This episode starts off with House in his office making a miniature racetrack. He races model cars on a track made out of medical supplies. Cuddy comes into the room and tells House he should have been helping patients, instead of making a racetrack. Cuddy introduces him to a new patient. After Cuddy leaves the room, the patient seizes and pees green urine. Thus begins another episode of House.

House is with the team in his office writing on the ‘symptoms board’ in green pen. Taub is late and in a bad mood. He questions House’s decision to choose this patient. House punishes Taub for his disobedience. House orders the team to test the patient’s home for outside influences that would make her pee green.

While scouring the patient’s office for outside factors, Kutner asks Taub if anything is wrong. Taub says he is fine, but he is clearly miffed about something. They find a bottle of pills. They take the pills back to House. Both Taub and Kutner agree that the patient faked her seizure. House disagrees and sends them out to do more tests. Taub and house get into another little scuffle as tension rises between the two. 

On his way out on the office, Taub runs into an old friend from high school. The old friend is at the hospital to get a diagnosis. Taub says he can do it for free, instead. Taub cures the friend and the friend is amazed. The friend offers to take Taub out for dinner as a payment for services provided, but Taub refuses.

House tests the patient and discovers she was indeed faking the seizures. She pleads with House to continue diagnostic measures on her body, although nothing seems to be wrong with her. She claims a cat at the nursing home she works at predicted her death.

Later, after the patient has been kicked out of the hospital, she brings the cat to House. She explains that the cat, Debbie, only sleeps with people who are about to die. As the patient desperately pleads with House to continue diagnosis, she falls to the floor and can’t breath. Kutner quickly examines her and tells House that these symptoms are real.

Cuddy tells House that the patient can not stay. Even after the real symptoms have started, Cuddy doesn’t believe the patient is in any serious danger. Cuddy gives Hous 24 hours to diagnose the patient.

House holds the cat while meeting with his team. The team agrees that the patients inability to breath properly is a bronchial issue. House is less concerned with the patient and more concerned with Taub. He announces to the team that Taub lost all his money in the stock market.

After they leave his office, Kutner and Taub bond. Taub confesses that he actually did loose all of his money in the market. Thirteen informs them both that the patient doesn’t seem to have any sort of bronchial issue.

House takes the team down to the coma patient room. He lets the cat loose the cat lies next to one of the patients in a coma. House announces that if there is, in fact, any credence behind this cat, then the patient will die. If the coma patient doesn’t die, the cat is a fraud.

Cuddy is upset that the cat and the patient are still at the hospital. She orders them to leave. House wheels the patient out and smokes a cigar. The patient has a horrible reaction to the cigar smoke, and House wheels her back into the hospital. This reaction to the smoke proves that the patient is legitimately sick.

The team congregate in the yard of the hospital. They search for the lost cat. House plays a trick on Kutner, who seems oddly superstitious.

Taub meets with his friend. His friend is a rich CEO from a medical supplies company. Taub likes his CEO lifestyle, and questions whether he made the right decision when he dropped his gig as a plastic surgeon to work for House.

The patient has brown urine.

House calls Taub a cowered for hanging out with his CEO friend. House says he always knew that Taub would want to go back to his former, rich lifestyle.

House takes the patient to the ‘coma’ room. He explains to the patient that the cat has been sleeping with a coma patient, yet nothing has happened. The patient still believes that the cat can predict death. House orders the team to check the patient for cancer.

Later that night, House gets a phone call at home. It’s Kutner. He tells House that the coma patient has died. House and the team now agree that the cat can predict death, but why?

Taub has lunch with his high school buddy. He wants a job. The high school buddy says he can’t give Taub a job, but will allow him to invest in his company’s newest medical tool.

The team performs an autopsy on the coma patient. They can’t find any reason why the cat would choose this coma patient over any of the others.  Meanwhile, they have diagnosed the patient’s illness. They can’t cure her, but a risky brain surgery will help the disease. She agrees to do the surgery.

Taub informs House he is quitting, leaving this job for a cushy investment opportunity at the medical supply company. House doesn’t care that Taub is leaving. House knows he will come back. No one quits for good.

The cat sits on House’s computer. A bolt of lighting strikes House. He realizes that the warmth of the computer is what enticed the cat. He also realizes that the diagnosis they gave the patient is wrong, and she won’t need the risky surgery after all.

Taub shows up to his buddy’s office, ready to give him money as an investment. A worker informs Taub that his buddy is actually a con artist, and that he was never actually a CEO. The ‘friend’ was just trying to swindle some of Taub’s money. In the end, Taub is lucky House never accepted his resignation.

Recap by Mitch Cumstein