Sacred Heart's couples experience a few hiccups, while Turk takes a risk by performing a controversial procedure on a patient whose father is desperate.

Back In The Ring
Dr. Cox's family visits him at the hospital where Jordan is enjoying the perks of Cox's new position.  She happily claims that she has fired two cafeteria employees on the grounds that their accents were unbearable, confirming- once again- that she is a horrible person.  She sits at the table with Jack, who is carrying a stack of pancakes taller than he is.  When Cox asks why Jack isn't in school, Jordan explains that kids don't have school on Yom Kippur.  Cox points out that Yom Kippur was six months ago, and Jordan is made to realize that she's been outsmarted by her five-year-old son.  "I hate school!" Jack claims victoriously, throwing his arms in the air like Rocky.
Janitor kisses his Lady goodbye, and Cox throws an elbow at him once she leaves.  Janitor claims that he and Lady are a better couple than Cox and Jordan.  He points out that his relationship isn't rooted in deep, black hatred for his significant other, and that Jordan is an awful parent.  To prove his point, Jack has run off and Jordan doesn't know where he's gone.

Later, Janitor and Lady stroll down the hall.  Janitor tries to take his Lady by the hand, but she pulls away explaining that she doesn't want to do that.  The moment quickly turns awkward and Lady takes off.  Janitor is left surprised.  Cox moves up to rub in Lady's rejection of Janitor, and demonstrates how healthy his relationship with Jordan is by taking her hand firmly in his.  That's when Jordan notices that Cox is wearing his wedding ring on his finger.  Apparently this is a problem.

Too Many Women
Turk and Carla sit on their couch talking.  Well... Carla is talking.  Turk is nodding in all the right places, but his attention is set on the television: Sports Center.  The topic of conversation is "Cold Therapy" a new surgical procedure which, though only in it's experimental stage, has allowed an athlete with a severe spinal injury to walk again.  Carla yells at Turk for tuning her out and tells him she wants another baby.  Turk is frustrated because he doesn't want to have another girl.  He tells Carla that there are too many women in his life; Carla, their daughter Izzy, Elliot, and... and that's when J.D. walks in.  J.D. gets his first glimpse at sports center and expresses shock that there is a TV show devoted entirely to sports, one of his more manly moments.
The next day J.D. observes Turk in the Operating Room, humming the Sports Center theme song while his surgeon buddy does what he does best.  They argue over how the tune is officially hummed, but Turk has to get back to work because he's tending to a kid who's recently broken his neck.

Bearer Of Bad News
Mr. Hill's son is paralyzed and Turk is mulling with J.D. over the best way to break the news to the poor kid's father.  J.D. advises that Turk give the father no illusions of hope.  Turk steps in, introduces himself to Rich (Mr. Hill) and begins by explaining that "there is a strong possibility..." before Rich interrupts him.  The distressed father begins talking about how his son really loved his car.  When Turk tries to bring the conversation back to the bad news, Rich continues to interrupt him.  Rich confesses to Turk that he is afraid that Turk is going to tell him that his son is paralyzed.  "Don't tell me that," Rich begs.
"There is a strong possibilty your son will be paralyzed," Turk manages to say.
"Please tell me there is something else you can do with my son.  Don't give up on him."
Turk does what J.D. told him not to do, and gives the desperate father something to hope for.  "There might be something I can do," Turk says, as Rich throws his arms out to hug him.
J.D. pulls Turk aside and begins to scold him, but Turk cuts him off.  He begins talking about a surgery he wants to try on the kid: a surgery which is very experimental.  Turk approaches Carla and asks her for advice.  He explains that Cold Therapy is very controversial and performing the procedure is a huge risk.  He tells her that if he blows it, it'll ruin his career, their finances, and their chances at supporting a family.  Carla asks Turk what he would do if it were their child who had been paralyzed, and in doing so gives him the approval he is looking for.  "I would try everything," he responds.

Soft Underbelly
Jordan approaches Cox about the wedding ring, asking him why he's wearing it.  She reminds him that they aren't married and claims that she doesn't want him wearing it.  Cox tells her he'll take it off which, of course, he doesn't.  When she finds that he is later still wearing the ring, Jordan begins to make it an issue.  At this point Dr. Cox points out that he is aware they aren't married, but that he loves his children and has been recently able to tolerate her company which gives him a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  He isn't wearing the ring for other people, he is wearing it for himself, "Which begs the question: why do you care?" 
Janitor confronts Lady about the whole 'hand-holding' issue but she dodges the question and disappears quickly.  Kelso watches amused, and remarks that someone is about to have their ass dumped!  Janitor handles his Lady problems by resolving to ignore her.  "She can't break up with me if she can't talk to me," he reasons.
Later, Janitor sits at a table with Jordan and we learn that for years he thought her name is Pam.  The two talk about their relationship issues in a moment which is relatively honest for these two tricksters.  Listening in on their conversation is Elliot, who is more than willing to dole out relationship advice now that she is secure in her own.  Her monologue bubbles down to the simple point that you shouldn't tear things apart just because you're afraid of being vulnerable.  For Janitor this means he shouldn't assume that Lady's standoffish behavior means that she wants to dump his ass, and for Jordan this means that maybe she shouldn't judge Cox too harshly for doing something that makes him comfortable... even if it contradicts the rules to their bizarre relationship.

Hail Mary
Turk throws his hail-mary and even though the ball is in the air, Rich claims "I feel real good about this."  Carla waits for Turk to finish the surgery before telling him that she's incredibly proud of him.  She asks him where he learned about this procedure.  When he tells her that he heard about Cold Therapy on Sports Center, Carla isn't quite as impressed...
Janitor and Lady talk.  The moment is awkward and tension is high and Janitor is ready to have his heart broken.  Then he learns that Lady is averse to hand-holding because she is a germophobe.  She's never been able to admit it to anyone but she finally feels comfortable enough to confess her secret to him because she loves him so much.  She mentions that perhaps her love for him is strengthed by the fact that he cleans for a living.  A few hugs later and their dilemma is resolved.  Cox walks up on Jordan who's wearing her wedding ring.  He takes a look at it and meets her eyes with his.
"If you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you," she promises, lovingly.
And in a hospital bed somewhere, Mr. Hill's boy moves a finger on his left hand, as Turk probes it hoping for any sort of response.

Wit Scrubs on it's last mile, I've gotta say that it was nice that this episode featured the original cast almost exclusively.  This is not to say that the interns introduced earlier in this season aren't fun, it just felt good to watch an episode of Scrubs starring the guys who've made it fun to watch since it's conception, and to know that they still haven't got it all figured out.  Jordan and Cox share a relationship as hostile as a pit of vipers and Janitor has always been a brick walled prankster.  Watching them expose their soft underbellies is an example of what Scrubs does best: taking the natural order of things and upsetting them.

Having said that, this episode ends in near cookie-cutter perfection: there is nothing "upsetting" about the outcome at all.  Jordan and Janitor actually take Elliott's advice and use it to their own benefit and everybody walks out at the end of the day holding hands and smiling.  Turk's faith is well played, and even though I kinda expected his ball to fall short, he makes a few dreams come true.  Let's hope the sailing stays smooth.