I should have known that a bank robbery on Fringe would never be as simple as guns and a get away car. A team of men with Loeb (the FBI mole who was introduced" In Which We Meet Mr. Jones") as the leader, are attired in rubber suits and carry enough equipment with them to fill a small room break into the Philadelphia Mutual Savings Bank.

Episode 10: Safe
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They used the computer from the episode "Equation" to turn the wall from a hard mass into almost a liquid making it easy for them to walk into the bank vault and steal a safety deposit box.The robbery is flawless... almost. What brings Olivia, Peter and Walter into the mix ? Well one of the men didn't make it out of the bank vault in time. In fact half of his body was in the vault and the other half was in the adjacent room. His associates decided that the time it would take to break him free was wasted time and shot him in the head instead. Walter is of course fascinated by the man in the wall and wants to take parts of him back to his lab. Broyles briefs Olivia with the news that there isn't a lead on who the men are but they suspect that this robbery is related to three other robberies that have taken place in different cities. Olivia takes a moment to look at the guy in the wall and discovers that she knows him. She tells Peter that his name is Raul Lugo, she was with him in the marines, she knows his wife, that he plays baseball and that she has even been to his house.

In a warehouse Loeb is ordering the men to get ready for their next heist and in Germany we are reintroduced to Mr. Jones who welcomes his attorney with his wannabe Hannibal Lector voice. Yes he spooks me too. Jones asks his attorney if he has any news from his people. The lawyer responds by telling him the job in Philadelphia was successful. Click Click, that's the sound of the pieces all coming together in my head. Jones and Loeb, Loeb and Jones!!! What are in those safety deposit boxes??? Jones makes a list of items that he will need on his next visit and the attorney gives a smile that looks more scared then happy, can you blame him?

Its not every episode that we get a bonding moment between Peter and Walter but sadly it looks as if its not going to happen in this episode either. They are at their local Hardware Costco sized store looking for a saw to chop the body out of the wall when Peter decides to get all of his frustrations out on Walter. I guess he has the right to be upset about Walter not being there for most of his life but the way Walter just cowers in the knowledge makes it seem as if it was some other man and not him that did all of that to his son.

In New Jersey Olivia personally visits the Susan, the wife of Raul Lugo to give her the bad news. Susan admits that she hasn't seen him in 2yrs but she's not surprised that it came to this.The time he spent in the Gulf War made him become severely depressed, she hadn't spoken to him in months. Olivia confesses to Susan that she new Lugo, in fact she had dinner with her and her husband in that very house the night he became first Lieutenant. Susan tells her that she must be mistaken because she has never met her. Olivia goes on to recount the events of that night in specific detail but is caught off guard when Susan tells her yes all of those things did happen but you weren't here.. John Scott was! I have to say Olivia took the news pretty well. I didn't. Now she's not even hallucinating, John Scott's thoughts are so real to her that they are becoming her own.

Peter and Walter take another crack at the bonding, over the dead body of Raul Lugo, but Peter makes it clear that anything his father says will not make things okay between them. Olivia interrupts the awkward moment by asking for an update. The men mostly relay that the science behind such a heist is not something that can be pin pointed easily and they hope that body of Lugo will shed some light after some tests. They ask her about her meeting with Susan but as she tries to down play it we find out that their close ties make it easy for them to call her bluff. She informs them that she is confusing John Scott's memories with her own. When Walter, the mad scientist who is usually fascinated by any unusual occurrence responds by saying that he doesn't understand that, I would be worried.... like really worried.

In the warehouse Loeb is over seeing the opening of the safety deposit box. It's become apparent that even the men who are helping him steal the items have no idea what's in them. Just as we think the camera is going to pan down to let us in on the secret it cuts to Nina Sharp of Massive Dynamics. She is meeting with the team that is trying to retrieve memories from John Scott's mind. They inform her that they have hit a dead end and if they push anymore they could destroy his brain.

