement.  As if to prove this point, the Janitor walks by the two of them, dressed in scrubs and covered in blood.  "That can't be good," Cox mutters.  Kelso confesses that Sacred Heart is in need of a new Chief of Medicine. Cookie pants

Wednesday, January 28 by

Season 8, Episode 155: MY ABCs J.D., Turk, Elliot, and Dr. Cox struggle with their new interns who are taking their first baby steps as doctors. J.D. fantasizes that the halls of Sacred Heart are overrun with Sesame Street characters, who help him to teach his new interns the basics. Kindred spirits Dr. Cox is doing rounds with the interns and is unsurprisingly annoyed by them.  As he grills Katie for giving a wrong answer, Ed–a relaxed, brainy intern–steps in and shows Dr. Cox what he's got.  As it turns out, Ed knows everything and Cox can't stump him. Ed coins the term "Zwah!", which is what you say when you show someone up.  Cox begins to wonder what it is he hates about Ed and calls upon the Janitor for insight, arguing that the Janitor and he are kindred spirits in the sense that they generally hate people.  Kelso proposes that perhaps Cox hates Ed because he really hates himself. Eenie-Meenie

Monday, January 26 by

Larry Moss demands a broader search for Bauer and Almeida during a speech to his whole department at FBI techno-thief headquarters. He's also starting to lose it over the possibiliy of Walker's death.Buchanan and Chloe arrive at Walker's temporary grave to unbury her. She's not breathing. "Get the adrenaline!" They pierce her heart with it, and she wakes up.Bauer asks Emerson how he got Almeida out of CTU. He explains this story about how Mr. Anderson intentionally missed his artery as he was injecting him with poision, and that Emerson's role was cultivate Almeida into a vengeful machine to use against Bauer. Almeida starts crying? Talking about brothers (he and Emerson) taking care of eachother? Lame.They get to the drop off point at an airport hangar where Emerson disarms Bauer and holds a gun up to his head. Almeida caps the other guy, and after an intense "take the shot!" sort of thing, Tony shoots Emerson dead.

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