The show opens up to Olivia snuggled up with her niece reading a bed time story. The picturesque scene is interrupted by a phone call. It's Peter on the line and quick to jump to conclusion Olivia assumes the worst, it is late at night and it is Peter so I don't fault Olivia for thinking that it was work related. It turns out that he was calling for her sister, Rachel. Thank God Olivia doesn't have to lie on a daily basis because her face just gave away everything she was holding, Olivia is jealous.

She reluctantly gets back to reading the story, a tale of a bear and a monster.
"Aunt Liv's are not real, right?"

All of a sudde Fringe turns into 12 Monkeys. A group of masked me break into a animal testing labraotry, freeing animals from their cages.The silent alarm goes off alerting the owner who then reaches the lab in time to confront the Animal protesting group. Unfortunately he was too late to stop them from opening the restricted door. The animal we don't see grabs the owner before he can close the door on it, killing him instantly. As the group exits the building one of them is pulled back into the building. Just as they think they are going to get away, the animal hits their car causing them to crash and the last thing we see of them is the girl screaming.

The following morning, Olivia, the Bishops and Agent Francis go to the car crash scene to find out what exactly killed the three people in the car. Walter is elated by the fact that it could have been a taradactual that attacked. Olivia and her stellar dective work figure out that there is another person involved and with the help of Peter figure that they were students at MIT.

This brings Olivia to a stereotypical campus bachelor pad, bong, pervy undergrad with no pants and pizza boxes everywhere. She finds out from one of the victims roommates that he was an animal activists.

At the lab Walter makes a discovery on one of the dead bodies, he pulls out a stinger and its sends him into a slight panic.He scours through some of his old files, which causes him to stop Olivia before she leaves to check out a reported monster sighting. He tells her to be careful.

Charlie is the first one to make it to the scene. He finds an animal control car complete with a bloody body inside. He makes his way around and finds another dead body, but he is closer than he thinks to the monster. In fact its right above him, but he doesnt figure that out until it hits him over the head. Olivia shows up just as Charlie lets out a yell, she finds him alive but badly hurt.
The whole team shows up to check out the scene. Walter comes to the conclusion that the animal they are hunting is man made. Its a mixture of the best part of a number of species.

Olivia's research brings her to Swift Research, Dr. Swift tells her that they only test beauty products on the animals. He gives away no more than that.

Walter is unfocused at the Labratory and we find out its because he had done the same kind of experiments but before he can tell anymone, the body in the body bag starts to move. It explodes with larvae, which are baby monsters.  It turns out that the stinger is the animals way of rreproducing. This sends Olivia to Charlie's bringing him back to the lab. They conduct an ultra sound on Charlie where they find baby larvae swimming in his blood stream.

After a valiant effort to poison the larvae, Walter comes up with another idea to help Charlie. It involves capturing the monster and  extracting some blood from it. They will then inject it into Charlie so the larvae will think he is the mother and not kill him.

As they are trying to figure out a plan on how to locate the monster Olivia receives a call from the frat boy which sends her back to Swift Research Lab. She storms int the office like a mad woman accussing Dr. Swift of lying to her. He tries to deny that anything happened at the lab, but when she mentions Charlie he starts to cry. He tells her the animals that were used to make the hybrid, venomous lizard, parasitic wasp, and a bat.

The team comes up with a dangerous scheme. They are going to lure the animal by dangling it's offspring in front of it. They have determined that its hiding in the sewers, so they put on their wellies and make their way down the manhole.

The plan encounters its first hitch when Walter out of guilt locks Peter and Olivia in a caged part of the sewer. He wants them out danger. He feels like the animal is his mistake and he needs to take care of it. He drinks a bottle of poison so if the aninal eats him, it will be poisoned as well. He ignores his sons pleas and goes looking for the animal on his own. He doesnt have to walk to far before he finds it hiding just above him. Olivia and Peter break out of their cage just in time to distract the monster. This is when Walter shoots it.

They go back to the lab and rejoice when the blood idea works. The moral to the story is that there just maybe, there are some monsters out there. Maybe that's why the last shot was of Olivia turning her night lamp on before going to bed.

Recap by Alix Hernandez