Marriage is like much like the Cold War. I know, I’m married, and I bought a genuine piece of the former Berlin Wall, fashioned into a key chain, at a gas station in Calais when I was on a French exchange program in high school. Feeling the dead oppressive weight of that cold concrete at the end of my keys as a teenager made me feel that, as long as I was alive, I would strive to be light and free. I lost the keychain, and forgot the lesson.

So, despite a week passing since Jimmy Barrett’s bombshell, Episode 2.08 open on the Draper household in a relative state of peace, with no more than the normal amount of passive aggression pervading the marital air, which is conveniently blamed on Betty’s tension about an upcoming dinner party she and Don are hosting for his colleagues.

Eager to find ways to bring Peggy back to the cloth, Father Gill asks if she would help develop a flyer for the church youth’s annual dance. Forcing her to interact with the prissy members of the church committee who veto her design due to it being too racy, pushing all sorts of buttons for young Peggy, who is still trying to deny the existence of her drooling mini-Pete. 

Harry Crane finds himself in deep water when he fails to realize a responsibility that comes with being the new Head of TV, missing the subtle connection between show content and product placement, something akin to flicking through the channels last Friday night in Galveston and perhaps coming across a rerun of “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. So when he is turned down on hiring another hand to be a dedicated script reader, he enlists the help of Joan, who takes to the role with flair and ease, only to see the position of Broadcast Operations snatched from her and given to some snot nosed 12 year old with his dad’s toupe glued to his face.

The big account this week is Heineken. Don insists that to housewives, Holland is Paris, and that with the right placement at the A&P, they’ll be buying the brand by the caseload as a beer they can serve without embarrassment at dinner parties all up and down the Eastern “cash belt”. And he’s right. Heineken turns up at the Draper’s big dinner party, and Betty is the only one on the outside of the joke. And much like any marriage, the devil is in the detail. This little green bottle of beer brings Don’s house down.


If you still have a DVR after Ike, sure.

This recap was contributed by Nat, currently representing 100% of our female editorial workforce.