Kate’s still trying to avoid having to go through the blood test, Ben, Sayid, and Jack have to get Sun and Hurley before it’s too late, and back on the island, more people start to get nosebleeds as their jumps through time become more frequent, putting some of them back in strangely familiar surroundings. Check it out after the jump.

Episode 4: The Little Prince
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Dirty Little Secret
Kate and Jack are on the boat that first took them to the mainland, talking about Claire’s baby Aaron in her arms. She decides she wants to pass off the baby as hers, and even though Jack at first disagrees, he eventually sees her point, and then tells her that the next morning he’s going to turn to her first when he asks people to lie about the island.  He asks her if she’s with him, and she affirms that she always has been.

There will be blood
Sun’s outfitting Kate with a new wardrobe, taking care of Aaron while Kate heads out to a meeting with the man who had demanded to take her blood sample. On her way out, a bellhop gives Sun a secret-looking folder which, when she opens them upstairs  in her room, reveal chocolates concealing a sizeable gun. At her meeting, Kate says that she’ll give them her blood if she gets to meet Mr. Norton’s client.  Mr. Norton refuses and tells her she’s going to lose, and he could just take the blood whenever he wanted, but his “client” wanted it handled properly.

“Even if it kills me.”
We see Miles at a stream, cupping some water, which he then gives to Juliette to try to revive a knocked out Charlotte. So, yeah, she’s not dead. Another one of those pointless cliffhangers.  Sawyer’s of course pissed off as hell, while Juliette demands in whispers from David what’s happening to Charlotte, and he explains to her that her brain’s internal clock has been knocked off (yeah, duh), but he doesn’t know why the rest of theirs isn’t. Later on, Locke approaches James and says they need to do whatever it takes, even if it kills him, to get the people who left the island back, so they should go to the Orchid so he can leave the island.  He asks Sawyer if it wouldn’t be nice to see Kate again, to which Sawyer gives him a hard, cold silence. He still looks pretty mad, and doesn’t like the idea, but then they’re interrupted by Miles’s cries telling them that Charlotte is awake. Once she’s revived and all right, Sawyer is mollified at the sight of Daniel being reunited with his love, so he hoists his gun onto his shoulder and says, “We’re going to the Orchid.”

Connecting with Kate
Jack stands over Sayid, administering him his drugs, while Sayid tells him there’s no way he can trust Ben, and that he’s only on his own side. Jack walks out of the room and gets a call from Hurley, who tells him he’s safe in LA county lockup, away from Ben. He hangs up before Jack can tell him he’s a dumbass, and Ben then walks in, and says to Jack, “Good, you’re here.” Back in the operation room some guy posing as a nurse tries to tranquilize Sayid, who of course owns him.  In his wallet, Sayid finds a piece of paper that, when Ben and Jack bust through the door like the cavalry ten seconds too late, he discovers is Kate’s address. Jack calls Kate, who agrees to meet him, while Ben and Sayid head off to meet a friend of Ben’s. Sayid reluctantly agrees to go with Ben, as long as he can drive. Jack meets up with Kate in her car, who smiles at him sadly. “You shaved your beard.”  Kate says she can’t deal with this right now, and Jack demands to know why not.  She says it’s because of Aaron, and how people are trying to take him away. She then sees the lawyer leave the building and tells Jack to get into the car so they can track him.

Pain from the Past

On the island, they’re trekking through the jungle when they see a bright light shining up ahead, pointing directly into the sky.  Locke warns them away from it, and as they’re walking and Charlotte and Daniel are talking, Miles wipes his face, coming away with blood on his fingers from his bleeding nose.  They hear some noise up ahead just then, and Sawyer rushes ahead to investigate, suddenly coming upon Kate with Claire as she’s giving birth to Aaron.  Sawyer is speechless and can’t look away, and after Aaron is born and words still fail him, the blinding light and buzzing comes.  Locke comes along and asks him if he’s seen anything out here, and Sawyer says, “It don’t matter. It’s gone now.”  Locke won’t leave it alone, though, and asks Sawyer later who exactly he saw. They eventually both admit to each other that they knew when it was because of the bright light in the sky, from the hatch, the night Boone died. Sawyer asks him why he doesn’t try to go back and change it, save him a world of pain?  Locke says no, he needed that pain to get him where he is now. 

