Recap: Season 3, episode 3. With last week's premiere extravaganza in the bag, there are lots of new mysteries to unravel and lots of new super powers to be jealous of.

Plot: After Ma Petrelli drops the bomb that Sylar is her son, she recruits him into the service of the company as Noah's partner. It's sort of like the Odd Couple only instead of being messy; one of them is a serial killer. Angela starts feeding Sylar people with crappier special abilities, kind of like a super Dexter. She sends the pair to diffuse the bank robbery situation where they still don't get along. Once inside, Peter finds out that the power of the body he's stuck in is to control sound, but soon after the future version of himself shows up to set things straight. With him gone, it leaves it up to sylar to save Noah from certain death. Of course, he goes right back to his old ways and kills again to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Claire decides that she's going to stop going to school to help save people. She's starting to change her look, too. I'm a little worried she's going to pull a Spider-man 3 and go all emo. Luckily her mom is around to help keep her normal. Instead she takes her to some kind of warehouse, where she tortures her daughter into realizing that being a hero is harder than it sounds. It's hot in a really weird way.

Hiro and Ando track down Daphne and the formula, only to find out that she is selling it to the Haitian. They follow him into a movie theater where they bicker with Daphne for a while and we're given a chance to remember how hot she is. Hiro and Ando follow the Haitian into the back room where Ando eventually hits him in the back of the head and they steal the formula, only to have it stolen by Daphne.

Nathan and Tracy try to get to the bottom of the identity crisis. Tracy goes down to New Orleans and sees the corpse of Niki as well as Micah, who I was hoping was going to stay gone for a while. He does some hacking and finds out that Tracy and Niki were born on the same day in the same hospital. She goes to visit the doctor who delivered them and he tells her that he "created" her.

The evil super friends rob a bank but start turning on one another because that's what psychos do. It turns out they want to lure Noah to the scene and get revenge on him. Then they discover that Peter isn't who he seems and they beat the crap out of him.

Parkman is still on his spirit walk with the African who can paint the future. The paintings aren't nearly as cool as Isaac's but they're on rocks in the desert rather than canvas so I guess I can cut him some slack. It turns out that he has been painting Parkman's life as it happens. In the end, the African puts his headphones on Parkman and his eyes turn white like they did for Isaac. That must be some magic walkman.

I thought this was a much better episode than the first two. There were a few things that didn't make a lot of sense, like why Sylar would behave for even a little while, but overall it finally feels like we're getting back to the good stuff. I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on yet another hero being able to paint the future. It seems like kind of cop out. But, the upcoming Claire story line sounds interesting and now that we're starting to see Ando getting a little wacky, that promises to be something to watch for, too. Thankfully, there was no Dr. Suresh this week. That thing with his skin falling off last week grossed me out to no end and I'm hoping by the next time we see him his transformation into a porcupine or whatever he's turning into is complete. Yuck.