Fringe “The Ghost Network”

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This week’s episode starts with a terrorist attack on a bus, as if public transportation didn’t suck enough already.

Plot: The show starts with a psycho asking a priest for help. It seems like he can see the future and he’s scared about upcoming attack. He freaks out and runs away, then we switch over to the bus. A guy takes out a gas mask, throws something that looks like a smoke bomb, steals a backpack from a woman we eventually find out was a DEA agent and takes off from the bus, leaving the rest of the passengers frozen in place.

Peter and Walter sit down for breakfast, but before they can get their pancakes, Peter is confronted by a mystery man who seems to be from his past. They head back to the lab where the doc figures out that only Massive Dynamics has the ability to create compound that would freeze people in such a way. But, before they get a chance to go over there, the cops run across our psychos house, which is filled with drawings of attacks and tragedies, all dated before they happened. No, his name is not Isaac Mendez (the guy with the exact same power from Heroes).

Olivia gets the cold shoulder when she goes to Massive Dynamics, but that doesn’t stop Walter from coming up with a wild theory about our painting maniac being psychic. They stick him into an MRI machine, but he has enough metal in his blood that the machine almost tears him apart from the inside.

Back at the lab, Walter reveals that he and his old partner, the head of Massive Dynamics, did some experiments with telepathy, that used our psycho as a test subject. There’s a wavelentgth that exists outside the spectrum we’re all familiar with called the ghost network, which the government uses to transmit scary stuff. Walter wants to rewire the psycho’s brain to see if he can grab some of the transmissions right from the source.

The test exposes the fact that there’s going to be a transaction made in an hour that involves something that the dead DEA agent was hiding inside of her hand. They go to bust up the exchange, but when Olivia gets to one of our bad guys, he has already been shot. There’s a low-speed chase, which ends with the bad guy throwing himself in front of a bus. The contents of the case end up being a mystery, leaving them with little more information than they had before. In the end we find out that Olivia’s Boss is working with Linda from Massive Dynamics and gives her the package they intercepted. Somehow, they’re using its contents to keep agent Scott alive.

I’m a little frustrated with how long it’s taking us to find out any kind of real information, but since this is all falling out of the brain of J.J. Abrams, I shouldn’t be surprised. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. This was easily the most entertaining episode by far. We’re finally getting to know that Massive Dynamics is every bit as evil as we thought they were and this Linda woman might end up being the friggin’ anti-Christ. I’m not too excited about the crap that seems to be coming up from Peter’s past, but there are a lot of episodes to fill so they have to get into the personal stuff every now and then. I’m also starting to like Walter a little more. At first, he really annoyed me, but he’s gotten more bearable since the start. I like the way he’s always willing to kill someone and poke around in their brains. That’s definitely the kind of scientist I would want to be. Well, that or the kind that comes up with new flavors of chewing gum.

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