Last night's season finale of "How I Met Your Mother" had a lot of lessons to give about life and love. It also had piss and fart jokes sandwiched in between a few sappy romantic moments. Although there was a major surprise which set the tone for next season. Hey, it was season finale, after all.

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Last week, Ted ended up dumping Zoey in order to pursue his career, and all of America rejoiced at her departure. This week's episode began with the ribbon cutting ceremony for Ted's project and the demolition of the Arcadia Hotel.

While Ted and Barney are at the ribbon cutting, Lily is attempting to cheer up a still unemployed Marshall with a pot of soup from his favorite deli. Unfortunately, the deli isn't known for is cleanliness, and Lily comes down with food poisoning.

When Lily is unable to reach Marshall in time, he consumes multiple bowls of the same soup. This brings him to the sad realization that he too will suffer from the virus that is plaguing his wife. By his estimate, he has three hours before it sets in. You can live a lot of life in three hours.

At the bar, it is revealed that Zoey is once again rearing her ugly head (well, her head is hot, but you know what I mean). Ted is stressed out from work, and it's causing him to reconsider their relationship. He has a habit of letting trivial matters (like sun burn) convince him to run back to his ex-lovers, and a difficult choice about light bulbs has him rethinking Zoey.

Robin and Barney are desperate to keep Ted from making the same mistake, and follow him to his rendezvous with Zoey. At the same time, Marshall gets a call from an environmental law firm asking him to come in for an interview. It's his dream job, so he decides to take his chances despite the oncoming illness. He even goes as far as to borrow an adult diaper from an elderly neighbor. But at the end of the interview, he is overcome by the fear of soiling himself, and flee the office.

Barney and Robin manage to intercept Ted just in time, and dissuade him from returning to Zoey. In the process, they grow nostalgic for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Marshall returns home, and is completely disgusted with his life. He laments the recent death of his father, his lack of a job, and the fact that he will soon be exploding from both ends. Despite his wife's attempt at comforting him, he goes to bed, hoping to get some sleep before the illness sets in.

But the illness never comes, and Marshall awakes in the morning feeling fine. As it turns out, Lily didn't have the stomach flu. It was morning sickness! Yep, she's been knocked up six ways from Sunday.

As the parents to be embrace, we cut to Barney and Ted, who are at the demolition ceremony for the Arcadia. Because he is proud of his friend, Barney, allows Ted to push the button to begin the demolition despite the fact that he has dreamed about pushing it himself for weeks.

After the ceremony, Barney and Robin are walking home when they run into Nora, Barney's ex. Even though his advice to Ted was "new is always better," Barney attempts to reconcile with her, and the two agree to meet for coffee. Robin seems less than pleased with the development.

At the end of the episode, we are shown a flash forward to a wedding, at which Barney is the groom. But who is the bride? Robin? Nora? Marshall? I guess we'll have to wait until next season to find out.