Madmen: Ep.204

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The episode “Three Sundays” Starts off with Peggy at church hearing the sermon of a Pastor speaking about morals. She gets up to leave, somewhat uncomfortable with the message and runs into one of the priests. He comes over for dinner with Peggy’s fam, and the sexual innuendo beings. 

There is a new sweetness between the drapers as they slow dance in their living room—a living room that looks more mod now.  Although things in their domestic world seem more calm, Don’s son has been misbehaving, causing strife between Don and Betty on how to deal.

Mrs. Barry stops in to Sterling Cooper for a meeting with Don. She’s brought an idea for a TV show, which she pitches to Don, called Grin and Bare it. She puts the moves Don, and once again we are to assume that they do the nasty.  Back at home, Don has to reprimand his son for breaking the hi fi.

Duck calls Don on Sunday morning telling him that the pitches for American Airlines have been moved up.  It’s a big deal as American is looking to improve their image  All of Sterling Cooper convenes to work on the Pitches. Meanwhile, Roger has a liaison with a high priced call girl that he met through Pete. They do the deed, but Rog just really wants a friend.

On the morning of the big pitch with American, we find out that the executive in charge of working with Sterling Cooper has been fired, thus killing the relationship. This is the best part of the episode because of a great shot of all of sterling cooper (the ones that matter anyway) sitting in the board room, ready to release their genius.  In the last episode, Mohawk Airlines was cut lose at the suggestion of Duck in order to bring on American. Don protested and ended up being right.

Don has a little outbreak after his son spills something at the dinner table, which leads to a little shoving with Betty, who is angry that Don is not stern enough with his misbehaving son. Don replies, “My father beat the hell out of me. All it did was make me fantasize about the day I could murder him.“

“There is no such thing as American history, only an American frontier.”

By the first commercia break I was convinced that all of the previous writers had been fired.  The plot seemed to be all over the place, and highlighting these accessory narratives get’s really boring. It was better when Roger was puking oysters, riding a teen age twin and having a massive coronary.  This was more or less two episodes, one where nothing happened, and a second that only had a few things I cared about. It’s got to be hard to keep these things going—you need new characters to have enough material, but you have to introduce them in a way that make the audience care.

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