Mad Men: Ep 2.05

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Episode 5, “The New Girl” starts off with Pete Campbell and his wife at the doctor. The doc is smoking a cigarette and discussing fertility issues with the couple, who are having some trouble with making a baby.

Pete still seems to be in the dark about the fact that his white soldiers are marching just fine, and that the proof is drooling in a crib at Peggy’s family’s house.
Bobbie Barrett calls Don at the office and invites him to joins her for drinks.  He does, somewhat reluctantly.  She tells him that Jimmy has sold a pilot.  Mrs. Menken walks into the bar, starling Don. She’s now married. There is an awkward moment of conversation, and Menken walks away giving Don a glare. Bobbie tells Don she wants to fuck him on the beach, so the drive out to Stony Brook. Don’s about to get some road-head when they swerve off the pavement and into a ditch, flipping the car.
Don and Bobbie ge taken into the police station where there’s a $150 fine waiting. Don only has $63, so Peggy comes to bail him out. Back at home Don tells Betty that he was in an accident because his blood pressure medication did not mix with the booze. Bobbie goes home with Peggy to get her shit back together and avoid Jimmy. She has a shiner. The two are forced into close quarters. Bobbie counsels Peggy to treat Don like more of an equal if she wants get the corner office

Back in the office, the Red Haired chick with the big rack is telling everyone that she’s getting married. She’s parading her ring around to all the other women. There’s a new assistant for Don. A new really hot assistant. The men jump into action, trying to see who can nail her first.  Ken tries to ask her out but is interrupted by a coworker who plays Mozart on his zipper.

Jimmy Barrett is calling, saying he wants to meet with Don, and that it’s urgent. We assume that it has something to do with the fact that Don has been fucking his wife and drunkenly flipping cars with her.

There is a flashback to Peggy in the hospital. The doctor says she has a psychoneurotic disorder. We finally get some filler on the end of the last season, and Peggy’s mysterious birthing.  It’s only a glimpse though, and quickly cuts back to Pete at the clinic. He’s about to give a sperm sample to see if his baby batter has the right stuff. There is a nice transition from his thumbing through girlie mags to Rog furiously working a paddle ball game.

Return to Peggy’s flashback, where Don is now visiting her in the hospital.  He gives her advice to get out of the hospital and move forward, that it would “shock her” how much it will all seem to have never happened. It’s advice from a man with a checkered past who has done his own moving on. Back in the office, Peggy asks don to pay her back for the 110 bux she dropped on his bail. 110 dollars in 1960 is like 4,000 dollars today. When she thanks him, she calls him Don, and not the normal, formal “Mr. Draper.” This suggests she’s taken Bobby’s advice to heart, and is trying to be more of an equal.

Jimmy comes into the office. He thanks Don for patching up the relationship with Utz, and does not seem to know about Don nailing his wife, or flipping cars. 

At The End Of The Day

Good episode. I thought that there were some really subtle parts that were very funny. And its always nice to see Don drinking, driving, and trying to bone women on a beach.

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