"Modern Family" has a little something for everyone: humor, hot women, gay dudes. But up until now, the show has been lacking a key ingredient found in most other popular family sitcoms: a dog. The Brady's had Tiger. The Bundy's had Buck. And now the Pritchett's have Stella.

We begin with trouble at the Dunphy's. When it comes time to discipline the children, Claire once again finds herself in the role of "bad cop." To make matters worse, she catches Phil undermining her in front of the children while she is attempting to lay down the law.

Meanwhile, Mitchell is faced with problems of his own. Cameron has come down with a nasty bug, which is jeopardizing their plans of going to the Lady Gaga concert. Mitchell is torn. He wants to take care of his partner, but he was really excited about the concert (Lady Gaga being one of the few gay stereotypes he allows himself).

Back at the Dunphy's, Claire is demanding Phil take on the role of disciplinarian. She decides to take the boys to the go cart track, leaving her husband in charge of getting the girls to clean the bathroom.

Cameron's situation is not improving. To make matters worse, Mitchell's attempts to get permission to attend the concert alone fall on deaf ears.

As these two story lines unfold, Jay and Gloria are dealing with an unexpected guest. Well, unexpected on Jay's part. Gloria has invited Guillermo, the man who bags her groceries, to talk to Jay about business. He has a plan that will revolutionize the $40 billion dog-training business. Jay points out that dog-training market is no where near that lucritive. But that doesn't stop Guillermo and his do Stella from demonstrating their ridiculous method, which involves giving dogs a less-than-delicious biscuit when they are bad.

The dog isn't the only one that needs discipline. Despite Phil's requests to clean the bathroom, the girls attempt to flee to the movies before finishing their chores. This doesn't sit well with Phil, who chases them into the street and jumps on the hood of their car.

Claire, on the other hand, is enjoying her time as the "good cop." In fact, she might be having a little too much fun. She drives recklessly while go carting, and encourages the boys to eat loads of junk food. Her dramatic change leave the boys confused, and in Luke's case, physically ill.

While go carting, Claire gets a call from Mitchell, asking for advice. Should he ditch sick Cameron and go on his own? When Mitchell is the sick one, Cameron bends over backwards to make him comfortable. Despite this fact, Mitchell decides he's going to Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile, Phil has taken his role of "bad cop" to the extreme. He is forcing the girls to clean all the bathrooms in the house and unclog the drains. He also duct-tapes their laptops shut. To top it off, he's not allowing them to eat.

Mitchell attempts to break the news to Cameron, only to find his partner is asleep. He takes the opportunity to make a run for it...

But is caught at the front door just before leaving. Embarrassed by his bad behavior, Mitchell promises to be a better partner. However, in the middle of his apology, Cameron passes out again, and Mitchell bolts for the door.

After hearing Guillermo's awful sales pitch, Jay decides to be honest, telling him the dog treat idea is horrible. Guillermo is devastated, but grateful for the honest advice. He decides to get his life back on track by returning to school. However, this requires him to quit his job and move in with his sister, which means he has to give up the dog. Gloria volunteers to take in the animal, but Jay won't have it and drives it to the pound. But after looking into Stella's eyes, he has a change of heart, and Stella returns home to live with the family.

Back at the Dumphy's, Claire returns home with a van full of Luke's vomit. When Phil sends the girls, who are now little more than slaves, to clean the mess, Claire takes pity on them and sends them to eat. Phil and Claire both agree that things were better off as they were before, and that switching the "good cop/bad cop" roles was a bad idea.

And when Cameron wakes up from his nap, he is happy to see Mitchell watching over him. He thanks his partner for skipping the concert, but then informs him that his necklace is still glowing. Caught red handed, Mitchell panics, and the show ends.

What did you think of last night's episode? Does Stella help round out the cast?