Gif Recap: ‘True Blood’ – I’m Alive And On Fire S4E4

Monday, July 18 by

At Sookie’s, Eric is depressed that he’ll never see the sun again.  Remember, he drank his entire fairy!  Sookie tells him that the other Eric was a happy vampire and tries to cheer him up.  He tries to get Sookie to kiss him and it almost works…until Bill shows up at her door.  This is a big moment.  Bill wants to search her house, and he can because it’s technically Eric’s.  Eric can’t turn the house over to her or uninvite him because they’ll know where he is.  He tries to barge in and Sookie says no.  She asks him to trust her, saying that she’s never lied to him.  He almost goes in…but turns around.  If he hadn’t…well let’s just say that I wouldn’t have any hope of them getting back together.

On the road, Jason passes out.  Hoyt and Jessica find him and she gives him blood to heal him.  So…panther blood and vampire blood…wonder what that will do!

Back at Tommy’s mom’s trailer, there is some catch up.  Damn, it’s sad.  I mean, you can see this coming a mile away, but he can’t.  Jolie catches him and chains him by the neck.  Mom…damn I want to smack her in the mouth.  Evil, spineless wench.  They needed him for the money.

In the woods, the witches try to reverse the spell while Pam (in quite the outfit!) harrasses them.  Marnie blasts her with the older witches power and Pam starts to decompose!  Disgusting!

And that’s it for this week. Leave your thoughts and I’ll be by to respond.

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    Cute Me

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    Cute Me

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