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House’s case this week involves an agoraphobic man with a case of PTSD and of course some mysterious life threatening disease. On top of that he must now face the aftermath of his lip lock with Cuddy. What does it mean? Nothing of course, House has no feelings! Or does he? Turns out House delivers some hostile insight to his reclusive patient that actually holds some truth in his own life. But does he follow his own advice? It was a close one.

The Case
Six years ago a man and his girlfriend were mugged. Both were shot. She died. He lived to become a recluse, a recluse who began suffering seizures but won’t leave his home to except treatment. House and crew go to him and begin the search for what is wrong with this man.

The team tries to induce a seizure in order to figure out the cause, but he begins to complain of stomach pain. They convince the patient that they will do exploratory surgery in his house to discover the cause of his abdominal pain. In reality they put him under, and take him to the hospital with the intention of returning him before he wakes. Cuddy puts a stop to that and House agrees that the patient must remain at the hospital for post-op whether he freaks out or not. When Cameron wakes him to explain the situation the patient panics and rips out his IV and has to be sedated. Lawyers are called, and the team is removed from the case. Cameron and House continue to work on it.

Meanwhile he’s not getting better and refuses to return to the hospital. House gets Taub to perform surgery in the patient’s house. Taub removes part of the bowel and the team believes Whipples disease to be the cause of his abdominal pain and seizures. He’s put on medication for Whipples. He wakes up later, unable to feel his legs.

The team reassembles and discusses with House the new symptom. House suggests an allergic reaction and orders an endoscopy and to force feed him wheat to discover the allergen. Both tests come up with nothing, but then the patient suffers a cardiac arrest.

Now they believe poison to be the cause of his symptoms. They learn there were flowers at his doorway at the time of the seizure, but not a significant amount. Thirteen comments on the cleanliness of this house, there couldn’t possibly be anything poisoning him. House has an epiphany and learns that the patient cleans his bathroom three times a week with ammonia and bleach. Ammonia and bleach create Chlorine gas which is poisoning him and causing his heart to fail. They begin meds to counteract the poison.

Cameron phones House later with bad news. The meds aren’t working, abdominal pain is increasing. It looks like they’re too late and too much damage has been done. House orders him put back on morphine. House has another epiphany! The patient was on morphine and his abdominal pain persisted. He looks at the X-Rays which confirm he was indeed poisoned, but not by cleaning his bathroom.

House arrives at the house and cuts open the patient’s side. He removes bullet fragments from when he was shot six years ago. The bullets began to disintegrate, giving him lead poisoning. Lead poisoning explains it all. House saves the day and he will live. Now is the time where they convince the patient he has been taking his life for granted. House calls him a coward. He deduces that the man wants to change. That the flowers in the hallway were for his dead girlfriends’ grave but he couldn’t leave the house to bring them to her. He tells him that if he wants to change his life he needs to do something about it, not lock himself up. Gee House, could you be providing insight into your own life as well? The patient takes his words to heart, and leaves his House to visit his girlfriend’s grave.

“I kind of hit that last night. Now she’s all on my jock.” House referring to his hallway meeting with Cuddy. No one knows it’s true, except for Wilson. House repeats the line and Wilson is the one who fully appreciates it for what it is. He then takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the issue. That Cuddy and House should date.

Wilson goes to Cuddy. Wilson goes to House. Wilson goes to Cuddy. House goes to Wilson. You get it. There’s constant talk about the kiss. It didn’t mean anything. Yes it did. No it didn’t. But his work pays off as he gets Cuddy to admit she has definitely thought of House in that way. He uses a mosquito bite to show House that he thinks of Cuddy and the kiss more than he’d like to admit. The mosquito bite on his hand occurred the night of his kiss. He thinks of the kiss whenever the bite itches, and therefore can’t ignore Cuddy completely. Kind of weird but it works. The mosquito keeps him up at night, and just as he confronts it and is about to squash it, he can’t. He goes to Cuddy’s House where he comes so close to knocking and admitting it meant something. Instead he watches her for a minute and then walks away. Don’t worry. It’s not over.

Chase and Cameron
House questions Cameron on her relationship with Chase. Why are you engaged? Where do you stay most nights? He touches upon something in the relationship. There is obvious tension between Chase and Cameron when she brings it up. The case revs up those tensions until Chase calls her out on finding reasons to be upset. He shares that when he stays at her place, he can tell she doesn’t want him there. He realizes she is still affected by the death of her husband but proclaims, he can’t chase her forever. She clears out a drawer for him, a big one, at her house and the two seem closer than ever. It seems that House is a master at diagnosing more than just medical problems.

Good episode. Episode ends with each character healed and making progress, but we’re not quite satisfied with the House/Cuddy situation. He doesn’t ask her out. He walks away. But then again did instant gratification ever get us anything worthwhile? I guess we’ll just have to wait it out a little longer.

Thanks to Jana Mosely for the recappage.

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