Oh my god, I love Amnesia Eric!  There is really no other way to start off this recap.  We begin where we left off last week, as Sookie tells him, “You drank the whole fairy,” as if she's some sort of Slushee.  Well, a Slushee spiked with some serious booze because fairy blood makes vampires drunk.

Yes, Amnesia Eric is drunk as a skunk.  He zips around at vampire speed, pinches Sookie's butt and runs off into the sun after attempting to bite her.

Very interesting to note that even wasted, Eric says he'll never hurt her.  After attempting to find Eric and failing, Sookie calls in her knight in shining...um...silver fur?   It's Alcide to the rescue.

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So, let me pause a moment here.  Is anyone else feeling like this season's official poster is wildly accurate?  Sookie is all about flirting with all her admirers...equally.  Not sure how I'm feeling about that.  Nothing wrong with it, but it's making her seem a bit wishy washy.  I mean, I get how mind-numbingly hot these three men are, but she just seems to be floating through it.  Please let me know your feelings in the comments.

After Pam dresses down King Bill after being grilled about where Eric is, we head over to Hotshot for one of the most disturbing story lines ever.

Poor Jason is still tied to the bed and he's being raped by woman after woman.  The one he shoves off says that her brother/husband...brother, husband!...just bites her on the back of the neck and holds her down until it's over when he screws her.  She cries and says Jason is the best she's ever had and yells, ''next.''  Then they send in a little girl.  Jason convinces her to let him go and she does.  But...I have to say this here.  I was more than a little disturbed by my own (and my viewing companions') reaction to this scene.  It's awful.  It's gross.  I'm also fully aware that if it was a woman in that same situation, I'd be even more horrified.  I really hope the writers let Jason experience the aftermath of mass rape the way they would with a female character.  Please weigh in below.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Over at Castle Bill, Nan is trying to find out what happened to Eric.  We see exactly how hardcore Nan is here as she dismisses Salem as a bunch of puritans who needed to get laid.  The real info here though is about a massacre that happened 400 years ago in Spain “by a single witch with a reason to hate vampires.”  She says that necromancers aren't they same as they used to be.  I'm wondering if she was involved.  In fact, I'm wondering why she's so single minded.  I'm dying to find out her history.

In Marnie's store, she's deep in a dream...of the Spanish Massacre.  A powerful witch is being burned at the stake while clergy joke about how to torture her.  Marnie witnesses the entire thing and learns a chant from the witch...who is the woman possessing her.  Uh oh.  Powerful witch with a “reason to hate vampire” possessing a powerful witch in the present.  I'm sure we're going to get more info on this one.  Did anyone else notice the hooded figure?  Vampire?  And can anyone figure out what the chant translates too?

Alcide disrobes (anyone else think they were going to do full frontal with him?) and changes, and off they go to find Drunk Amnesia Eric.

Hoyt's mom visits Sam at Merlotte's and mentions that his brother is off somewhere.  She's worried.  He's not.  Sam is getting awfully glib now that he's found fellow changers...more on that later.  In Hotshot, we learn that the little girl isn't a virgin when Uncle Daddy Felton (ugh) talks about how the sexes are gross but fun.  We talk about sister/nieces...I hate this storyline.  I have to be honest.

Back at Marnie's, Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie and Tara try to find out what spell to use to reverse the spell put on Eric.  Marnie keeps insisting that her otherworldly visitor is the only one who can help.

Alcide and Sookie find Eric swimming in a gator hole. He invites Sookie to swim with him, saying she'd be his sea goddess.  It's a little heartbreaking how much he wants to stay in the sun.  He snarls at Alcide, Alcide snarls back and Eric starts to burn.

They manage to get him out and back home.  Um...naked Alcide and naked Eric.  HBO, I would like to take a moment here.  On behalf of myself and a large portion of the guy-loving world, thank you for the hot men.  That is all.

Poor sick Jason runs through the field, chased by were panthers.  He throws them off the trail while Tommy goes to visit his mama.  His real mama.  They talk about how Tommy can read and chat about life...and she avoids saying how she hasn't really left Jolie.  Another heartbreaking scene.  It's one of those abuse scenarios where everyone from the outside can see how awful this all is, but the one inside so desperately needs something from his abuser that he just can't see the forest for the trees.