The Oceanic 5

Sayid and Ben meet up with Ben’s “friend” – who turns out to be none other than Mr. Norton, the lawyer involved with the maternity dispute over Aaron.  Well, obviously some people predicted it, but it’s nonetheless a nifty little twist, and fits Ben’s character perfectly – what better way to manipulate Kate than trying to take away the one thing she loves the most?  And if Ben knows that much, he’s probably not completely oblivious to her dealings with Sun either.  Anyways, he learns from Mr. Norton that there’s not much of a case at all against Hurley, so it shouldn’t be too hard snatching him up.  Meanwhile, Jack and Kate pull up to the hotel room where the man who wants Aaron is meeting his client. As they watch, he walks up to the second floor and a door opens for him, and it’s Claire’s mother!  Jack asks Kate to let him go up and talks to her, saying Aaron is part of his family too.  Kate accepts and Jack heads up to talk to her, telling her immediately that she should know that they followed her lawyer to get to her, and they know about Aaron. “Who’s Aaron?” she asks.  Hm, apparently she’s not her, and she just happens to have the exact same lawyer as the client who wants back Claire’s son…. Jack believes her, though, and he and Kate drive off, even though Kate doesn’t think they can trust her. They drive to a pier and Kate demands to know why Jack called her, and he shows her the scrap of paper that was found in Sayid’s attacker’s pocket.  He says they’re only trying to keep her safe, and she says, “Safe from whom?”  Jack doesn’t answer and steps out of the car. Kate follows, and Ben and Sayid come into view.  Kate accuses Ben of being the one to try to take Aaron to manipulate her, and Jack tries to defend him, but Ben admits it readily.  Kate’s obviously angry, and then we see Sun waiting in a car several hundred feet away, holding a gun, with Aaron in a child’s seat in the back.  She cocks her gun and steps out of the car, eyes raging but uncertain.

The Nosebleed Club
At the back of the line, Miles tells Daniel about the nosebleed, and says that he’d never been to the island before two weeks ago. “Are you sure about that?” Daniel asks him.  Soon after that they arrive at their own camp and see it ransacked and a boat on the sand, with some Ajira Airlines bottled water on board.  They decide to steal the boat before the people come back, and Sawyer tells Juliet what he saw back on the island before the time flash.  Gunshots ring out then, bullets whizz by their heads and they see a pursuing boat with men they can’t identify on board.  As they’re paddling, another time flash happens, taking them to a stormy, rainy ocean. They paddle back to a shore, and Juliet asks Sawyer to tell him about what it felt like to see Kate.  He refuses at first, then tells her that he was close enough to touch her, but didn’t, because what’s done is done.  It’s a terrific moment between Sawyer and Juliet, and fascinating because of how much it deepens Sawyer’s character.  Juliet then joins the ranks of people getting nosebleeds, and they’re interrupted by the discovery of some wreckage nearby. Locke overturns a small crate with his foot and asks rhetorically, “Anyone speak French?”  Out in the ocean, a group of Frenchmen in a raft share a heated argument, then notice a man floating on a plank nearby. They retrieve the body and overturn it, and holyohmygod it’s Jin.  There! We all knew that there was a reason they didn’t really show Jin exactly dying on the ship. He wakes up the next day and finds himself on the beach, surrounded by the French, and one of them, a very pregnant woman, gets some water and asks him his name. He tells her, and she says, “I’m Danielle. Danielle Rousseau.”  Wow. I think that counts as a one-two punch, for Lost. If this were a boxing match we’d be on the ground just begging for the ten second countdown to end.

Three weeks in and it’s becoming apparent that this season of “Lost” is gonna keep on track and continue to deliver the knockout surprises and breathtaking character moments. Jin being revealed as alive was shocking enough, but then they had to hit us with another slap to the face: he meets Danielle Rousseau, who’s pregnant with Alex. As we spiral closer and closer to the Oceanic 6 returning to the island and to Locke somehow dying in order to make them come back, the tension only ratchets up and the ante only gets higher.  In addition to Sawyer observing Aaron being born, there’s also the tense moment between him and Locke, where he liberally tries to take advantage of what he knows about Sawyer’s feelings toward Kate. It’s the beginning of a new, manipulative, charismatic side to Locke that we’ve seen this season, leading him closer and closer to being the enigmatic, mind-games playing Ben than anyone else. How many of Locke’s responses to his friends in the past few episodes sounded like something that could have come out of Ben’s mouth? And we still have yet to see if Ms. Hawking turns out to be Daniel’s mother, so hopefully in the next episode we’ll see either more of Desmond or Ben will take the Oceanic 6 to meet Ms. Hawking in that weird candle-lit room we saw in the premiere. And we still have yet to find out what exactly the deal with Aaron is. I mean, he left the island too, so does that mean he has to go back with them? Is that the real reason Ben filed the lawsuit? These are truly some of the best episodes of Lost to come out since the first season, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing.

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