My Own Worst Enemy ‘Hello, Henry’

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Christian Slater’s inner battle with his own self, (I’m TWO people!), continues in episode 3 as his best friend Tom starts to have problems with his wife that threaten Edward’s family’s safety, plus a double-cross South of the Border is one more thing keepin’ our hero on his toes.

The Plot

He’s STILL two People. The psychological dynamic between Henry and Edward continues to rage as the two send messages back and forth that of course are key to unraveling each mystery in each episode. In this one, during a mission in Mexico, someone betrays Edward while he’s searching for a potential nuclear bomb developed by the Russians.

Family Matters- Meanwhile, back in LA, Edward’s super coverty spy activities put his family in danger, in particular little Ruthy Spivey, which grabs the attention of an FBI Agent who may end up looking too closely into Edward’s private life and discover the secret branch of the government run by Mavis.

Thou Shalt Not Covet- Edward’s best friend, Tom, is also having marital problems at the same time, as his wife is becoming suspicious of the frequent business trips that he takes. She hires a private investigator to, well, what else, investigate, but Edward gets involved with this investigation.

My Review

The problem with “My Own Worst Enemy” as a series is that it gives away basically everything from the get go – Edward/Henry works for a secret government organization, and once you know that much – well, how many different ways are there for different secret government organizations to function? I can betcha they’ve all been done half a million times. Each. In any case, that’s only one flaw, another one is how a puppet master seems to have tied two pieces of string to the tip top most of Christian Slater’s eyebrows, so that he’s eternally scowling – it doesn’t matter if he’s happy or sad or angry, you can bet your amnesiac memory that those eyebrows will be standing guard like the British were coming. The show has a few redeeming factors – mainly how unintentionally hilarious it is – Slater’s performance fits the role perfectly –  extremely bad while remaining completely oblivious. Watch it for cheese factor only, and odds are you’ll have a good time.  If you take any of this seriously, you’re no better than Christian Slater.

And now a note from the Editor: Thanks to our new television field correspondend Brandon Sullivan for the Recap. I would have done it myself except I’m allergic to Christian Slater. Max Powers.

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