Sam pays a surprise visit to Luna and meets her daughter.  Sam charms the precocious little tyke with talk of Barbie's and princesses and worms his way in.  Again, he's awfully glib.  If he really loved kids and didn't just want to sleep with the mom, he would have introduced himself and moved on.  No one in their right mind would get a kid attached to them at the beginning of a relationship.  Also, no kid I know acts like that.  Thoughts?

At Sookie's, Eric doesn't want to sleep alone.  Sookie leaves him to his bed and fights with Alcide (while Eric overhears) about the situation.  They hug and make up.  Her smell is on him, which will matter later.

Meanwhile, Jason sharpens a stake in a tree and kills Felton.

Naked Crystal shows up and dumps crazy all over him by saying she's Big Mama Kitty now and they'll rule the kingdom of Hotshot together.  He tells her he never wants to see her again and she says, “I'll be waiting for you!  Full moon!”  Um...have you guys ever dated someone who can't take no for an answer?  Ick.  Still, the important moment here is when she says no one will accept him now but Hotshot.  And that may very well be true.

Over at the Bellfleurs, Bill is introduced to Portia's grandmother Caroline.  There are manners and polite conversation and sweet tea (which still makes me think of To Catch a Predator) and reminds me why I'm glad I was born in obnoxious but blunt NYC.

At Luna's we learn that Emma's father is a werewolf and a stalker.  Again, why is Sam not seeing the problem here.  He watches Luna.  He's jealous.  He's putting this woman he supposedly really likes (and her daughter) in danger.

At Marnie's, after a major effort, the correct spell book flies off the shelf.  Over at Alcide's, trouble is brewing.  Debbie Pelt smells Sookie on him.  She does what any smart, yet nutty woman would do when she smells a rival.  She doesn't freak.  She lets one flash of anger cross her face, but thanks him for his honesty...and screws him to mark her territory.  She's not going to let this go.

Book readers, this next scene had to be expected.  Caroline Bellfleur and Bill Compton discover that he is Portia's great great great great granddaughter.  They can't have sex.  Oh god, it's really difficult not to make a deep South joke about cousins here.  Also, there is a disturbingly large number of incestuous relationships on this show.

At Terry and Arlene's, Terry is busy being adorable with their baby.  He does laundry.  Hell, he couldn't be cuter if you covered him in kittens.  He leaves the room for a second, Arlene and the other kids sleeping on the couch, creepy doll from Auntie Jessica on the floor, and when he returns, someone has written “Baby not yours” on the wall in red marker.  The baby is chewing it.  So, I'd love to know your theories on this.  Is the baby possessed? The doll?  Or (and this is my personal favorite theory) is Arlene freaking out and doing this herself without realizing?

At Sookie's, Eric is depressed that he'll never see the sun again.  Remember, he drank his entire fairy!  Sookie tells him that the other Eric was a happy vampire and tries to cheer him up.  He tries to get Sookie to kiss him and it almost works...until Bill shows up at her door.  This is a big moment.  Bill wants to search her house, and he can because it's technically Eric's.  Eric can't turn the house over to her or uninvite him because they'll know where he is.  He tries to barge in and Sookie says no.  She asks him to trust her, saying that she's never lied to him.  He almost goes in...but turns around.  If he hadn't...well let's just say that I wouldn't have any hope of them getting back together.

On the road, Jason passes out.  Hoyt and Jessica find him and she gives him blood to heal him.  So...panther blood and vampire blood...wonder what that will do!

Back at Tommy's mom's trailer, there is some catch up.  Damn, it's sad.  I mean, you can see this coming a mile away, but he can't.  Jolie catches him and chains him by the neck.  Mom...damn I want to smack her in the mouth.  Evil, spineless wench.  They needed him for the money.

In the woods, the witches try to reverse the spell while Pam (in quite the outfit!) harrasses them.  Marnie blasts her with the older witches power and Pam starts to decompose!  Disgusting!

And that’s it for this week. Leave your thoughts and I’ll be by to respond.