Gif Recap: ‘Raising Hope’ – Everybody Flirts… Sometimes

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Once again, it’s time for the Screen Junkies Gif Recap! It’s the next best thing to watching TV, and in some cases, depending on the show, it might actually be better. Today’s installment: “Raising Hope” – Everybody Flirts… Sometimes.

Where to begin? How about at the beginning? While working for his father’s lawn service, Jimmy discovers a large praying mantis. This is exciting, since the bug is large enough to fight the beetle he and his father have been saving. Excited by the prospected of a good old-fashioned bug fight, Jimmy immediately stops what he is doing in order to inform his dad.

However, Burt seems less than impressed by Jimmy’s discovery. For some reason, he is working with his shirt off and seems anxious for his son to leave. Confused, Jimmy hides behind a bush, and catches his father in the act of flirting with his female client.

Back at the house, Jimmy confronts Burt about the incident. While attempting to convince his son that the flirting is harmless, Virginia returns home and demands to know what her husband has been up to at work. Burt remains unapologetic, claiming that over the years, his flirting with clients has put a lot of food on the table. He might not have much in the way of intelligence, but “his guns” bring home the bacon.

Both Jimmy and Virgina are troubled by the revelation, but both are encouraged by their friends to give flirting a try for themselves. Sylvia goads Virgina into flirting with a barista, which results in a box of free scones. Sabrina also stops modeling her new “crab earnings” long enough to admit to Jimmy that she flirts with their manager in order to get better treatment at work.

While Virgina is learning the joys of flirting, Burt is attempting to appease his wife by changing his old ways. While working as a pool boy, he confronts the homeowner from earlier in the episode, and puts an end to their flirtatious relationship.

Jimmy, on the other hand, is flirting like a champ. Although technically, it’s with his straight male boss, so maybe it just counts as ass kissing. In any event, after complimenting Barney (his manager) on his robust physique, Jimmy ends up becoming his work out partner, and gets out of dead moth clean-up duty. This does not sit well with Sabrina, who feels Jimmy is encroaching on her territory.

Empowered by her flirtation at the coffee shop, Virgina returns home and apologizes to Burt for being jealous, and gives him full permission to flirt with his customers. The next day, Burt is excited to get back on the flirt train. However, now that he and his customer have acknowledged their sexual tension, all the thrill is gone. Not even a shirtless drink from the hose can help bring it back.

Virgina seems to have the opposite problem. Her flirtation backfires when she is on a housekeeping assignment and discovers the barista from earlier in the episode naked, except for a few properly placed rose peddles. He mistook her flirtations for something more serious, and is devastated to learn that Virgina is not interested.

Later, Virgina is horrified when her friend Sylvia shows up with the barista. At the coffee shop, the broken hearted man was pouring his heart out, and rather than listen, Sylvia figured it would be easier to pawn him off on Virgina. Luckily, Burt is able to diffuse the situation by building up the barista’s confidence, which prompts the man to call Burt “his new best friend.”

With the barista issue settled, Virgina tells Burt that he’s more than just his muscles, and that his ability to make people feel good about themselves is his real talent. Rather than kissing his “guns,” Burt decides to reward himself by kissing is brain. The attempt ends poorly.

In the end, Jimmy is out flirted at work by Sabrina. However, Burt decides to pass the torch onto his son, who shirtlessly rides of into the sunset on a lawnmower.

What were your favorite “Maw Maw” scenes from last night’s episode?

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  1. May 4, 2011 1:18 pm

    Bryon Bella

    This show doesn’t usually have a lot of one-liners, but they
    really take it as far as it can go with the dementia bit with Maw Maw.  It’s funny anyway and this episode when she
    was giving away her things was funny, especially the fox.  Those were quite popular in the 70’s I
    remember, or was it the 60’s?  I was able
    to watch this latest episode before I got home because of my DISH Network
    employee Sling adapter.  My kids wanted
    me to take them to Chuckie Cheese so I wouldn’t have had time this week
    otherwise.  I really like how my Sling
    gives me the ability to fit TV into my life rather than the other way around.

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