Elle changes Sylar back into a bad guy, Noah trains Claire so that she can be a fighter and not merely a bystander, and everyone's powers are disabled as the eclipse hoers overhead.


Noah and Claire
Angela assigns Claire to stay out of harm’s way, underground, off the grid, so that she can’t be used as a catalyst.  She takes her down to level five, where Noah Bennett steps out of the dark.  He takes her to an empty house to train her because she wants to be part of the missions, and he rips a cracked floor oard up and hands it to her, telling her to hit him.  He provokes her until she takes a whack, but he blocks it and explains her how she failed, and Claire’s training has begun.  They train for hours, until Claire is sweating with exertion.  Noah tells her to swing at him again, and she continues to swing until she succeeds in hitting him in the leg, hard.  As she’s walking out,  to take break, Elle and Sylar pop in, attempting to use their powers, but failing to do so.  A scuffle ensues, and Elle grabs the gun, attempt to shoot the Noah but hitting a diving-to-protect-her-father Claire in the process.  Noah picks her up and runs out of the house as Sylar scrambles for the gun, swinging it around as the door slams shut.  Noah rushes Claire back to their house as she bleeds profusely, relishing the pain she hasn’t felt in so long.  When she wakes up a few hours later, Noah informs her that there’s no fever, and they share a Special Father Daughter Moment. As Noah leaves the house, his wife pleads with him to stay, but he shakes his head and says, “There’s something I need to finish.”

Elle and Sylar
We flash on a scene of Elle and Sylar training together, with Sylar progressively getting better at the power he borrowed from Elle.  Arthur steps in and tells Sylar he needs to find Claire Bennett, and Elle insists on coming along, despite Sylar’s protestations.  While they head out to get a rental car, Elle reveals that she called the cops on Sylar, claiming that he was a serial killer, and that she’s helping Sylar decide who he truly is. As he tries to take her away, the rental counter dude whips out a gun and knocks Sylar in the face, with Elle goading the villainous hero on.  Sylar slowly stands up and smiles.  “I hate heroes.” Once they attack the Bennetts, Elle whips Sylar’s arms back into their sockets, and the two try out their powers, but not surprisingly, it fails again. Sylar feels relief, since he’s free from the hunger, while Elle feels guilt over pushing him to become that monster.  Sylar tells her they can now take what they want, and kisses her passionately.

Peter and Nathan

Peter begs Nathan to take him with him on a dangerous recovery mission, as he feels purposeless with no powers, and off they fly into the sky.  Meanwhile, we see Tracy and Arthur conspiring to get Nathan into the White House; he sends her off to Paris Island to the marine training facility , because, as Arthur puts it, “Every war needs an army.”  Click goes the closing phone and Tracy walks out of the room, past a smiling Angela Petrelli.  As the eclipse closes above Nathan and Peter’s head, they fall from the sky into a river in the jungle and head towards a village, but get diverted for a mile or two when Nathan’s proposed direction fails in comparison to Peter’s ignored directional advice.  A little sibling rivalry ensues, and Peter points out Nathan is nothing more than a pawn in his father’s game.  A Mysterious Black Man, 2.0, interrupts their conversation and tells him of his brother, who has powers too and needs to be stopped.  As he leads them through the jungle, automatic gunfire rips through the group, and when Nathan tries to hold up his hands to make peace, he’s knocked out.


Mohinder takes apart the man he killed mercifully in the last episode, and takes of his glove to discover his infection is worsening, so he demands from Arthur the catalyst, who interrupts him with a prophesied picture showing Noah holding a dead Claire in his hands.  Mohinder decides he needs to save Claire in order to be cured, and Arthur flops down in front of him a picture of him dying.  “Everything is going to change today.” Mohinder slowly goes crazy as his body changes and the mystery of the eclipse continues to elude him.  His body becomes increasingly gooey until it cocoons him against the wall.  He falls out from the Matrix-like pod after the eclipse to discover his body is afresh and anew without the icky scabs.  When he investigates the results, he finds all effects of his ability have disappeared.  As he prepares to go get Maya to do further testing, Arthur forbids him from leaving and sics Flint on him so that he can do research in how to get everybody’s ability back.

Matt, Daphne, Hiro, and Ando

Matt and Daphne star in their own sitcom as they prepare to help carry out Angela’s plan to find Hiro, while Matt tries to convince Daphne they’re meant to be and Daphne tries to convince him he’s crazy for believing a now dead guy in the desert. A knock on the door later, and Ando shows up with Hiro, saying he can help them revert him from his ten-year old state of mind.  Parkman tries to search within Hiro’s mind to find a way to help, but can’t understand him at all.  Daphne threatens to leave, and Parkman searches her mind for answers, so she dashes off, her trust broken.  As they’re reading the comic book Hiro and Ando brought along, Parkman sees the cornfield of Daphne’s youth, so Hiro is able to transport them there. As they run from the cornfields toward the farmhouse, the eclipse begins.  Parkman goes up to the house and knocks on the door, but the man who answers claims she’s not home, despite Daphne’s voice emanating from the other room.  Parkman’s attempts to use his mind powers fail, and then when the door slams in his face he learns Hiro’s powers have gone as well.  Back in the house, Daphne’s father asks her who “that guy” was, but she refuses to answer. Hiro encourages Parkman to save Daphne, but the ex-cop feels completely helpless without his powers.  Hiro keeps on throwing corn at Parkman, shouting that he cannot doubt his ability to save Daphne, until the cop grabs a cob of corn and heads off to save the girl.  While he does that, Hiro and Ando head off to a comic book store (clerked by none other than Seth Green and Breckin Meyer in what is officially the most awesome Heroes cameo ever) to collect the next comic book so that they can find what happens.  Back at the ranch, Matt begs Daphne through the closed door to come back because he’s in love with her, spirit walk or no spirit walk.  She says softly from the other side, “Door’s open,” and walks out revealing bulky crutches aiding her.

Okay, geez, are you kidding me?  Even I stuck by Heroes through its wacky twists and turns, but just as Sylar starts to look like he might turn over a new leaf and start to act normal and not hopping back and forth, a few little words from Elle tempt him right back to the dark side.  I mean, I know he’s mentally unstable, but that was a little cheap. Thankfully, though, there’s plenty of extremely cool stuff to compensate for it, like the scenes with Nathan and Peter trekking through the jungle and actually doing some character development, or the breathtaking slow-motion, weird music scene where Elle and Sylar intercept Noah and Claire during the eclipse. Nothing goes anywhere in particular in this episode, but it does begin to put us on some interesting paths, that, if handled correctly, will put Heroes right back on the ratings track.