In case you couldn't tell from the title, last night's episode of Wilfred was all about acceptance. In context, this meant a number of things. It meant Ryan accepting some of Wilfred's peculiar behaviors. It meant accepting the fact that regardless of whether Wilfred is real or not, he's real to Ryan. Most importantly, it meant Ryan coming to terms with the fact that his sister is a pain in the ass, but that she only wants what's best for him. That said, emotional breakthroughs among family members make for really boring Gif Recaps, so we'll just stick to the grown man in a dog costume wiping his ass on the rug.

Where to begin. Oh, right! With a grown man in a dog costume wiping his ass on the rug.

In an attempt to get Wilfred to stop wiping has ass on everything, Ryan buys a squirt gun to use as punishment. Although Wilfred hates being squirted, he continues his bad behavior, citing the fact that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Meanwhile, Ryan's sister has sprained her ankle, forcing him to take care of her. This means Wilfred will have to start going to doggie daycare. Ed Helms guest stars in the role he was born to play: a creepy doggie daycare owner who rubs peanut butter on his crotch for dogs to lick off.

Ryan, unaware of Wilfred's molestation, takes his canine friend out for ice cream. However, two scoops of peanut butter triggers a flashback, causing Wilfred to relive his traumatic experience.

Eventually, after a long stint in the shower, Wilfred tells Ryan what is happening at daycare. Ryan is skeptical, and asks Wilfred why he takes part in the act. Wilfred is adamant that he has no choice, since he is helpless in the face of peanut butter. This doesn't go over well with Ryan, who suspects that the whole story is a plot to sabotage his relationship with his sister.

Unconvinced, Ryan sends Wilfred back to daycare. Once inside, Wilfred and his new friend Bear do their best to avoid the sexual predator. Meanwhile, Ryan comes to his senses, and runs out of a hair appointment while still wearing a cape in order to save his friend.

I'm pretty sure you'll understand what's going on in this next Gif without my explanation. It was one of the creepier scenes I've seen on basic cable. I now regret encouraging my mother to watch the "funny show with the talking dog."

In the nick of time, Ryan bursts in to save the day. Brandishing a squirt gun, Ryan even manages to save Wilfred's new friend, Bear.

However, Ryan comes to regret saving the stuffed animal. According to Wilfred, the ungrateful toy accuses Ryan of playing the bass like a "busted vagina," a comment that causes much turmoil within the band.

And with that, another episode of Wilfred comes to a close. Four episodes in, the show is clearly not afraid to deal with some dark subject matter. But do you think there are enough laughs to pull it off? Let us know in the comment section below.