Gif Recap: ‘Breaking Bad’ – Box Cutter S4E1

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After leaving Gale’s apartment, Victor spots Jesse sitting in his car, still in a daze after killing Gus. He immediately hops in the car, taking Jesse hostage, and returning him to the lab, where both he and Walter will await the wrath of Gus.

Meanwhile, Hank continues to adjust to his new disability. In a particularly humiliating scene, he is forced to rely on his wife in order to use a bed pan.

Saul is also having trouble adjusting to his new life of paranoia. After his private investigator threatened him for information, he hired a body guard and closed his office in order to sweep it of any bugging devices. His work is interrupted by a frantic call from Walter’s wife, who is searching for her missing husband.

Back at the lab, Gus arrives, and immediately changes into a lab coat as Walter begins to bargain for his life. From a business perspective, it makes no sense to kill Walt or Jesse, since the lab’s overhead is too high to have any downtime. Also, entrusting the lab to Victor makes no sense. Although he knows the steps involved in the process, Victor does not understand the overall concepts, and will not be able to maintain the quality on which Walt prides himself. After silently listening to Walter’s plea, Gus ruthlessly cuts Victor’s throat with a box cutter before urging the two to get back to work.

Walter and Jesse dispose of Victor’s body using chemicals, just like they did to their first victim back in season 1. Afterward, the two dispose of the evidence and take in breakfast at Denny’s. Jesse is eerily calm, considering he killed an innocent man in cold blood only hours earlier. Walt is having a harder time coming to terms with their situation, fearing Gus will still have them killed the first chance he gets. But Jesse is more optimistic, claiming that now they and Gus are on the same page, and that the murders prove that they can be trusted.

Over the past three seasons, we’ve witnessed Walter and Jesse transform from mild-mannered wannabe drug dealers to ruthless killers. Watching the two calmly discuss a murder over breakfast is a testament to that transformation. But during the conversation, both men were wearing recently purchased Kenny Rogers’ tee-shirts. The ridiculous apparel signified that despite their experience, the two are still very much out of place in the criminal underworld.

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