This week’s episode begins with a cranky priest in his parish. It is closing time for his church’s homeless shelter and he begrudgingly finishes his duties and retires to his room in the back of the church. He drinks and smokes and also looks exhausted. He hears the doorbell ring one more time and when he gets up to answer it, he finds a post-crucifixion Jesus hovering at his door. At first he thinks someone is playing a trick on him but he realizes this apparition of Jesus is completely real. He is hallucinating.

Cuddy wants House to go to her daughter’s Zeved habat: a Jewish baby naming ceremony. He doesn’t want to go, but Cuddy is persuasive and persistent. House tells Cuddy he will get back to her. He seems confused as to why she would ask him to go. 

House browses through the files in Cameron’s ER ward. He finds the file of a hallucinating priest and wants to take on the case. Cameron doesn’t have any idea what is wrong with him, and thinks it is something simple. House decides to take the case.

The team is confused why House picked the priest. The team thinks the priest is just an alcoholic. They accuse House of picking the case for the sole reason of screwing with the priest. House instructs them to scan his brain for tumors. House approaches Thirteen and Foreman. He tells them they have to choose between their relationship and their job. Their performance at work hasn’t been stellar since they began their relationship. He says they have to figure out which choice it is going to be after they finish the case of the priest.

Taud and Kutner try to convince the priest that alcohol caused his hallucination of Jesus. The priest is cranky and has no faith in god. He explains that four years ago a teen accused him of inappropriate contact and he has been moving positions within the church, and no longer has faith in God. He says the boy was ‘confused’.

Wilson is going to the Jewish-baby ceremony and he talks about it with House. House is confused as to why Cuddy asked him to go.

Thirteen and Foreman talk while eating at a diner. Thirteen wants to quit and accuses Foreman of being scared. He says she is right, he is scared of leaving the job he loves. Foreman says house doesn’t want anyone to quit. They think House is bluffing and they want to call his bluff.

Since the doctors can’t find anything else wrong with the priest, they are going to discharge him. Since the case is supposedly over, House wants either Thirteen or Foreman to make a decision about their relationship. They won’t make a call so House fires Foreman. Foreman says he is wrong, but House takes Foreman’s badge.

Taub and Kutner try to discharge the priest. The priest says he doesn’t feel well and his foot is numb. Kutner looks at his toe and finds it has fallen off the priest. He has real symptoms after all. 

As House holds the priest’s toe, Taub and Kutner ask about the Foreman and Thirteen. He tells them about the split or quit ultimatum. He says he did it because they are morons when they are together. He wants a blood test and orders to the patient into containment.

Foreman clears out his locker. He tells Thirteen he needs to find a new job. They kiss. He encourages Thirteen to keep going; the work she is doing for House is important.

Kutner and Taub check the priest’s place for causes of his illness. They search for CO poisoning and discuss Foreman being fired. 

Cuddy and House ride in the elevator. House thinks Cuddy is pressuring him to go to the ceremony, so he doesn’t want to go. But he has a change of heart and agrees to going. Cuddy seems glad.

Cuddy storms into Wilson’s office and calls Wilson an idiot. It was Wilson’s idea to invite House as reverse psychology; making him not want to go. Cuddy tells him to fix it.

Thirteen tells Taub and Kutner about House’s ultimatum. The patient starts freaking out and can’t breathe. Kutner thinks he is having a heart attack. Meanwhile, Foreman goes to Cuddy for a letter of recommendation. Cuddy agrees House should have fired him, and she won’t give him the recommendation.

The possibility of a heart attack is ruled out. The team thinks it might be a clotting disorder. House orders an angio.

House introduces himself to the priest. He tells House everything he has told the team is true. He is not convinced with god. House seems to like the priest. Taub says his lungs are clean, yet the priest doesn’t feel anything when Kutner tries to poke him. They want a nerve test.

Wilson pleads with House and asks him not to go to the baby ceremony. He thinks Cuddy is trying to play him, and House wants to go out of spite. 

Thirteen applies with Cameron for an ER position.

Taub and Kutner are run tests and the Priest’s right eye went blind. House, Kutner, Taub, and Thirteen all discuss. House says there is no infection because there is no white blood cells. He orders them check the white blood cells in his spleen. Thirteen talks to House and asks if her quitting will get Foreman rehired? House agrees to do this.

House talks to the priest about having some leftover faith. The priests sees some leftover faith in House as well.

Cuddy tells House she doesn’t want him at the baby thing. House agrees to not going. Cuddy thanks him for not going. It is an unlikely personable exchange. 

The team discuss whether House will actually bring Foreman back. Kutner and Taub disagree. The patient’s spleen is fine.

House  eats dinner while talking with the Priest. He is asking about faith. House admits might have a thing for his boss. The team interrupts and tells house the priest has AIDS.  The priest says it is impossible but refuses to give a blood test. Taub wants to give treatment for AIDS. Kutner doesn’t want to do it. House says to treat him for AIDS.

Thirteen and Foreman get in a fight over Thirteen getting a job in the ER..

Wilson and House are having dinner. Wilson accuses House of actually wanting to actually go to the baby thing. House claims he doesn’t want to go.

Taub goes to find the kid the priest allegedly molested. He tells the kid that the priest might have AIDS. He asks the kid if he has been tested already the kid blows him off.

Foreman goes to House and asks for his job back. Thirteen comes in. Thirteen and Foreman star fighting. Foreman says Thirteen is controlling. She explodes and leaves the room and Foreman gets his old job back.

The patient gets horrible reddish spots on his chest when Kutner gives him the AIDS medicine.

The team says it is a reaction to the drugs. House thinks it is Job syndrome. Thirteen and Foreman start fighting over what to do. Thirteen says this isn’t going to work. House says conflict breads creativity. They are more creative now since they have broken up.

The kid who Taub tried to talk to comes to visit the priest. He tells the priest he is sorry for everything he has done. He bows down and begins to cry. The priest touches him and gives him forgiveness.

Wilson comes to visits House. They talk about absolute truth. House starts eliminating symptoms from the priest’s chart. House goes to the patient and says he has a genetic immune deficiency disease. The hallucination was not part of the disease. They talk about coincidences. The priest’s life has completely turned around in a single day. There are too many coincidences, and it makes House think about a higher power.
Cuddy goes to Cameron. Cuddy wants House at the Jewish thing. Cameron tells Cuddy to tell House this.

Cuddy and House run into each other at the door. Cuddy and House have a moment. Cuddy doesn’t ask him to go. They split up. Love is in the air. Everyone from the
hospital  at the baby’s ceremony, except for House. Foreman and Thirteen make out; they were acting like they hated each other to fool House. They keep their relationship and their jobs. House is drinking alone and playing the piano. He is plays a Jewish song. House seems to wish he were at the baby’s ceremony.

Recap by Mitch Cumstein