My Own Worst Enemy ‘Not My Son’

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Henry Spivey has to once more contend with how much better in bed his other half is (wow, the drama), while he realizes his near nymphomaniac therapist is a secret agent as well and has to protect his secret from the agency.  Trouble brews at home too, as Henry discovers his son may have more in common with Edward than with him.  Plus, the P.I. Raymond’s wife hired digs deeper and threatens Raymond’s identity.

Lie down and make yourself comfortable
After the cliffhanger ending of the last episode that revealed his therapist, Norah Skinner, was actually a super sexy secret agent (come on, you knew it had to be coming), they have to undergo questioning back at headquarters, to attempt to figure out why the FBI agent Henry Spivey had spoken to was dead.  There’s a nifty little scene where Norah Skinner uses a penlight to communicate to Edward while she’s interrogating him at the same time.  Oh, and of course, he sleeps with her.  About time too.

Like father, like son
Yes, I’m sorry about the pun.  But the show had it coming.  In any case, another small little family problem shows up, in the form of Henry’s son, Jack (who, by the way, doesn’t even look like anything resembling the combined genes of Christian Slater and his sexpot wife), who reveals he’s been ditching his piano lessons to take a Karate class, and it bothers Henry intensely while pleasing Edward greatly.

Me love you long time
It is revealed that yet another one of Henry’s acquaintances, a bubbly Asian chick at work, is a secret agent too (at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next episode the refrigerator a couple episodes ago was revealed to be a secret agent) – and along with Raymond they must head over to China to engage in super secret stuff.  (If I say super secret one more time shoot me.)  Unfortunately, directly in the middle of the mission, Henry pops up in place of Edward and nearly gives them away.  The solution?  Inject the Asian lady with fake memories of a disorder similar to Edward’s so that the agency blames her and the eye is temporarily averted from Edward.

What to say? This is just more of the same.  Edward and Henry exchange arguing messages back and forth, and to say it gets tiresome barely scratches the surface. We don’t see as much of the family, thank goodness, and the overtly obvious therapist sex encounter adds some necessary funny cheez whiz to the mix too. The attempt, if a bit clumsy, to add some personality layers to Henry and his relationship with his son, is sweet and you can’t help but feel sorry for Henry as he has his life stolen by his other personality. The end of the episode adds some extra existential questions into the mix for Henry – for when the agency has to delete the Asian chick’s memory, only the normal, non secret agent part remains – perhaps leaving hope for Henry, if Edward hadn’t implanted a nano-virus that would kill Henry if the agency tried to kill Edward.  Confused yet? Pretty much anybody can be a secret agent, so the tension’s kinda gone there. The only hope for the show remains in its cheesiness and its emphasis on how Edward affects the family apart from the sex life. We’ll see how that continues down the line.

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