Last night's episode of Wilfred was bizarre, even by talking dog standards. In case the title of this piece wasn't enough, it involved doubt. Specifically, it revolves around Ryan's doubt about his relationship with Wilfred. After all, it would be hard not to second guess yourself when your best friend is now a six-foot talking dog.

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As we begin, Ryan has stopped smoking pot, found a date via an online dating service, and is now trying to tidy up the house. This causes Wilfred some anxiety, since all the hair he left on the basement floor is now missing. Things only gets worse when the vacuum is brought out.

Later, during a trip to the park for a Yoga class, Wilfred stops for a moment to enjoy the bouquet of smells available to him.

Meanwhile, while talking to his sister, Ryan notices a strange man who seems to be watching his every move. Later, the man in question, Bruce (Dwight Yoakam), makes contact with Ryan again, claiming that he is also able to hear Wilfred's speech. Apparently, he and Wilfred used to have a similar friendship, until Wilfred eventually ruined his life by poking holes in his condoms.

Bruce warns Ryan that he too will fall victim to Wilfred's twisted games if he doesn't get rid of the dog. This plants the seed of doubt into Ryan's head. When Ryan attempts to spy on Wilfred to get more information, he is less than successful.

Later that night, during his date, Ryan is surprised to find that Wilfred has canceled his original plans and set him up with an "alcoholic blow-job machine." Ryan is less than impressed. You'd think he'd be more excited about the chance to bang Kenny Power's love interest.

When Ryan calls Wilfred to confront him about the ruse, the dog seems preoccupied.

And as he tries to regroup in the bathroom, Bruce appears, suggesting that Ryan test his condom for holes. When it turns out that Bruce was right all long, Ryan agrees to take Wilfred to a forest and abandon him, solving the "dog problem" once and for all.

After convincing Wilfred that he has discovered the location of a large pot field, Ryan takes the dog out into the woods. However, before he is able to abandon the dog, Bruce appears, brandishing a gun. After a brief struggle, Ryan ends up with the gun, and shoots Bruce in order to protect his friend.

But as always seems to be the case with Wilfred, no one was actually harmed. Bruce turned out to be one of Wilfred's old friends, and the entire ordeal was a set up, complete with blanks, in order to test Ryan's loyalty. And in the end, Ryan seems pretty calm about the whole situation, considering that moments earlier he was under the impression he had killed a man. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he's smoking weed again.

So, what did you think of last night's episode? Personally, I thought it had a lot of really funny one-liners, but I'm confused as to where the overall story is headed. My concern is that the writers of the show share that same confusion. Hopefully, they prove me wrong.