Last night marked the end of "Modern Family's" second season. The writers shied away from gimmicks and and cliff hangers (with one possible exception), and instead focused on crafting another solid episode. Once again, they managed to strike a balance between humor and sentimentality. This ability to push schmaltz to the absolute breaking point without crossing the line is what makes"Modern Family" the most tolerable family sitcom in recent memory.

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"The One That Got Away" begins with the Dunphy clan preparing gifts for Jay's birthday. The children are making a video tribute, Phil has bought a bottle of wine, and Claire and Mitchell have decided to retake a cherished childhood picture. Phil did the same thing for his parents, and it went over like gangbusters.

Meanwhile, Cameron is at his wit's end with Lily, and decides he needs a break. As such, he pawns her off on Gloria, claiming that his daughter really enjoys spending time with her step-grandmother, and even tried to say her name. Did this really happen...

Cameron isn't the only one with problems. Manny has a crush on a girl, but she's really into sports. As you can see from the Gif, he's not the most athletic kid. But Cam agrees to help him learn. Their time together ends up planting an idea in Cam's head, but I'll save that for later.

Claire and Mitchell return to their childhood home to take the photograph, but the owners are out. Rather than wait for them to return, the two decide to hop the fence. Unfortunately, a large dog isn't cool with their plans, and chases them up into a tree house. To make matters worse, the two have no cell phones, and their car has been towed.

[post-album postid="213399" item="1"]Where's Phil during all this? Glad you asked. While getting Jay a card, he runs into his old college rival. After an embarrassing exchange, he then runs into Gloria and begins to walk with her. When passers by begin to mistake him for Gloria's husband, he decides to use Gloria as a way to get back at his nemesis, by convincing him that he has married a gorgeous woman. However, the plan backfires when his nemesis admits he was always jealous of Phil for dating Claire. Either way, at least we got a nice shot of Sofia Vergara's breasts.

So, where is the birthday boy during all this? Well, he's supposed to be fishing. Unfortunately, his family keeps pulling him away from it. Cameron asks him to pick up his own cake after being banned from the bakery. Gloria forgets her cell phone, which means Jay gets stuck picking up the dog. He also gets stuck rescuing Claire and Mitchell. To top it all off, the dog steals his birthday cake.

In the end, Jay is upset about the way his birthday turned out, but, as always, the show ends on a happy note. His birthday may have been ruined, but at least he's still spending time with people who love him, and that's what's important (according to television). Speaking of family, the closest thing to a cliff hanger was the revelation that Cameron wants to adopt another child, specifically, a boy. Apparently his time with Manny really made him baby crazy. I assume they are talking about adopting a baby, and not a 15-year old Guatemalan boy. But I guess I'll have to wait until next season to find out.