"Me and Mr. Jones" should be Olivia's song of choice. It's pretty obvious that the evil teleporting Mr. Jones has an infatuation with her. Why else would he be drawing pictures of her in his German cell? We may think that he is crazy, but maybe Mr. Jone's obsession with Olivia is not just because she's blond and carries a gun..... It maybe because Olivia is an x-file herself. Here's the recappage and decide for yourself.

Fringe, Episode 1.14

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Back to the future.. literally. We get to relive the gruesome neck breaking of Mr. Jones's attorney and the power of teleporting, but this time we get to see Mr. Jones in all his glory resurrected on  Little Hill.

The German guards have no idea how it happened so who do they turn to,not ghost busters, but Olivia and the Bishops. They are smart because Walter is able to tell Olivia the exact way Jones escaped out of prison. Lobe and Jones worked together to steal Walter's invention, which was a teleportation device. Of course, Walter details that even though it may work, you will kind of wish that you have never have used it.

In a lab in a undisclosed location Jones's men work to get him safely out of a decompression machine.The only difference seems to be that his voice is a little scratchier than before. He gives his thanks to his men, while drinking his tea.. then his hand begins to shake.

This is where classi Fringe comes into play. At a newsstand, a chatty newspaper man works his stall. He's talking to a regular when his eyes start to itch. When he looks in his mirror we realize that its not your average eye itch. In a matter of minutes skin starts to cover his eyes, his mouth and his nose. He suffocates to death.

Back at headquarters Charlie Francis and Broyles delve into the background of Jones's attorney. In the meantime Olivia meets up with Lobes military transport. Olivia bites her words in a "I am a bad ass that you don't want to mess with" kind of way, but Lobe is not shaken. He just tells her in a biblical prophetic mix of words that Jones is just part of a bigger army and anything she does will not change the outcome. They stare down at each other before Olivia is called down to Boston General to look at melted face man.

She meets up with Broyles and the Bishops at the hospital and Walter quickly comes to a conclusion. A mutation of sorts occurred in which all of the orifices of the dead man were closed off. Olivia assumes that it's the work of Jones, but Broyles is not convinced that he had anything to do with it. Olivia, the genius that she is and has proven to be over and over again, is way ahead of Broyles. The conversation she had with Lobe stuck to her and in her ever incessant need to know everything she discovered that the initials of the group ZFT, were not initials at all but an acronym for their bible. It's in German, but the translation literally means "Destruction by the advancement of Technology", unfortunately the manuscript was destroyed 10 yrs ago. This is where Peter comes in, she needs him to source out one of his contacts, to see if they can help them get their hands on a copy. Peter beams one of his mischievous smiles and tells her, he knows just who to ask.

Back at the lab, Walter and Astrid have the task of figuring out what happened exactly to melted face man, its all about science. Charlie Francis, I like to refer to both of his names, it has a nice ring to it, comes up with some information on his own. Of course its information that doesn't apply quite yet, but maybe in the end.

Olivia and Peter head down to their corner second hand bookstore, a small odd shaped man works behind the counter. He turns out to be Peter's source. Thank you Fringe for keeping some stereotypes, I would be a little lost without them. Peter's man promises to do his best in finding the German bible.

Charlie Francis's information is the location of the warehouse that Jones was decompressed in. He is then upstaged by Jones himself, when he shows up in the lobby of headquarters turning himself in. A trick, I think so. Jones of course has demands, he only wants to speak to Olivia. After a power play with Harris,Olivia loses. Harris doesn't want to play into Jones's demands, especially since he doesn't believe that Jones had anything to do with melted face man. This makes Olivia pout and head out to find evidence that ties Jones to the mutation.

Peter's source wins at life. He found the rare bible in record time, he should get his own show. Olivia on her way to the safe warehouse with Charlie Francis, gets an earful of scripture from Peter. It has nothing specific that pertains to the present ,so Olivia just asks Peter to keep reading. In the first action sequence of the show, the team enters with guns raised, only to find nothing but a picture of Olivia drawn by Jones. It proves that Jones was there, but it doesn't tie him to the mutation.
In the meantime Harris, in his arrogant boss man way, goes into talk to Jones himself. He gets no where with him. Jones only gives him a grocery list of items that he will require when he talks to Olivia.

Back at the warehouse the team is going room to room looking for evidence. The new guy, with flashlight in hand wanders into a cold room and you just know something is about to go wrong I am sorry when I am right. He comes in contact with a 2 dollar bill, flashback to the newspaper stand, he was given a 2 dollar bill and just like melted face man, new guy starts to scream because his face is melting. Olivia snaps into action. She gets a trach kit and cuts his neck open, so that he can breathe. Then right before their eyes, the skin starts to grow over the plastic alien device, killing him.

Olivia finally gets the chance to talk to Jones face to face. He wants the items he requested and Olivia hands them over. He starts to assemble them together, once he is done a sound that causes everyone within hearing distant to cringe envelopes the room. The device broke down all of the surveillance equipment and Jones takes full advantage of it. He tells Olivia that he was a part of the mutation and far worse will happen if she doesn't help him. He needs her to pass a test.
He gives her directions to her find a "present" he has left for her. He begins to double over, but he knows that nothing can help him now, side effects from teleporting. He manages to get out that there is a bomb that only she can disable, but he won't tell her the location of it until she has passed the test.

Back at the Lab, Walter reads to Peter and Astrid an excerpt from the ZFT. It harshly explains that there are many worlds and in the end only one will survive. Will it be us or them? Olivia arrives at the lab with an assortment of children's games, courtesy of Jones. The instructions only say to do one of the tests and if she passes then hundreds of people will be saved. No pressure at all right?

She sits down in front of a little box with tiny lights inside of it. She must with her mind make the lights turn off, one by one, and once she has made all of the lights turn off, she passes. Of course, the music gets intense and everyone is staring at her, no lights go off. She's interrupted by a telephone call from Charlie Francis. He informs that a car has been rented in her name, she declares that all of this is some mind game. She doesn't take the test and instead goes to talk to Jones. This is where we find out that Olivia isn't a genius just because, she's a genius because she was made that way. She was chosen because in her youth she was injected with a drug, that makes her a warrior in the fight. That's why she was kidnapped in the first place, because they had to make sure that she was one of them. Before Jones can get out anymore he collapses and is rushed to the Bishop lab.  Olivia takes advantage of this by going to find out what the drug is that he claims is in her and she also asks Peter to reprogram the light box.

Jones comes out of his coma and Olivia fools him into believing that she passed the test. He then gives her the address to the location where all hell is going to break loose. Its a large building in the city and on the 16th floor is the bomb that cant be moved or diffused because of the wiring. The bomb is pieced together by a light box, an exact replica of the light box that Olivia pretended to pass in test 1.

She calls Jones confessing that she didn't pass the test and there's no way she can diffuse the bomb. He tells her that she is a rare commodity and that he has faith in her. Olivia realizing that there is no way out decides to take the risk and try to use her supposed powers to diffuse the bomb. Even the vocal protests from Peter can't change her mind. He threatens to leave her but of course never leaves her for real.
She focuses on the lights, the ultimate staring contests and amazingly one by one the lights start to go out.

Olivia still thinks its all some sort of game and in order to get answers goes to see Jones. He was transferred to the local hospital, but when Olivia gets there, there's an empty bed and a hole in the wall.

Recappage by Alix H.