Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Compassion S1E9

Friday, August 19 by

Fed up with his mother’s bizarre behavior, Ryan decides to send her back to the nut house. This doesn’t sit well with Wilfred, who displays his disgust via target flatulence. He suspects that Ryan really wants his mother out of the way because he fears that, like her, he may be insane.

Upon returning to the institute, Ryan discovers he’s been set up. Wilfred dug up his suicide note from the first episode and brought it to Catherine (after adding some crazy rants about the postal service). She, in turn, gave it to the clinic’s doctor, who had Ryan placed on a mandatory 72 hour surveillance.

In the end, Ryan is cleared to go home, and hearing that he is not considered crazy by a medical professional helps him alleviate his fears about going insane. It also helps him to patch things up with his mother, who has decided to stay at the institute, a place where she is free to be herself. In the closing shot, we realize that, as Catherine has said all along, she and Ryan really are a lot alike. Specifically, they both talk to animals. We are left with Catherine conversing with Mittens the Cat, played by Rhea Perlman. Perlman only has two lines, but she does manage to work in some curse words, which was a nice touch.

So, what did you think of last night’s Wilfred? Does Ryan’s family history gel with your vision of why he talks to Wilfred, or did you think his strange behavior was best left unexplained? Sound off below.

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