Last night marked the second episode of FX's new sitcom, Wilfred. And for a show with a premise as strange as this one, the episode two is the real test. Sure, week one was funny, and overall, it had decent ratings. But is the "talking dog" shtick something that can carry an audience for a entire season?

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We begin with Ryan relaxing in his back yard, cyber-stalking an ex-girlfriend on his iPad, when Wilfred comes crashing through the fence with an ax.

When confronted about his behavior, the dog turns the tables on Ryan, convincing him that his real anger stems from his inability to be happy in a relationship, and his habit of finding excuses to dump his girlfriends. Ryan dumped the girl from his iPad after she touched his ass without asking, claiming he would never be able to put a ring on her finger.

From there, the topic turns to matters of trust and loyalty. Wilfred claims that Ryan could never be as loyal as a dog. When Ryan protests, he is asked to put his money where his mouth is, proving his loyalty by taking his new friend to the beach. Despite his reluctance, Ryan concedes, and ends up with a $300 ticket. Wilfred, who is thrilled with the opportunity to kill pelicans and bother beach goers, thinks it is money well spent.

Once his anger over the ticket subsides, Ryan and Wilfred end up having a great day at Venice Beach. They check out girls, go for a bike ride, and even hit up one of the many medical marijuana dispensaries.

When the two arrive back home, Jenna is thrilled to see them getting along so well. And since Ryan is having such a good time watching her dog, she asks him to take Wilfred to the vet the following day. Hoping it will improve his chances, Ryan agrees, and tricks Wilfred into thinking they are going to the movies. Once Wilfred discovers the ruse, he is less than impressed.

While under anesthesia, Wilfred makes some starling claims. Specifically, he accuses Jenna of having a dick. After he comes to, Wilfred says that it was just the drugs talking, but the seed of doubt is already planted in Ryan's head. This causes him to constantly second guess Jenna's actions, looking for any clue that she is actually a man. While listening to Jenna in the bathroom to see if she is peeing while upright, he is caught in the act, and Jenna storms off.

Dejected, Ryan is about to give up on his hopes for a relationship with Jenna, but Wilfred convinces him to be honest. Taking the advice, Ryan apologizes to her with flowers, admitting that he is hopelessly awkward. Although Jenna accepts, Ryan discovers that she has a boyfriend. As it turns out, Wilfred wasn't trying to warn Ryan about Jenna's dick, but rather that she has a dick boyfriend.

All and all, I didn't find the second episode to be as funny as the previous week's. After all, now that the shock of the premise has worn off, the "talking dog" jokes aren't going to pack the same punch. Despite this fact, I still found myself laughing and genuinely interested in what was going to happen next, and I'm still compelled to keep tuning in. Do you agree, or do you think I'm letting my Elijah Wood fetish get the best of me? Sound off in the comment section.