Wow, the 100th episode of House. How far we have come. Who would have thought a show about a wise-crakin doctor played by Hugh Laurie would have lasted this long? Let me think…. ME, that’s who. The first time I saw this show I knew it was destined for greatness.  I remember the first episode I saw like it was yesterday. Sitting in my freshman college dorm room, trying to ignore my roommate’s sickening lovey-dovey chat with his girlfriend. I sat and watched House instead of writing a two-page paper for English 131. And I am better for it. Had I not watched that first episode, I would never have been able to bring you these insightful recaps every week. Well, had I written my paper instead I could have gained crucial knowledge on how to improve my writing skills, but that is neither here nor there.

And BOOM! The 100th episode of House.


This episode begins in a restaurant cooking class. A woman cutting onions makes funny quips towards her the head instructor. She seems friendly and composed. Suddenly, she stops cutting an onion and her lips turn blue. She starts describing her symptoms to the head chef. Right before the woman faints to the floor she announces, “I am a doctor, and I need a doctor”.

Thirteen and Foreman are lying in bed together. Thirteen seems happy and relaxed but it is obvious something is on Foreman’s mind. Wilson is cleaning dishes in his apartment and looks at a mug left by his dead girlfriend. He can’t bring himself to clean the dirty mug.

House arrives at the hospital and has to take the stairs because the elevators are out of order.  He comes into his office winded and finds his team already discussing the case of Dana Miller, the patient. The patient is a cancer researcher. They say the patient is only years away from finding a cure to retinoblastoma. The team decides to check the patient’s chest because that is where her symptoms stem from.

Thirteen and Taub treat the patient. Dana tells them she recently had a health scare that caused her to reevaluate her life. She no longer tries to cure retinoblastoma, and has retired from cancer research. Thirteen and Taub are surprised.

House goes to Cuddy’s office to complain about the elevators. Cuddy has no sympathy for House. Cuddy explains that she is seeking vengeance on House because it was his fault that Cameron couldn’t take her job and why she can no longer be at home with the baby. Cuddy wants revenge, and she decides to stoop to his level. House leaves her office and enters the elevator, which was never broken in the first place.

The team finds new markers in Dana’s CT scans. They argue about why Dana decided to leave medicine when she was so close to finding a cure for a disease. House stops Foreman on his way out the door and realizes that Foreman actually did switch the drugs in Thirteen’s clinical study. Foreman tests Thirteen for her memory capabilities and is alarmed to find out she has been suffering from headaches.

Taub is about to test Dana when he notices her stomach is full of blood. The team all walks down the hall to discuss this when House trips on a tripwire while entering his office. He knows Cuddy set the wire.

An MRI of the patient’s liver turns out to be clean. Thirteen seems distraught as the whole team looks at the MRI. House alerts Foreman that Thirteen is loosing her vision. House is cleaning up a wound caused by tripping on the wire when Wilson comes in. House describes to Wilson what Cuddy is doing as retribution for House being an ass. House says he plans to ignore Cuddy and she will eventually stop acting this way.

Wilson visits Dana. They met years before at a medical conference. He confesses to Dana that he is unable to forget about his dead girlfriend and move on with his life. Taub wants to have a child with his wife but she doesn’t seem willing. The whole staff is evaluating their life decisions.

Forman tests Thirteen’s eyesight, and it is failing. Foreman admits to her about switching the drugs. Thirteen gets and MRI and Formean is shocked at the results.

Foreman goes to check on Dana and notices bloody scratch on her head. The scratch goes all the way down to the brain. She undergoes emergency surgery. Taub announces to the team she doesn’t have brain damage. The team reflects on what would cause her to itch her head all the way down to the brain. House had set his cane down but it is suddenly gone. He knows who took it.  House goes to Cuddy’s office using a mop and bucket as a substitute for his cane. He tries to convince Cuddy that working mothers are actually better mothers. She doesn’t buy it.

Foreman tells House that Thirteen has s a tumor that is cutting of her eyesight. He is going to the drug company to see if there is any past history of tumors in the clinical study. House convinces him not to go because he will loose his medical license if he does.

Foreman goes to thirteen’s apartment. She cut her leg from a fall and she is now blind.

Wilson walks into his office to find House sleeping there. House says Cuddy turned off the electricity at his home. House returns to his office to find Kutner and Taub, who have been trying to contact him all night. They discuss the patient. Thirteen or Foreman are not in the office and Kutner and Taub are getting suspicious.

House goes to Foreman’s home and finds Thirteen. He realizes she is blind. Forman was on his way to the drug company but House convinces Thirteen to cajole him into turning around. House and Foeman give Thirteen radiation in order to make her brain tumor go down.

Wilson performs a biopsy on Dana but she starts to bleed. House and Taub discuss why the biopsy would cause her to bleed. Meanwhile, the patients heart stops and she is bleeding everywhere. House tells them to block her primary arteries, or else the patient will bleed to death.

Cuddy apologizes to House. House is about to make a joke about Cuddy being on her period when he has a burst of inspiration. He goes to the patient and explains that all of this blood and trauma is caused from the earlier incident. It was the same incident that caused her to reevaluate her life in the first place. House explains that  every time Dana would get her period, she would bleed throughout her body. Dana is cured. 

The radiation cures Thirteen and she can see again. She hugs Foreman. Dana tells Taub not to worry about the future and that he should be happy now.

Forman calls the drug administrators and admits how he jeopardized the clinical study. They go easy on him and he can keep his medical license.

In the closing montage, Thirteen and Foreman are in bed together. Taub talks to his wife about having a child and Wilson finally cleans his dead girlfriend’s mug. 

My Two Cents

This is the first episode I can remember in a long time where there is no conflict at the end of the show. Everything is coming up roses. I did skip out before the previews of next week’s episode, but damn, I am feeling happy after the 100th episode.

I thought it was a little bit of cop out how Foreman’s license wasn’t at all in jeopardy. What he did was unethical, and I think in reality they would have expelled his medical license. But, if we were going by reality, a lot of things in this show would be different. A LOT of things.