Gif Recap: ‘Cornered’ – Shotgun S4E6

Monday, August 22 by

In the wake of the truck hijacking, Mike and Jesse are placed in charge of figuring out the who and the why. After getting a tip that some local meth heads were selling their infamous blue product, Mike is content to stakeout the house. Jesse is far less patient, and decides to trick the meth heads into letting him in. As such, he starts digging a hole in the front yard until one of them comes over and decides to join him. Ah, the simple pleasures of being a meth head.

While the first meth head was easily confused, the second was more of an angry fellow. Angry is one thing, but armed and angry is another. Luckily, Mike came to the rescue, distracting the druggie long enough for Jesse to knock him unconscious. With that, Mike and Jesse searched the house, and discovered their missing product, along with a note from the cartel requesting a meeting.

While Jesse seems to have a new lease on life as a result of his work with Mike, Skyler is hitting a new low. After last week’s drunken rant by Walt, she fears for her husband’s safety more than ever. But Walt cruelly brushes off her concerns by implying that people should be afraid of him. The revelation that her husband is a monster causes her to flee to the Four Corners border. But despite her coin flip’s repeated suggestions, she decided to head back to New Mexico and her family rather than heading to Colorado.

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