Jin has a mini-adventured with Danielle Rousseau, meeting up with Sawyer and the gang later, and having an encounter with the good old smoke-cloud monster along the way.  On the mainland, Ben’s still trying to get everyone together, despite Sayid and Kate both walking off, and how he has a hook:  he knows Sun’s husband is alive, and he can prove it to her. Find out how, just after the jump.

Episode 5: This Place is Death
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Well, fancy meeting you here
Sun glares at Ben, Kate, Jack and Sayid from the inside of her car, then receives a call from her mother – who asks where she is- still in Los Angeles? She says her daughter wants to talk to her, and Sun tells her she has a new friend for her, looking in the backseat at Aaron. Over with the others, Kate and Ben argue back and forth. Sun approaches them all and points the gun straight at Ben, saying that if it wasn’t for him, Jin would still be alive. “I didn’t kill your husband, Sun,” Ben says. “Because he’s not dead.” “You’re lying,” Sun fires back. “I can prove it to you. Jin is still alive,” Ben says assuredly.

The History of Danielle Rousseau, Parts 1&2

On the island, Jin asks Danielle where they left from – and she replies Tahiti. He says, “No, what year?” “1988,” she replies.  The rest of the group asks Jin if there’s a radio tower on the island, and he replies that yes there is, and he can show them if he can go to his camp afterward. They agree, and they’re about to set off, when Danielle asks him who he’s hoping to find. Jin pauses, then says slowly. “My wife,” and walks on. In the jungle, they march on, while Danielle and her husband talk about the baby in her belly, Alex, and whether or not it’s going to be a boy or girl.  They realize one of the party is missing – and call out her name frantically. “Nadine? Nadine!”  Soon footsteps sound in the bushes, and a low growling from far away rumbles to their ears. “What is that?” they ask Jin. With a gulp he replies, “Monster.” Yeah, whatever happened to the big cloud monster anyways? It’s about time we saw more of that guy. Jin warns them they have to run away, but the rest of them decide to go out and search for the lost girl. They decide to separate, but after loud rattling, growling and clanking, Nadine drops from the sky, all bloodied and limp. They dash away from the scene, when suddenly the gray smoke monster makes a full-on appearance, and drags another one away.  They run after it, grabbing onto the man’s hand as the smoke tries to pull him into a hole.  With one last rip, they’re left holding the arm, shocked, and the man’s voice emerging from the cave., crying for help. Once again, Jin warns them against it, but they start to go in anyway. Danielle’s about to join them, but Jin warns her to not go in with the baby.  She steps away, reluctantly, hoisting her gun and pointing it at the hole, and the bright light shines and whisks Jin away, to the same place, in a different time, as evidenced by the rotted arm he accidentally kicks with his foot.  He runs up to a hill and looks around, trying to find some water in some plants, drinking his fill and then scanning the horizon. He sees a plume of black smoke far away, and heads off to investigate, coming to a camp on the beach with a fire still burning.  When Jin searches the camp, he finds a music box still playing a little tune, and flies buzzing around lead him to two dead bodies, both of them part of the group of Frenchmen.  He hears voices and hides behind a bush to see Danielle pointing a gun at her once-lover Robert, shouting at him that “that thing changed him.” He pleads with her to not shoot her, and after he convinces her to lower her gun, he raises his own and shoots – it clicks, empty, and she lifts up her own gun and fires one into his forehead. Jin then comes out of the bushes, and she points the gun at him, screaming that “that thing” infected him too, and he runs off, bullets scattering the sand behind him.  A flash of light comes by, whisks him away, and deposits him in the jungle with a rifle clicking behind him.  It’s Sawyer. The two share a happy reunion, and Jin asks, with a half-hopeful smile, “Where’s Sun?” They explain to him about their jumps through time, and, through Charlotte, who can apparently speak Korean, they’re trying to get to the Orchid to bring everyone back.

Getting the gang back together
On the mainland, Sun is still pointing the gun at Ben, saying that she’s spent the last three years believing her husband to be dead, and she demands to know how he knows he’s alive.  Ben says to let him take her to the woman who can take them back to the island, and she’ll show her the proof.  When Kate finds out that this is why she was brought here, she zooms away in her car almost instantly, and Sayid decides to leave too, saying he wants no part of this. Ben’s still on Sun, though, and says that in thirty minute she’ll see proof that her husband’s alive.  Hm, it’s kind of disappointing that after all that Kate and Sayid are off on their own again, but this extra tangent could lead to Sun turning against everyone when she finds out that the only way she’s going to see Jin again is if all of them help Ben. In the car, Jack apologizes to Sun for leaving him behind, and Sun demands to know what he expects her to say – that she won’t kill Ben if he’s lying to them? Jack says that after what he did to Kate, if she didn’t, he would. Ben screeches the car to a halt, then turns around in the car and berates them for being all up on his ass even though they have no idea what he’s had to go through to keep them and their families safe.  Sun’s only response is to tell him to drive, and they continue in silence. Wow. Have we ever seen Ben blow up like that? I mean knowing him, it could just be manipulation, but for the first time it sounds like really all he’s wanting is to get them back to the island, so I would err on the side of believing him.