What does Walter, rice and a bunch of toys have to do with anything? This is how Walter illustrates to Peter what the robbers did to weaken the wall.The biggest discovery is that Walter was able to deduce from the hand of Lugo that the phenomenon is not without consequences. The men that go through the wall come out radioactive. Olivia enters the lab with a box full of files at the same time, updating Walter and Peter on the safety deposit boxes. They were purchased 23 years ago under pseudo names that are untraceable. Peter asks her whats her next move and the answer finds them both at a dive bar in Cambridge. They go there under the pretense of brother and sister to try and pry information from an old friend of Lugo's. They are able to find out that Lugo went to a VA hospital and Olivia calls it into Broyles asking him to follow up for her. Before they leave Peter and Olivia share some drinks and card tricks.Their fluffy banter leads Olivia to show off some of her talents, numbers. She can recite her best friends from high school license plate number, her locker combination, the numbers of the safety deposit boxes and here's where it gets weird. Peter recognizes the numbers, he takes Olivia back to his dad's room where he makes Walter recite the numbers he says before bed every night. Walter says its the Fibonacci code, he starts to explain that its a code everyone knows and its just a coincidence that the boxes follow that pattern but then click click- Walter realizes the safety deposit boxes are his.His memory is still a bit cloudy, he can remember setting up the boxes he just can't remember why. In order to re jog his memory they search through his history to see where he was 20years ago.

Broyles makes good on his mission and finds out that Lugo went to the VA hospital in Washington DC. He didn't have any visitors during his time there which makes Olivia conclude that someone from inside the hospital approached him about the job. Nina Sharp and her white clothing evil doctors have found out that Olivia shares a mind with John Scott and the memory that they have been searching for can probably be pried from her mind easier than Johns.

At the VA hospital Dr.Miller gives Olivia the run around but an orderly tells her everything she needs to know. Lugo was involved with a group who played Chess, they cleverly called themselves the Chess club.The names send the FBI office into a frenzy, calling and cross checking everything. It pays off because they find out that the heist crew bought tickets to Providence. Olivia calls Peter to ask Walter what bank the heist crew would go for his box. He has no idea until Peter cleverly ask Walter sending the FBI to the Fairmont Bank. Even though they were able to close down the bank, the streets and search all rooms and alley ways the men got away with the box..but not fast enough. Olivia and Charlie run out of the bank catching the heist crew off guard. They throw everything into the van driving off with one of their men running after them. Olivia fires her gun and shoots the man in the leg causing him to fall and the van to take off I am just surprised as you are I thought robbers in shows like this always got away.

Lobe takes his guys back to the warehouse where a mutiny almost takes place but we are finally able to see what the deposit box has inside, a camera. In Germany the lawyer brings the items requested. Jones has one more request, a message for his people, the message is that he would like them to per cue Olivia.

Olivia clueless on the bounty for her head tries and to interrogate the man that was left behind. Its not going well and Peter thinks he can do better. He plays the bad cop well, but he wins this because he is able to pin point the man's fear, the radiation flowing through his body. After Peter promises to help him the man tells him everything. Well as much as he knows which we find out is really that much. He doesn't even know Lobe's name but he does know about a field in Westford. This leads the team to Little Hill Field, yes Little Hill, click click, the code word Jones gave Olivia a few eps back.

Walter is deep into boxes and papers, trying to remember what he hid in those safety deposit boxes. Its when he looks at Peter's smiling face that it all comes together for him. He tells Peter that he was very sick with a rare disease as a child, that Peter's mother was beside herself and he was worse because he was the scientist and couldn't seem to do anything about it. Walter was consumed with saving Peter, he discovered a doctor that had cured the disease but there was a problem he had died in 1936. Walter being the mad scientist that he is designed a device intended to bring the Doctor from 1936 to his present time so that he could cure Peter. He never tested the device because Peter started to recover on his own. Walter confirms that in theory it could retrieve anyone from anywhere.

Guess who's going to try it out? Charlie and Olivia are making their way to Little Hill and at the same time the Heist crew are setting up the time travel device. In Germany Jones kills his attorney taking his clothes for his personal use and stands in the corner of the cell. Before Olivia can make it to the field she is run off the road by two SUV's and kidnapped. At the same time Jones is bathed in a beam of light that transports him from the cell to Little Hill. Broyles makes a call to Nina Sharp in which she is offended by the accusation that she could have anything to do with Olivia's kidnapping. The first thing Jones asks Lobe is if they have acquired Olivia and he responds that "She didn't even put up a fight".

This show made me happy. I am used to some shows twisting and turning continuity to make it fit the plot but this one has been working with the same one since the first episode and it still makes sense. The reintroduction of characters, the technology from one episode worked into another but at the same time being able to keep an element of surprise. I give the writers kudos. A lot of answers were given to the questions brought up through the season,not to say they have all been answered. Oh no I still have a notebook full. Who are Jones's people? Could Nina sharp be one of them? How does Broyles have Nina's personal number? What memory from Johns dead brain could possibly be so important that people would go to these lengths? The list still literally goes on. The only thing that made me a little upset is that we will have to wait until January to see what happens to Olivia or get any answers to the millions of  questions Fringe always seems to create. .