Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 "America s Next Top Paddy s Billboard Model Contest" Really, the only complaint I have about this show is how long the title is when I'm typing it.

After the guys get a company expense account, Frank buys a billboard and they spend the rest of the episod fighting over who gets to have their picture on it. The situation quickly deteriorates into a contest that pits Dennis against a bunch of male models. Mac uses the whole thing as an opportunity to bang models. Charlie and Dee head out to make a viral video, all of which end up with Greenman hitting Dee in the face with a volleyball.

Rex, the eager male model, is one of the funniest secondary characters I have ever seen. "I want to win, bro. Billboard." Watching Dee's impression of Taiwan Tammy was also pretty incredible. Sadly, the Patheticgirl43 Youube video doesn't really exist, but this episode easily gets high marks, simply because of its abundance of Greenman. That's definitely going to be my halloween costume this year.

Rating: A-