When it comes to recapping a show via animated GIF, "Raising Hope" is one of the easiest. It's quick, full of sight gags, and heavy on the slap stick. Last night's episode was tamer than most, but hilarious none the less.

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We begin with Virginia consoling Burt over the loss of his boomerang. "They're suppose to always come back," he whimpers, after waiting 15 minutes. Suddenly, an angry woman's voice breaks through a nearby baby monitor. Burt is alarmed, thinking someone is in Hope's room. But Virgina tells him not to worry, since they're just getting interference from another monitor in the neighborhood. "I saw this on'Modern Family', and countless other sitcoms."

The two decide to wander the neighborhood, searching for what sounds like an abusive mother. However, when they discover the source, it turns out to be an angry wife, chastising her husband for not controlling a group of puppies (that's what the baby monitor is for). It also turns out to be Ethan Suplee and Jamie Pressly, the stars of "My Name Is Earl."

Jimmy doesn't have time to snoop on the neighbors. He's busy with his job at Howdy's grocery store, helping his manager come up with a new TV ad. Last year's fruit-and-vegetable themed submission was rejected, so this year, Barney has asked his employees to come up with their own ads. The ad itself aside, he feels it will build team spirit among his crew. After all, the pyramids were built by a "team" of slaves.

Back at the house, Burt can't stop listening to the baby monitor. Despite his wife's objections, he is transfixed by the unfolding story of a poor, downtrodden husband who is constantly belittled by his awful spouse. Before heading to bed, Burt overhears the wife threaten that there'll be hell to pay if her husband does not remove an old tree stump by the time she returns from work tomorrow afternoon.

Determined to help, Burt stops by the neighbors' house, and offers to remove the stump for free, claiming he is one stump away from getting a stump-removal certificate. Overjoyed, the neighbor (Andrew) gladly accepts. When his wife (Donna) returns home from work, she seems somewhat pleased with the stump removal. But her joy quickly turns to anger when she discovers that Andrew has dragged mud across her carpet. Burt is horrified that his attempt to help has backfired.

Back at the store, it's time to unveil the ads. Frank puts forth a less than stellar commercial, focusing mainly on himself. He doesn't care if the customers come or not. He doesn't own the place. If he did, it'd be named Frank's. Besides, no matter where you buy your food, it all ends up in the toilet.

Jimmy, on the other hand, decides to impress his boss by casting him as the lead in his commercial. Barney plays the hero of a Lord of the Rings-themed spot, in which he banishes the high prices of an evil troll. When Sabrina protests the fact that Jimmy casting their boss in the ad, he informs her that there are no rules.

Where's Maw Maw during all this? I'm glad you asked. She's busy putting scotch tape on her face. Keep it out of your eyes, Maw Maw.

Offended by Jimmy's tactics, Sabrina decides it's time for the gloves to come off. She enlists the help of both Hope and Maw Maw in making a slick, early-60's style ad. Jimmy protests, but Sabrina reminds him that there are no rules. Barney, upset by his team's infighting, decides to send all the ads to corporate, and let them decide which is best.

On a side note, who knew Sabrina was packing that kind of cleavage? Also, if Maw Maw looks good for her age, keep in mind she's forced to use an obscene about of tape to hold her ass in place.

Despite the fact that Virgina hates busybodies, Burt convinces her to invite the new neighbors over for dinner. His hope is that if Donna sees what a good wife Virgina is, she'll start treating Andrew with more respect. All is going according to plan, until Andrew runs home for a box of crackers. Burt tags along, and reveals his ulterior motive for inviting the couple over. However, Donna overhears the conversation on the baby monitor. Furious, she lays into Virgina for not minding her own business.

Virgina is upset, and wants to make things right with the neighbors. But Burt informers her that Andrew is happier than ever. Now that Donna is angry at Virgina, the heat is off him. He's even allowed to watch Sports Center for the first time in years (did you know Oklahoma City has a basketball team now?). Although she doesn't want to be known as a busy body, Virgina decides to play the part in order to save the couple's marriage.

At Howdy's, the crew waits to see which ad has been selected. But to their dismay, corporate went with an ad from the westside store. Angered by the loss, the crew decides to band together in order to beat Howdy's West in sales. Barney, who it turns out never sent in the ads to begin with, is proud of the fact that he brought his crew closer together.

With just one episode left in the season, "Raising Hope" seems to be ending on a high note. I could have used a little more Maw Maw, but if that's my only complaint, I should probably just shut my damn mouth.

What did you think of the episode?