Recap: Season 1, episode 4. We start out in a diner where a creepy-looking guy orders the spiciest sandwich he can think of and watches construction workers through the window. Suddenly, there's a huge explosion, and as the workers are running, our bad breath-having friend walks into the epicenter, calls someone on the phone and says, "It has arrived."

It turns out the explosion was caused by a mysterious butt plugg-shaped object. Olivia goes to visit an old fed friend to question him about another one of these objects that had turned up back in 1987.

We're introduced to a new bad guy character, who seems to be carrying some kind of energy gun and is looking for our vibrating cylinder. After a commercial, we switch back to Olivia, who is woken up by a call from who she thinks is John, but a phone trace doesn't turn anything up. Once we get back to science, we find out that the giant pill might be a kind of torpedo meant to fly through the earth and strike targets from below.

Olivia notices that our bald, jalepeno-loving friend has shown up at the sites of all the weird occurrances, including this explosion. She's filled in on the fact that no one can identify him, but they call him The Observer, because every bad guy needs a cool sci-fi name.

Olivia's old friend gets blasted by our energy gun-toting bad guy, which puts our scientists on high alert. The doc sticks his cute assistant with a needle knocking her out, then he cuts out carrying the cylinder. The new bad guy gets to torturing Olivia's buddy into giving up her identity.

We find out that Walter knows The Observer and is hiding what we find out is a beacon for him. They pick him back up wandering on the highway, like any good old man. He claims that he doesn't know where the object is and offends his son so badly that he takes off, refusing to give any more help. Little does he know that he's being trailed by our new bad guy.

Peter gets the same mind-reading torture treatmant as the other guy, at which point he accidentally gives up the location of the clyinder, which in buried in a grave. Just as they finish digging it up, Olivia shows up and chases him, ultimately shooting him in the back. While she's checking him out, the cylinder takes off into the ground, leaving nothing but a smoking hole.

Peter finally manages to surprise the Observer, who freaks him out by reading his mind and then shoots him with some kind of non-lethal ammo. It acts as a rminder that you never trust a person without eyebrows. Olivia goes to visit Peter in the hospital and finds out that he's finally becoming a believer about The Pattern. She gives him his badge-type thing and we're assured that he'll be sticking around for the rest of the series. Shocking.

Back at the hotel, Walter tells Peter about a tragic car crash that happened when he was a kid. They both apparently died, but were saved by the bald man and that he hid the capsule as payback. Just before the end of the episode, Olivia is eating cereal at her house when John appears in her kitchen.

We're still early on, so I'm ready for some set-up story, but it seems like this episode served almost no purpose other than to introduce the Observer. We knew Peter wasn't going anywhere, so all of the stuff about him leaving was kind of pointless and the capsule didn't really do anything except sit there looking like some kind of black light your 13-year-old brother would buy at Hot Topic. It wasn't all bad, but next week better give us something that's actually interesting and has some kind of resolution, or impatient people like me are going to start losing interest.