Gif Recap: ‘Cornered’ – Shotgun S4E6

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After last night’s episode, it’s hard to blame Skyler for wanting to run. Walt has been less and less likable as this season has progressed. And this week, he reached a new low. Even the kind-hearted act of buying his son a new car came off like a blatant attempt to buy his son’s affection. That’s probably because it was a blatant attempt to buy his son’s affection, not to mention that such an expensive purchase put the family at risk of unwanted scrutiny.

With the sale of the car wash now complete, Walt couldn’t resist being petty. Granted, Bogdan is far from sympathetic, and he’s selling Walt a car wash that he thinks is under investigation from the EPA. But even so, when Walt refuses to let the business owner take his “first dollar earned” off the wall, it seems cruel. And it’s made even worse when Walt smashes the dollar’s frame and puts the bill in a coke machine.

But of all Walt’s petty actions, the way he treated a group of immigrant laundry workers takes the cake. Upset that Jesse had been called away from the lab to help Mike, Walt decided to bribe three of the female workers to clean the super-secret meth lab rather than do it himself. He did so without even thinking of how it might affect the women. In the end, Gus decides to have the immigrants deported, which is a lot better than it could have ended up, all things considered. But for Walt to put these women in jeopardy for no good reason shows that he cares about no one other than himself.

In the end, Skyler’s reasons for staying pretty much summed up the entire episode: “Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.” Walter’s excuses for his life of crime are wearing thinner with each episode, and the ominous feeling that he is heading to a bad end increases. But whatever happens, at least we know we’ve got one more season.

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