Gif Recap: ‘Breaking Bad’ – Thirty-Eight Snub S4E2

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At work, Jesse is back to business as usual. But Walt seems to have an agenda of his own. When Gus arrives at the lab, Walt seems as if he is going to make use of his new handgun. However, this plan is aborted when he realizes it’s not actually Gus, but rather a Victor’s new replacement. Driven by fear, Walt refuses to let sleeping dogs lie, and drives to Gus’s home with his new handgun in tow. But his sloppy attempt is quickly brought to an end when Gus calls Walt’s cell phone and tells him to return home.

In a panic, Walt decides to reach out to Mike, and trails him to a bar. The amateur attempt does not go unnoticed by the grizzled P.I., who allows Walt to buy him a drink nonetheless. However, when Walt attempts to rationalize his actions and recruit Mike’s help in killing Gus, he finds himself on the floor being pummeled.

But Walt isn’t the only one in pain. Once the partying is over, and all of his guests have abandoned him, Jesse finds himself alone, at which time he is forced to contemplate his actions.

At the beginning of the episode, both Jesse and Walt are filled with self delusion. Jesse thinks he can consume his way back to happiness, while Walt thinks he can play the though guy, using violence to solve his problems. Only Mike, as unhappy as he may be, knows and accepts who he truly is. As a result, both Jesse and Walt end up learning a hard lesson about the folly of lying to yourself.

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