The Petrelli family comes together in a blazing confrontation of father and sons and brothers, Sylar changes sides, Peter’s powers are still lost, and Arthur Petrelli reveal more of the intentions behind his scheming.

After leaving Nathan and Tracy in a cloud of radioactive dust, Mohinder manages to cure Maya thanks to Arthur Petrelli’s power-sucking abilities, then aids Petrelli Sr. in capturing both Peter and Sylar after Sylar tries to help Peter escape.

Claire & Elle
After a quiet moment in the car together, just-call-me-blonde-bombshell-plot-twist-Elle pops up, cracklingly ready for action. After a courtesy catfight that’s pretty easy on the eyes, we find out Elle is looking for help, as her encounter with Sylar fried her brains just a little and somehow short-circuited her power.  They meet up with Peter after a dangerous plane ride.

Peter, Sylar, and Nathan
Peter is cooped up in a prison for most of the episode, but when Sylar tries to break him out, he’s able to limp away thanks to Claire and Elle after a converted Sylar throws him out the window. Apparently, Angela was always terrified of Sylar, so now Sylar’s mommy and daddy issues keep on getting more complicated. Meanwhile, Peter meets up with Nathan and together they decide to find out more about the company.

Arthur Petrelli
The main fact we discover about Arthur Petrelli in this episode is that he helps to convert Sylar back against his mother and unleash his full potential as a villain. We also discover he’s still in cahoots with Daphne, who’s deceiving Parkman into thinking she’s on their side.

Hiro and Ando
Hiro must learn to see the future without time-jumping, so the cool African dude gives him some of that nasty paste that we saw Parkman gulp down in an earlier episode. The episode ends with Hiro passed out, eyes white, ready to paint some future stuff.

My Review
Describing a “Heroes” episode is a bit like untangling a mass of spaghetti – the plot lines crisscross constantly, and you’re always scratching your head about something (at least, if you’re me, you are), but part of what makes “Heroes” great is how complex and one-step-ahead-of-you it is. This episode features just as many twists and turns as ever, though not as many grand facts are revealed as usual – the pleasure comes more from watching the characters interact with each other (a scene in which Elle and Claire hold hands while electricity crackles through the air is, well, electric) and seeing how the story itself changes. In a world where time doesn’t have the constraints it does in real life, you can do anything, and “Heroes” does just that.