You know there is a House M.D. soundtrack in South Africa? And Hugh Laurie sings on it? That is boss.

This week’s episode of House starts at a celebration for an author. His book of short stories is being published. After the author gives a speech thanking the audience, he sits back at his table. He is immediately berated with insults by someone sitting at the table. However, after every insult the man apologizes. After a while, the insulting-man’s nose starts to bleed and he passes out. We have our patient.

The team is assembled in House’s office, discussing the case of this new patient. They discuss a historical case of a man who was impaled in the head with a railroad spike.  The man was argumentative and hostile after the accident. House orders a nasal probe and they use this historical case as a basis for their search.

The patient, Nick, is in his room with his wife and daughter. Taub and Kutner come in to do the nasal examination and Nick starts insulting everyone. The insults aren’t overwhelming, they just pick at little facets of every person. For instance, Nick insults Taub’s huge nose. Everyone seems unsettled.

House talks to Wilson about going to see a monster truck rally on Wednesday. Wilson says he hates monster trucks and doesn’t want to go. House thinks something is up with Wilson.

Kutner tells House that they couldn’t find any signs of damage. Formean and Thirteen give the patient an MRI. The patient tells Thirteen how he would love to see her naked. Cuddy walks into the room and the patient gets ga-ga over her. He tells Cuddy she has an amazing ass. House flips on the lights from the other room. He was sitting in the dark, waiting to see the patient tell Cuddy she is a babe. Cuddy leaves the room, but she liked the attention.

Taub and Kutner discuss the hurtfull things Nick has been saying. They are a little self-conscious.

House has lunch with Wilson and inquires about Wilson missing the monster truck rally. Wilson says he is going to play racquetball with Taub instead, and didn’t want to upset House.

The team meets to discuss Nick. His kidneys failed. House is upset with Taub and asks him about playing raquetball with Wilson. He punishes Taub, giving him the mundane task of checking Nick’s blood sugar every two hours.

Kutner tests Nick’s daughter and ends up burning her. She is fine; she just wanted to help her dad. The daughter is a few pennies short of a dime-bag, if you catch my drift.

House makes Taub prove he is playing racquetball with Wilson. Taub admits he has never played racquetball and he lied to House as a favor for Wilson.

Kutner is running a scan on Nick and the patient starts to insult his daughter. He calls her stupid. After the daughter and the wife run out, Nick’s fever shoots up. The team thinks he has an infection. House orders Kutner to go to the Nick’s home and check for outside factors that would cause an infection. Meanwhile, he instructs Taub to do some double-agent work on Wilson. He makes Taub find out what Wilson is really doing on Wednesday.

Kutner finds stray dogs at Nick’s home. House and Kutner both agree that the dogs have given Nick a bacterial infection. Taub finds out that Wilson is meeting with a doctor in New York; a doctor that specializes in depression. House wonders if Wilson is depressed.

Nick’s infection improves but Kutner and Taub announce that his symptoms may never be cleared. The patient says he can’t continue to live like this; he will drive his family away with insults.

Wilson blows up at House. He tells House to mind his own business. House seems seriously concerned for Wilson’s mental health. The patient pleads with House to perform a risky operation that could cure his symptoms. House knows that this man will never lead a normal life if he continues to hurl insults at everybody all the time. This life parallels House’s life, and House seems to sympathize House convinces Chase to perform a risky operation on Nick.

Wilson apologizes to House. He tells House that he is going to visit his brother, who is a schizophrenic living on the streets. A shelter in New York has just picked him up. House offers to go with Wilson.

Nick is out of surgery, but he is still hurling insults. His temperature starts to drop and his wife leaves the recovery room, disgusted with the mean man Nick has become. The patient faces no recovery. The team assembles and Foreman orders a full body scan.

At the hospital in New York, Wilson tells House about his brother. Wilson blames himself for his brother’s life on the streets. House is hit by a bolt of lightning and calls the team with Nick’s real diagnosis. A lung cyst that seemed meaningless is the cause for Doege-Petter syndrome. They remove the cyst and Nick is saved. He also reconciles with his wife.

Wilson tells House that the meeting with his brother was weird. It didn’t affect Wilson the way he thought it would. Wilson admits to House that he loves monster trucks. House and Wilson are pals again.


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