Gif Recap: ‘Game Of Thrones’ – Fire and Blood

Monday, June 20 by

In the end, we are left to watch Daenerys as she makes a funeral pyre for her husband, which includes the witch who killed him, as well as the dragon eggs. Despite Jorah Monmount’s pleas, she ends up walking into the flames herself.

But as we learned early on, fire cannot burn a dragon. The next morning, Jorah finds Daenerys unharmed, with three newly hatched dragons. Needless to say, this gives her some some street cred when it comes to claiming the Throne. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next season to see how that plays out. I guess I could read the books, but as we all know, I’m illiterate.

In my opinion, it was a decent episode capping off a fantastic season. Thank god HBO decided to renew this show early on. I can’t imagine it ending in its present state, and I find it hard to beleive that they would have been able to alter the ending to reach a satisfying conclusion. Luckily we don’t have to worry about such things, as the scene is set for season two.

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