Gif Recap: ‘Game Of Thrones’ – Fire and Blood

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I’ve never been big fan of the fantasy genre, but I must admit that “Game of Thrones” has me hooked. And now that the season finale has come and gone, the fact that I have to wait another year to get my fix has me sick to my stomach. It wasn’t my favorite episode of the season, and nothing in it really shocked me, at least not as much as I was anticipating. But in all fairness, I think that has more to do with the quality of the previous episodes. After being kicked in the crotch for the past five weeks, culminating with Ned Stark’s beheading, I’ve been pretty desensitized. Short of Ned’s ghost having sex with The Imp, I was pretty much ready for anything.

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The episode begins right where the previous one had left off. Ned’s bloody head is still being held aloft for all to see, and Yoren is doing his best to spare Arya the sight of it. He pulls her away, takes her in a back alley, and cuts off her hair. His plan is to disguise her as a boy, and take her north with the Night’s Watch “recruits.”

As it turns out, one of the men headed north is King Robert’s bastard blacksmith son who Ned discovered early on in the season. How many bastards are in this show?

If you’ve been wondering what Bran’s three-eyed raven dream was about, wonder no more. The raven has been pointing him to the family crypt, where he’s been seeing visions of his father. Anxious to see what is actually down there, he orders the captured wildling girl to carry him. They are confronted by an angry direwolf belonging to Rickon, the often absent and youngest of the Stark children. It turns out they both boys have been having the same dream, and once they are given the news of their father’s death, they realize why.

At King’s Landing, Joffrey is up to his old tricks, and by old tricks, I mean acting like a complete asshole. After cutting out a tavern musician’s tongue for insulting his mother, he forces Sansa to view her father’s severed head, promising to add her brother Robb’s to the collection.

The girl almost works up the courage to push her future husband off a wall, but unfortunately, The Hound steps in and prevents her from doing so. Even so, Joffrey’s days may be numbered. Because of his idiotic behavior (killing Ned), the Lannisters have lost their main bargaining chip with the Starks. As such, Tywin decides to send Tyrion to act as hand, in order to reign in the boy king.

Meanwhile, Robb has been declared King of the North by his men, who now feel no loyalty to the those who would sit on the Iron Throne. Lady Stark has other matters to attend to. She visits the captured Jaime Lannister, and bashes his head with a rock. He eventually confesses to the attempted murder of Bran, but refuses to divulge his motive.

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