"Fear has its use but cowardice has none." So said Mahatma Gandhi, or at least that's what this week's episode of Wilfred claims. And since I'm too lazy to look it up, I might as well just take their word for it and start this week's gif recap.

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Speaking of fear, that's also the title of this week's episode. Specifically, it refers to Ryan's fear of his motorcycle-riding neighbor, Spencer (Ethan Suplee). In the first episode, Ryan and Wilfred broke into Spencer's home, stole his weed, and crapped in his boots. Now Ryan fears Spencer is on to him. He also suspects Spencer of vandalizing the home of an Indian couple down the street.

Disgusted by all of Ryan's fear, Wilfred encourages him to stand up for himself against the bully. He also encourages him to show his dominance by means of anal rape. This doesn't go over too well with Ryan, who just wants to leave well enough alone. Unfortunately that option is off the table, since Wilfred admits to having left Ryan's wallet at the scene of the crime.

Rather than being forced to face his fears, Ryan lies his way out of the confrontation by claiming he was also a victim of the robbers, and they must have dropped his wallet at Spencer's. The plan seems to work, but backfires when Spencer takes a liking to Ryan, and insists that the two spend time bonding over beer and Internet porn. After all, there's nothing cooler than two guys getting "rock hard" together.

Once a disgusted Wilfred threatens to bring Spencer's stolen weed up from the basement, Ryan quickly suggests everyone head for the strip club. Once there, Spencer spends most of his time criticizing the appearance of the girls, pointing out their flaws with his laser pointer. Ryan's dad was a post-op transsexual with perfect breasts, so he admittedly has high standards. Wilfred, on the other hand, is having the time of his life.

While returning home from the club, an exhausted Ryan wants nothing more than to leave Spencer behind, but his new friend is showing no sign of letting the night end. He begins teasing Wilfred with a laser pointer, and Ryan watches Wilfred's torment with a sick satisfaction. However, the satisfaction is short lived. When Wilfred spots another red dot on an Indian neighbor's forehead, he mistakes it for the laser pointer and attacks her. Animal control arrives, and hauls him away for extermination.

An attempt to pay off the animal control officer (Jesse) falls to pieces when it is revealed that he and Spencer were old friends who had a falling out. By falling out, I mean Spencer ripped his ear off upon discovering Jesse had slept with his girlfriend. In all fairness, Spencer's girlfriend was a prostitute. However, the sex took place on her day off, so Spencer is still pissed. Despite their mutual animosity, Ryan manages to patch things up between the two. But when Ryan finally returns home, he now has both Jesse and Spencer sitting on his couch watching porn. At this point, Ryan can take no more, and confesses to stealing Spencer's pot. Spencer reacts poorly, punching Ryan in the face, before being knocked unconsciousness himself by Wilfred.

After the confrontation, Ryan is proud of himself for actually standing up to Spencer, and Spencer is now afraid to mess with Ryan.

Despite the roundabout happy ending, the episode ends on an ominous note. As Ryan goes inside after taking out the trash, Wilfred's hand is shown tossing a spray paint can into the garbage, implying that Wilfred was behind the vandalism at the Indian couple's home. While I'm intrigued as to what Wilfred's intentions are, I can't help but notice that the dog is becoming less and less likable. Of course, since it is probable that Wilfred is simply a fight-club style figment of Ryan's imagination, it's silly of me to dislike a character who doesn't actually exist. But on the same token, if I'm going to be expected to watch week after week, they might want to tone down the thievery and hate crimes. But we shall see.

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