When we last saw Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman, he and Mike were headed out to the desert for reason unknown. If you're involved with drug dealers, and you're being driven out to the desert against your will, chances are you're not being taken on an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas. So understandably, Walt was concerned for the life of his young protégé, even if Jesse himself was not.

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With Jesse in trouble, Walt sprung into action, racing down to Los Pollos Hermanos to confront Gus. Unfortunately, Gus was nowhere to be found, and Walt was helpless to save his friend.

Back at the lab, Jesse's absence was undeniable. Walt might be a whiz at cooking meth, but he's a novice at operating heavy machinery.

As time wore on, frustration finally boiled over, and Walt refused to work, claiming the job was a two man operation. But rather than relent and produce Jesse, Gus simply sent one of his cronies to help Walt.


You can't blame Walt for suspecting the worse. Jesse himself was expecting to die, as well. And despite all his talk about not giving a damn about life and death, he sure seemed pretty tense.

But in the end, Mike wasn't in the desert to dig Jesse a shallow grave. He was there to pick up a hidden stash of cash for Gus, and simply brought Jesse along for the ride.

If Mike's goal was to kill Jesse, he must have been trying to bore him to death. The two spent the entire day driving around the Southwest picking up bags of cash. That's a pretty monotonous job if the cash isn't yours.

On the sixth and final stop, Jesse was confronted by a mysterious man with a shotgun. Rather than stick around to ask questions, he sprung into action, ramming the would-be bandit's car, and making an escape...or so it would seem. In actuality, the entire confrontation was set up by Gus and Mike in order win Jesse's trust. It seems Gus is hoping to build up Pinkman's confidence and eventually turn him against Walt. Either that, or he just loves playing head games.

Hank and Skyler

In the midst of Walt's chaotic race to save Jesse, he left a voice mail for his estranged wife, telling her that he still loved her. Apparently, this was just what the doctor ordered, and the troubled couple wasted no time jumping back into bed.

But when it comes to relationships, you take the good with the bad. No sooner than Walt and Skyler had finished the deed, Walt was roped into a family dinner party at Hank's house. Forced family fun is stressful enough, but add in the stress of Jesse's disappearance, reappearance, and combative attitude, and Walt had all the excuses he needed to hit the bottle pretty hard.

Unfortunately, a drunken Walt suggested to Hank that Heisenberg might still be alive, pointing out that Gale Boetticher's notes look more like they were copies, and not the work of a meth-making genius. Whether or not Walt was just drunk or simply acting out of vanity, the damage was done. Upon re-investigating the file, Hank noticed a peculiar Los Pollos Hermanos ad among Gale's things, which is odd, considering Gale was a Vegan.

In the end, Jesse and Walter came one step closer to being turned against each other, and Hank came one step closer to uncovering his brother-in-law's involvement with the world of organized crime. As we pass the season's halfway point, the noose certainly seems to be tightening around Walter White. And with only one season left, it's possible that anything can happen.