Gif Recap: ‘Wilfred’ – Acceptance S1E4

Friday, July 15 by

Ryan, unaware of Wilfred’s molestation, takes his canine friend out for ice cream. However, two scoops of peanut butter triggers a flashback, causing Wilfred to relive his traumatic experience.

Eventually, after a long stint in the shower, Wilfred tells Ryan what is happening at daycare. Ryan is skeptical, and asks Wilfred why he takes part in the act. Wilfred is adamant that he has no choice, since he is helpless in the face of peanut butter. This doesn’t go over well with Ryan, who suspects that the whole story is a plot to sabotage his relationship with his sister.

Unconvinced, Ryan sends Wilfred back to daycare. Once inside, Wilfred and his new friend Bear do their best to avoid the sexual predator. Meanwhile, Ryan comes to his senses, and runs out of a hair appointment while still wearing a cape in order to save his friend.

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