“This place is death.”
The lost continue to wander through the forest, Locke explaining to Jin how it’s a 1-man job, and he can’t come with him.  Daniel tells Charlotte that he’s not sure getting the people who left the island back will do anything to help their shifts through time, and as he’s talking, another flash happens, taking them to a nighttime setting. Less than a second later, another one happens, and when it’s over, both Sawyer and Juliet have nosebleeds, and Charlotte’s collapsed on the ground, face pale white, speaking to Jin in Korean, while he stares at her, stunned to silence. Sawyer looks at the Korean and says exasperatedly, “Well, what’s she saying?” Charlotte then starts speaking in English, and her words become crystal clear. “Don’t let them bring her back, whatever you do, Jin. This place is death.”  She starts to talk gibberish, and while Sawyer says they need to keep on moving, Daniel tells them they can’t leave her behind.  She tells them to go ahead, when another flash happens, causing her to insist further. Daniel tells them all to go ahead – he’ll stay behind with her. Sawyer points out that if they don’t know when they are, they don’t know if the orchid will still be around either. “Look for the well,” Charlotte replies dreamily. “You’ll find it near the well.”  “Whatever you say, sweetheart,” Sawyer answers sadly.  After much trekking through the jungle, they finally arrive, relieved, relaxed, and happy. “Thank God,” Juliet says. “What are the odds that we’d end up at the same time as this thing?”  On cue, a flash happens, and Sawyer gives her a look. “You just had to say something.” They move on, and find a well. Miles looks at it in awe. “How the hell did Charlotte know this was here?” Back with Charlotte and Daniel, she reveals to him that she lived on the island when she was a little girl (wow!), and that when she left, she was told she could never ever come back, and all her life, her mother thought the stories of the island were just fantasy – so she became an anthropologist, and her lifelong goal was to come back to the island. She finally succeeded, but at a price. A scary old man had told her that if she ever came back, she would die. Daniel is listening in silence, and he stutters out that he doesn’t fully understand what she’s saying, before she cuts him off. “Daniel. I think that scary man was…you.” Whoa. Wow. So is Daniel gonna tell a little girl Charlotte to never come back to the island, in another time jump? We shall see. Still, it’s intriguing that Charlotte grew up on the island, nonetheless.

Here goes nothing
Locke lowers a rope into the well, while Sawyer mocks him. “What do you expect to find, a subway?” Before he’s about to go in, Jin confronts him, making him promise to not bring Sun back. Locke asks what he should do if Sun approaches him – and Jin rips off his wedding band and hands it to Locke – Jin washed up on shore and was buried, that’ll be the story.  Locke climbs onto the rope and starts to hobble down, after Juliet thanks him in advance if whatever he’s attempting to do actually works.  Locke’s pretty deep in the hole when the bright light shines and comes from both the sky and beneath him, sucking everything up and jerking his hold from the rope. He crashes to the bottom, in terrible pain, while Sawyer desperately drags up the dangling rope.  Meanwhile, Daniel assures Charlotte that he talked to Desmond back at the hatch, about his mother, while she coughs violently and drifts in and out of consciousness, speaking out a phrase: “I’m not allowed to have chocolate before dinner.” Her eyes go blank, and Daniel sobs, shaking his head, knowing that this time, Charlotte’s gone.

Other-worldly cave encounter

Down at the cave, Locke finds a bone poking out of his skin, and he cringes in agony, crying out to the black sky above if anyone can hear him.  He hears footsteps, and a figure appears up ahead – it’s Jacob!!!!!! He holds a lantern, and tells Locke he’s going to help him the rest of the way. He berates him for letting Ben move the island – he had said Locke needed to move it.  Ben says that he had told Locke he could do it better, but Jacob points out that nothing Ben has ever told him has ever led anywhere good.  He tells John that once he convinces everyone to come back, they can go to a woman who can help them – Eloise Hawking – John says that Richard told him he had to die, and Jacob shrugs. “I guess…that is why they call it sacrifice.” John nods, agreeing to it. Jacob says that the wheel is just a little off its axis, and John needs to give it a small push.  Locke asks for help, but Jacob says he can’t help him, so John has to push himself up on his broken leg and nudge the wheel. A blinding light flashes, and for a brief second, we see Jack’s dad’s face in Jacob’s, and he tells Locke to “Say hello to my son.” “Who’s your son?” Locke asks, before the entire screen goes white. Wow! So Jack’s dad and Jacob are the same person! And Locke doesn’t even know it! The question is – did he die right after this? Did he appear in the church next to Eloise Hawking, dead? Hmmm…and what exactly is Jacob/Jack’s dad?

Queen Bee
Ben presents the ring to Sun – who demands to know how he got hold of it. Ben says there is a woman in the church next to them who can help them get to the island where people, including Jin, need their help, but he needs Sun’s answer right away, because they have very little time.  Desmond then comes up, asking what they’re doing here. Ben says, “The same reason you are, I assume.” “You’re looking for Faraday’s mother too?” Desmond says.  Ominous music.  They all walk into the church together, and see Eloise Hawking emerge, telling Ben sternly that she told him to get all of them.  “This is all I could find on short notice,” Ben says. “It’ll have to do for now,” she replies, heaving a heavy sigh. “Let’s get started.”

Yup, it’s been revealed – Eloise Hawking is Daniel’s mother, and it looks like they’ll all be going to the island a whole lot sooner than anticipated.  Do they apparently not need all six of them to go back?  My guess is they still do, as we see both Kate and Hurley in the 30-second spot for next week’s show. But at least they’re not beating around the bush – still goin’ places, and Jin’s encounter with Robert and Danielle was a bit of a diversion, but nifty to get some references in there to earlier episodes pertaining to Danielle. Overall, just another great show of Lost. They’ve got the big reveal of Daniel’s mom as Eloise (which many of us predicted), and now we now know what Danielle was talking about when Sayid tried to shoot her and failed, and she told him the gun didn’t work for Robert either. But now what are Sawyer, Juliet, and the rest of those guys gonna do? Just sit around and wait through time jumps? Seems now they’ve only got a limited amount of time left – they’ll die one nosebleed at a time.  I’ve been really impressed by how quickly Lost is moving this season – it shows there’s a lot more to go to the show than just revealing what the island is all about – deeper secrets tied between the characters and happenings behind the island’s curtain. Now we just have to wait and see what’s in store for us next.

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